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  1. I think it's very kind of you that you help other users by providing such informative pictures. Your wish has been granted!
  2. I just finished half a run of Shackzilla clones and used the other half for pheno hunting. I tried some Amnesia hybrids looking for a mother to compete with my Shackzilla. Esko's Shiva Haze is taking the lead right now. I will start a thread as soon as I can do a smoke report. Cheers!
  3. Very Nice Knutsel and Poldergrower!
  4. Sorry Dogs I ran out of votes... Ill get you one tomorrow! Edit: When I find myself having an argument with friends its cause is either politics or women. Most of the times it's women. We try to avoid these subjects as much as we can. Now let's talk some more cannabis girls...
  5. Shackzilla (sweet pheno) Shackzilla (sour pheno) Moonshine Haze (upside down) Cheers!
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