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  1. ThaiGuy


    hehe. I looked for the picture, but it is gone. And I have mental problems anyway.
  2. Thanks everyone! I will be taking cuttings from the Brains Damage I have vegging. Once the clones are rooted, I'll snap some pics. My first attempt at KC Brains' beans. I'm curing some Sour Diesel x Strawberry Diesel right now and so far, I'm impressed.
  3. welcome to opengrow!!!lots of great growers and awesome strains!!!

  4. Hello all. I am a long time grower. I've been active in other forums under a variety of names. I found this forum recently and like what I've seen so far. I grow indoors in the US, using soil and trying various other techniques. I currently have some vegging KC Brains' Brains Damage.
  5. I am gonna try this. How long do you heat the oil/hash? Also, what does "tamien" translate to in English?
  6. Nothing yet today (I'm at work) but as soon as I leave, I will have some C99. Later tonight, maybe some blue widow. Life is good!
  7. welcome!!

    enjoy your stay!


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