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  1. ... lol pics what? and dude dont do that to bud man, just dont do it, fail. D: sad face. drying bud properly is the only way, dont smoke that wet stuff guy!!
  2. lion piss, i still think thats a good bet, i've seen footage of a porcupine being eaten by a lion. it was messy.
  3. update - all the nycdxcronicxtheone are dead now, lol. i was unlucky i guess! the splits also all died, but those seeds where very old, so its not surprising. several plants demolished by slugs.. but overall things goin good, not anything worth photographin yet tho.. i think i might just wait for everything 2 be out the ground b4 i post anymore pics in fact, to avoid thieving scoundrels taking the fruits of my labor in the night. thats a big fear of mine.
  4. i didnt grow these, but its great smoke, very tasty, similar to cheese but like, not really as good somehow, the high is heavy and it lays u down pretty strong, i've fallen asleep a few times, spliff in hand... @ milde, ya it probably looks unfamiliar cause i have picked out the seeds(causing damage) and its not cleaned very well, also, realize that the blu cheese bud is about 5 grams, its a large nug. the other strains are seedless, the loj is not my thing, the WW x NL is amazing, really getting into it
  5. ya, its probably from that time u left teh lights on, dont worry, it most likely made fail empty pollen sacks when u gonna post more pics?? hmmmm??
  6. lol, u child molester! let those ladies mature!
  7. nice stuff as usual everyone =D holy shizz milde that cheese looks amazing! @ Robot dinosaur - omg, that strains is madness. keep up the rad wrk white widow X northern lights on the left, light of jah in the middle and blue cheese on the right. juts the buds i'm smokin atm... the WWxNL is amazing, best bud ive had in a long time, theres no roof to the stuff, great great high, very decent flavour.
  8. lookin decent! still got a while 2 go tho, those buds should fatten up alot still
  9. wow milde, thats a mad pic, what is it?
  10. lol, i know me 2, (the flashbacks) thats why i said it.
  11. @ milde -lolz, yeah, that uber jack herer vibe... that flavour is burnt into my mind, i dont even need to taste it anymore, i just think about it and thats enough... @ hup -idea for pic of the year comp, take the top 12 of the year, have a poll with those. and then, every 100 years, we can do a pic of the century poll in similar fashion.
  12. @ RIUXFER, thanks man=) it was one of my all time favourites, that plant is burnt into my memory... and lungs
  13. LOVELY! dude ur plants are gonna love that! and they are probably well safe now! just keep up the hassling of those porkies and u'll have that dank homegrown u crave! shit dude, those are all so nice and phat and healthy, Great job!
  14. unfortunately i didn't take any photies of that harvest that i can find, i was far to high. couldnt be bothered at the time, but with the tremdous power of hindsight, i can see that i should have taken pics. but ya dude, u never smoked this particular KO, its from a different batch, it was like a lemon flavoured version of my elmonstre, i prefered it. def my favourite smoke of 2009. favourite smoke of 2010 was probably the El Cheeso(purple elmonste cross cheese)... but ya dude, i think i prefered my less flavourful ko's this year to my elmonstre, cause the elmo tasted 2 strong, and took like months of curing before i could smoke it comfortably, whereas the KO is my perfect toke after like only 1 week of drying... but the elmo was def stronger.
  15. awesome stuff everyone, thanks for the compliments=) the ko was deep coffee diesel lemony petrol chunk flavour. lol
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