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  1. couldn't find any info on herijuana searched it on google and found my old thread lol pictures are still up too!
  2. 110% pleased with my herifields and motherlode koosh so far.
  3. wow i must have been too stoned... sannie totally has descriptions of both motherlode and motherlode koosh on the website sorry
  4. i seriously miss the updates from sannie tho... yall know, he used to showcase what he was working on, new stuff, experimental stuff. now its kind of all a question mark. like, what the hell is motherlode kush?
  5. was low on cash so i chose herifields but now silverfields is only 1 euro more
  6. can someone recommend a more active forum?
  7. just wanted to follow up. placed an order and received it about 10 days later. 100% germination! kind of annoyed that i missed the sale by like 3 days though i wouldve ordered a different strain
  8. once i had a mite issue and was able to clear it up without having to shut everything down. a hot shot no pest strip in my tent killed every bug within a week or two. you have to be careful using them; they aren't really safe to use inside a living space like a bedroom. and it would probably be good to buy one of those insecticides that hook up to a garden hose and spray around the outside perimeter of your house. if you haven't already looked into those options try it. the pest strip is like 5-10 dollars, easy to use, and the insecticide will probably be 5-15 dollars and also easy to use. i think it would change everything for you. those mites are affecting everything including your yield. i bet your yield would double. most likely you have mites outside your house; i think you should not take your plants outside anymore.
  9. really enjoying this thread. those mites are really starting to get out of hand
  10. want to order some seeds from sannie, but, it seems liek this place has been dead for a while? is sannie still bredding, safe to order from?
  11. oh wow! im so glad to see many of the same people from 10+ years ago even if this forum is not that active. hello everyone! busted open some pretty old seeds a while ago, got some kind of heribei ( or maybe heribeixkilling fields / chronic ) and a boudica. and also a straight eerdpurt.
  12. the post sounds like it was written by him
  13. something made up of (the black '84 x pink dream)
  14. more pictures of your wife's butt please aaand any heri crosses you got and congrats !
  15. so that's what it looks like. very pretty plant! how is the smell? it's very strange, i had the same mutants as you from a pack of boudica. one that popped looked completely normal, had the two cotyledons but i noticed nothing in the middle... nothing ever sprouted from the middle despite a completely healthy looking seedling. and another sprout... it's growth pattern was like it topped itself, extremely slow growth, it grew in a Y from the start and was a very weak plant. then one day, the Y just fell off lol so i threw the plant out. anyways, was left with 1 male and 1 female ( out of 10 attempted sprouts ) . 1 female and 1 male from a 10 pack...
  16. i guess i'm not the only one who loved it.... bring it back NYCD!
  17. anybody remember the opengrow live chat we used to have here like 10 years ago? miss that
  18. i've always wondered how to make rope from our plants. i didn't take that picture, it's just from google images of a hemp forest in france.
  19. space case teflon coated grinder has not been catching any kief for years... any ideas guys? can i clean the screen somehow or do i need to buy a new one?
  20. you know, i apologize everyone that came off the wrong way... i'm just cranky because herijuana and lady cane have been MIA and i keep seeing all these pictures of indican seeds that aren't available as breeder's choice or freebie yet
  21. sometimes it seems like the shop doesn't want to make money... post something in the shop already edit: put some seeds in the shop, tired of looking at pictures of strains we don't have access to through sannie
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