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  1. The long years of storage created a mutant baby, which you have now unleashed unto the world. Some say these "special [ed]" plants have uncharacteristic strength. I'm being ultra-politically correct.
  2. dear lord I forgot how much I love bud-porn... Does it make sense I'm back to browsing opengrow within months of finally running out of my stash? The only thing I have left is 2 frozen brownies and half a big jar of cured trim that could make another batch of brownies.
  3. I am experimenting with air-layering this spring. Trying to get some rhododendrons from my neighbors, and doing a regular layering and an air-layering experiment with my Forsythia. Also trying to air-layer a schefflera I have indoors. We'll see if I was successful at removing that so-called "cambium" layer. Got some rooting hormone gel from Element Nutrients in WA. I hope it wasn't contaminated with COVID-19! EDIT: Hmm, this was the 80,000th post in this sub-forum. Woooo! I'll see myself out, now.
  4. It must've been something in the ether that has told me to check back into OpenGrow... lo and behold, Mr D is starting a grow. Looking good so far! I've got big plans, too. One day...
  5. fuckin' miss you guys - being a dad and working full time takes 25 hrs a day!
  6. My little boy arrived on 9/20! Sorry it's taken me a bit to come over and let you guys know. Where did all my time go? Can I just... upload your guys' threads and discussion directly to my brain? I feel like I'm missing out on one hand, but on the other hand it's like there's never enough time for my boys lol
  7. oh man, no i'm sorry guys for the miscommunication - not yet!! Still waiting! lol... little bugger is taking his time
  8. Congrats bigun! and thanks everyone for the good wishes
  9. Boy is coming any day now... I wanted him to come on 9/9/18, for the nice mathematical pattern there, but that was 10 days shy of the due date so I didn't fish my wish... still waiting. The Bazooka Jane x Selene (M) is good and I am smoking it and the WVa Mohawk back n' forth when my one-hitter's storage chamber is used up. Just started a freshly ground-up batch of the WVa Mohawk and I'd say I prefer it to the Bazooka Jane x Selene (M). Gotta be that Cindy background that I'm enjoying. Can't wait to just do the pure C99 F5s I still have from Indi.
  10. Ah yes, the classic toothferry that runs between Manhattan and Ellis Island - you think you're just going to visit the Statue of Liberty but actually they just harvest your teeth when you get there! Scary... lol Ok, I know the comments from weeks ago, but I'm catching up on the thread and had to say something because I was gigglin'. Meanwhile MrGF is talking about getting around to smoke reports, same spot on two consecutive pages, and I'm over here thinking "deja vu?" haha... I'll tell you guys what though... that WVa Mohawk from Bigun is preeeety nice. A good head high, a touch of body, but not much sleepiness to be honest - leans more towards a bit of heart-racing/paranoia if you take too many hits. The Bazooka Jane x Selene(M) from DreamOfGreen is a similar clear head high, but like somone turned up he knob on the secondary body effects. That one makes me sleepy after I've enjoyed my orbital adventure. BeachBud, sometime in the next year I'm going to pick your brain on fence-building. I have a bunch of home projects that deserve my attention more than building a grow closet, and I feel I owe it to my wife to get those accomplished since she's been so easy going with the growing and smoking thing. Which, funny enough, she somewhat supports. Parenting is a hell of a job, and there's only so many hours I can stay sane playing with hotwheels cars with my little boy...but give me a 5 minute break to take a little hit of the WVa Mohawk, and I am coming up with blockbuster stories for those cars in the living room!
  11. Gentlemen, that is going to be #2 for me. Another boy. And I think we're gonna call it quits after that, haha. I miss the days when I was stuck in the oil fields for 12 hrs/day, and I could be on here with ya'll.
  12. Beach, you are the rock here for me at OG. So freakin' consistent. Those huge buds are yet another example of your years of experience and the dedication you put into your craft. Hope your back pain is manageable, playing with kittens takes some effort! Also, watch for the claws, they don't know their own strength I'm sure I don't need to tell you that. I'm starting to think I need to make a back-up of all your threads just in case society collapses and the internet shuts down. Honestly, the knowledge of most you folks here I wouldn't mind having stored somewhere safe, for when I finally have the time to join your ranks.
  13. Stanky, you're making me excited about those Charm City beans I have chilling in the fridge! Still... no grow for the next few months AT LEAST. My mom-in-law is coming to stay with us for two months, coming in 3 weeks. And then the energetic little boy kickin' in my wife's belly is coming mid-september. But my basement... fuck man cave's, that is going to become my little grower's paradise one day. Sorry to go off topic, Stanky. Looks really, really good!
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