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  1. I am the fungus gnat's lawyer, and I'd like to see this contract they signed before we proceed further...
  2. Hey FotH, What are you going for in the jalapenos that you're saying there isn't much taste? Are you smoking the mature red jalapenos to make chipotle?
  3. Thanks for the support, despite me being a ghost around here for the past few years. It's sort of crazy how in my worst moment things turned around. I had a call with a head grower at a facility that is expanding in central PA. A couple months ago, the recruiter asked me to write a sort of faux-resume, to showcase what skills I had in growing as if it was a real job, because that could potentially help land a job. I wasn't able to make it in resume format, but in about an hour I poured out a 5 page summary of my organic gardening methodology. I also sent him some photos of my past grows/harvests. Fast forward to yesterday, at the depths of my despair I was reaching out to him again, and 15 minutes after our call he had emailed a slew of contacts. Another 15 minutes later, and this head grower had messaged me, and asked if we could chat on the phone. He was so nice, and complimented me on a lot of things, despite not really knowing anything about me. I was quite humbled. In any case, I might have a job in about 3 months. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but this is the first time I feel I've made meaningful progress towards my dream job. Perhaps all the darkness and despair happened for a reason.
  4. Eh, just coming back to you guys feels good. I want to direct my energy in some more positive directions. I had a long convo with the oilfield recruiter's brother. They have an oilfield recruiting biz and also a separate cannabis recruiting biz. The brother does a lot of the cannabis stuff, and we just had an hour long convo, and this guy is super nice, he's going out of his way to help me despite not getting paid for it. So keep your fingers crossed, he reached out to a million contacts, and already there's some guy in PA (although far from me) who is going to call me. I'm ready to take my growing skills to the next level. Time to dive into the deep end.
  5. I haven't been this depressed since my sophomore slump in college 15 years ago. I got laid off mid-May from my oilfield job, and was ecstatic - finally a chance to do something I love. The reality soon set in that I should probably get another oilfield job, although use the motivation from being laid off to really pursue something else. An opportunity came up for a small manufacturing company close by (for oilfield pumps), and I was a perfect fit. The recruiter found me. Completed 2 interviews, was all set, and then... silence. The market conditions kept stalling, and then got worse (here in PA/OH/WV area). Supposedly that job is still on-hold, and I've got a chance to have it, but it's been almost 3 months and it just feels like it'll never come. Hoping for that job took the wind out of my job-search sails. I wanted to give my wife a break and took the two boys (now 4 and nearly 2) to my parents for 10 days. The last day I was chasing my older one around the house in socks and slippers - "faster dad, faster!" I complied, only to lose my slipper on a turn right before planting my foot, and slipping and slamming into the corner of a wall. Of course I hadn't gotten my COBRA health insurance, because that job was right around the corner! 8 weeks later, and it still hurts, though not as bad. My self-diagnosis was a partial tear of one of the ligaments on the first metatarsal joint (the outside of my right foot big toe's main joint). Didn't help that 2 days ago the neighbors kid and I both weren't looking when we were outside playing with the kids, and he ran that foot over with the new powerwheels we got the boys. I miss you guys, I miss the days in the oilfield where I was making money but could sit and read everyone's posts. I feel paralyzed by the kids - feeling guilty for not helping take care of them enough because I need to look for a job, but then being unproductive in my job search. And I started playing the stock market, with options. I had been foolin' around for a few years, making a bit, losing a bit. Things were going swimmingly a few weeks ago, I was up 8 grand. And then I decided to short tesla, although I'd sworn never to mess with that irrational stock. I cashed everything out yesterday, down 22 thousand - options don't give you the opportunity to sit around and wait for things to come back your way, the leveraged returns come with the risk of expiration dates. That's most of my savings, although I've got a healthy 100k in my 401k in the worst case scenario. Obviously I've got friends and family to help if I needed it before I even dipped into that, but no one knows of this disastrous financial loss except one friend. I've learned my lesson, but boy is it painful, and so embarrassing. I feel like a fool. Worst of all, I just don't know what to do. I have SO many skills. I'm good at math, science, inter-personal skills, the last few years I learned some sales. I'm an excel pro. Obviously you know I love gardening, and my veggies this year were tremendous. I made 23 jars of salsa, and I've got about 10 x 20lb candy roaster squashes (finally grew those babies after 3 years in the fridge). Each one can make about 4 pumpkin-esque pies. We can't eat all the cherry tomatoes anymore, they're coming too fast. 11 jars of dill pickles. The peppers aren't doing as well this year, except maybe the serrano tampiqueno's, that's gonna be a bumper crop. I keep cycling between ideas of what to pursue in life. Another oilfield job -> start a pierogi business -> find a shitty job in the cannabis industry just to break in and work my way up -> start an upscale/wooden grow-closet selling business -> go back to school for something/anything -> keep pursuing my knowledge of the markets/economics -> get an oilfield job, thats where I've got 8 years of experience! And so on. I want to do something that creates value. I have a new friend who is also relatively new to the area we are in SW PA, and he's got a lot of tools to help me build another grow closet, new and improved version 2.0! We should be getting started on that soon. Can you guys believe I just smoked the last of the kief of the last of my grows from a couple years ago. I'm happy it lasted that long, and that was only the 10%-ish that I kept. At the end here, I was even smoking the trim. Can you guys help? I find myself crying from time to time when I'm alone, and it just makes me feel even worse, like I'm pathetic. How do I know what to choose, to dive into, and put my efforts behind?
  6. The long years of storage created a mutant baby, which you have now unleashed unto the world. Some say these "special [ed]" plants have uncharacteristic strength. I'm being ultra-politically correct.
  7. dear lord I forgot how much I love bud-porn... Does it make sense I'm back to browsing opengrow within months of finally running out of my stash? The only thing I have left is 2 frozen brownies and half a big jar of cured trim that could make another batch of brownies.
  8. I am experimenting with air-layering this spring. Trying to get some rhododendrons from my neighbors, and doing a regular layering and an air-layering experiment with my Forsythia. Also trying to air-layer a schefflera I have indoors. We'll see if I was successful at removing that so-called "cambium" layer. Got some rooting hormone gel from Element Nutrients in WA. I hope it wasn't contaminated with COVID-19! EDIT: Hmm, this was the 80,000th post in this sub-forum. Woooo! I'll see myself out, now.
  9. It must've been something in the ether that has told me to check back into OpenGrow... lo and behold, Mr D is starting a grow. Looking good so far! I've got big plans, too. One day...
  10. fuckin' miss you guys - being a dad and working full time takes 25 hrs a day!
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