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  1. Beach's Backroom

    Tulip Porn haha - spring has sprung for sure, although it was a long winter.
  2. Beach's Backroom

    Man, those ladies look so tasty. I’m glad the bubble cloner saw some action again. I’m starting to get into a groove with this whole “growing” thing...I might give it a shot next round. out of likes, but LIKE!
  3. Swamp Grow 3

    hahahaaaaaaaaa...and i'm out of likes.
  4. Don't Panic It's Organic 2

    Bacillus Thuringiensis - sounds like a great product, Baq. I wonder if I don't already have some of those strains present in my soil? I should get some of this for sure, though.. it's approved for organic farming, doesn't seem like it could hurt at all.
  5. Don't Panic It's Organic 2

    Yeah, the shipping sucks balls I forgot about that... but what is thousands of dollars of good bud worth? (rhetorical q :P) Hence - a good integrated pest management system should prevent thrip outbreaks before they begin!!!
  6. Don't Panic It's Organic 2

    @gardenartus - I used amblyseius cucumeris, a product by Beneficial Insectary. However, they don't do retail sales. So I ordered from Green Methods, and had a good experience with them. Check out this link to see the same product I bought from the GreenMethods place. 50 sachets is the minimum size of the order, so a bit of overkill for a home-grower, but it's only $30. I would say it takes about a week for the little mites to really venture out onto the leaves and stems of our ladies, and begin hunting. I also used one of their NEMAforce products as well, I think it was the SF type.
  7. PAX Original Portable Vaporizer review

    Cool review, thank you for that JC
  8. Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  9. Don't Panic It's Organic 2

    I dunno man... I got these mites called amblyseius, and they destroyed the thrips. The nematodes in the soil also did a good job of stopping new waves of hatchlings. What I won't do is buy the minute pirate flies (Orius something or other) - was annoying as f**k picking out the little buggers of my beautiful Sunshine Daydream buds... they were probably the most expensive of the bunch.
  10. Ghetto grow 2018

    I really like the colors on that CBD Kush! Nice job Mr G!
  11. A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    You guys crack me up... also have me worried that I'm not shifting to "straight and narrow" as my own family begins to grow. Yeah, it's all nice and easy to hear you guys talk about it, since it's all behind you... I just wait until the kids go to bed then it's time for the one-hitter and some video games for the x amount of minutes before my wife (supermom) comes downstairs once the kid is asleep.
  12. First seed run with stanky

    Well, you have ramped up my excitement for sure... Goji OG x Blue Magoo, sounds like there's some keepers to be found, of the terp-nose-tickling variety
  13. Kinky Blaze x Silverfields

    Nicely done, Justcozz... with computers, just don't click the mouse or press any keys on the keyboard, no matter how frustrated you get. Each click prolongs the processing time the computer is already going through, poor thing... I'm still chuckling at Gardener posting in your thread
  14. LA Cheese, Natural Scrog

    Gardenartus is too legit to quit... that's amazing! I dunno, there is just something so pleasing with seeing a canopy of big fat buds, it gets me everytime.
  15. Trapper's corner

    hahaha, nice