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  1. the post sounds like it was written by him
  2. something made up of (the black '84 x pink dream)
  3. more pictures of your wife's butt please aaand any heri crosses you got and congrats !
  4. so that's what it looks like. very pretty plant! how is the smell? it's very strange, i had the same mutants as you from a pack of boudica. one that popped looked completely normal, had the two cotyledons but i noticed nothing in the middle... nothing ever sprouted from the middle despite a completely healthy looking seedling. and another sprout... it's growth pattern was like it topped itself, extremely slow growth, it grew in a Y from the start and was a very weak plant. then one day, the Y just fell off lol so i threw the plant out. anyways, was left with 1 male and 1 female ( out of 10 attempted sprouts ) . 1 female and 1 male from a 10 pack...
  5. i guess i'm not the only one who loved it.... bring it back NYCD!
  6. anybody remember the opengrow live chat we used to have here like 10 years ago? miss that
  7. i've always wondered how to make rope from our plants. i didn't take that picture, it's just from google images of a hemp forest in france.
  8. space case teflon coated grinder has not been catching any kief for years... any ideas guys? can i clean the screen somehow or do i need to buy a new one?
  9. you know, i apologize everyone that came off the wrong way... i'm just cranky because herijuana and lady cane have been MIA and i keep seeing all these pictures of indican seeds that aren't available as breeder's choice or freebie yet
  10. sometimes it seems like the shop doesn't want to make money... post something in the shop already edit: put some seeds in the shop, tired of looking at pictures of strains we don't have access to through sannie
  11. this thread is so interesting to read through. i'd love to take a trip to colorado and do the same things. how do you go about hiring a driver and taking tours like that?
  12. this is one exhausting list to go through . if you are trying to cut costs, that's easy because you have so many extraneous things here. tent: that's a decent pick, i've seen cheaper on amazon though light: mercury vapor bulb is a no. don't go cheap on your lights. get something name brand or well known to definitely work. if you want LED, check out the recent threads discussing led lights here on this forum. that 3600w led looks sketchy. HID never fails. nutrients: skip the liquid karma. the GH stuff you have is a complete program odor control: if you are concerned about odor, don't go cheap on this either. get a name brand like can filter. drying and curing stuff: whatever you need for this, buy it later. you'll have a better idea of what you'll need later. we need a little more info on your space. what are the temperature and humidity normally at in your indoor space?
  13. hello polder, what makes the edges of the leaves curl up like that?
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