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  1. My little boy arrived on 9/20! Sorry it's taken me a bit to come over and let you guys know. Where did all my time go? Can I just... upload your guys' threads and discussion directly to my brain? I feel like I'm missing out on one hand, but on the other hand it's like there's never enough time for my boys lol
  2. oh man, no i'm sorry guys for the miscommunication - not yet!! Still waiting! lol... little bugger is taking his time
  3. Congrats bigun! and thanks everyone for the good wishes
  4. Boy is coming any day now... I wanted him to come on 9/9/18, for the nice mathematical pattern there, but that was 10 days shy of the due date so I didn't fish my wish... still waiting. The Bazooka Jane x Selene (M) is good and I am smoking it and the WVa Mohawk back n' forth when my one-hitter's storage chamber is used up. Just started a freshly ground-up batch of the WVa Mohawk and I'd say I prefer it to the Bazooka Jane x Selene (M). Gotta be that Cindy background that I'm enjoying. Can't wait to just do the pure C99 F5s I still have from Indi.
  5. Ah yes, the classic toothferry that runs between Manhattan and Ellis Island - you think you're just going to visit the Statue of Liberty but actually they just harvest your teeth when you get there! Scary... lol Ok, I know the comments from weeks ago, but I'm catching up on the thread and had to say something because I was gigglin'. Meanwhile MrGF is talking about getting around to smoke reports, same spot on two consecutive pages, and I'm over here thinking "deja vu?" haha... I'll tell you guys what though... that WVa Mohawk from Bigun is preeeety nice. A good head high, a touch of body, but not much sleepiness to be honest - leans more towards a bit of heart-racing/paranoia if you take too many hits. The Bazooka Jane x Selene(M) from DreamOfGreen is a similar clear head high, but like somone turned up he knob on the secondary body effects. That one makes me sleepy after I've enjoyed my orbital adventure. BeachBud, sometime in the next year I'm going to pick your brain on fence-building. I have a bunch of home projects that deserve my attention more than building a grow closet, and I feel I owe it to my wife to get those accomplished since she's been so easy going with the growing and smoking thing. Which, funny enough, she somewhat supports. Parenting is a hell of a job, and there's only so many hours I can stay sane playing with hotwheels cars with my little boy...but give me a 5 minute break to take a little hit of the WVa Mohawk, and I am coming up with blockbuster stories for those cars in the living room!
  6. Gentlemen, that is going to be #2 for me. Another boy. And I think we're gonna call it quits after that, haha. I miss the days when I was stuck in the oil fields for 12 hrs/day, and I could be on here with ya'll.
  7. Beach, you are the rock here for me at OG. So freakin' consistent. Those huge buds are yet another example of your years of experience and the dedication you put into your craft. Hope your back pain is manageable, playing with kittens takes some effort! Also, watch for the claws, they don't know their own strength I'm sure I don't need to tell you that. I'm starting to think I need to make a back-up of all your threads just in case society collapses and the internet shuts down. Honestly, the knowledge of most you folks here I wouldn't mind having stored somewhere safe, for when I finally have the time to join your ranks.
  8. Stanky, you're making me excited about those Charm City beans I have chilling in the fridge! Still... no grow for the next few months AT LEAST. My mom-in-law is coming to stay with us for two months, coming in 3 weeks. And then the energetic little boy kickin' in my wife's belly is coming mid-september. But my basement... fuck man cave's, that is going to become my little grower's paradise one day. Sorry to go off topic, Stanky. Looks really, really good!
  9. Well, there was a lot of reading from the start of June... but I'm all caught up. Glad to see you settling in there, Mr Goodfellow. Looks like I'm right on time for the next batch - nice to seem some babies on the way! As an added bonus, doesn't seem like opengrow is blocked by my work servers anymore! I can read on a big screen again!
  10. Yeah, what he said —^
  11. Gardener beats on harvest earnings Q1 2018, Madberry share price soars
  12. Agreed - ‘‘twas a wonderful thread to peruse and participate in. Big ups on the stalk splitting hang-to-dry technique. I’m quite embarrassed I didn’t think of it myself. See you on the flip side. PS love the pyramid of bud jars, those pics are my favorite. It’s the best feeling because you know that’s the moment when you can finally sit back, kick your feet up, and get high as the sky and not worry that you’re forgetting to do something, or that something is going to go wrong.
  13. Forgetting everything else, props to you for the well trained plants. They look pretty and organized, like a well landscaped yard I second what Mr GF says
  14. When does the countdown start le rat, how many more days/weeks are you thinking?
  15. Looks like things are settling down for your Argo, getting into a routine. Sorry for the loss of your friend! It was a nice tribute you wrote. thanks for the pics, it took me on a little visual journey! P.S. I’m laughing at how serious that email about growing out the tester seeds was... like... take a hit and chill the fuck out maaaan.
  16. Damar

    Paps 2018 run

    Compost teas for the win, bro! I’m excited to see another round kickin’ into gear for you. Good luck with the cloning. I’ve yet to do that with our beloved Mary Jane, although my first ever cloning project - using citronella plants - has been successful with 2 cuttings rooted in a solo cup of perlite. I remember some recommending making a few slits above the little line and it becomes a sort of reservoir that the perlite can wick up moisture from. I really want to try the bubble cloner BeachBud taught me to make a couple years ago. I built that thing and it’s sat unused for soooooo long. anyway.... lookin good!
  17. Everything is looking good in the [robin] hood! how often do you have to water with the pots being so small?
  18. I think that is what Indican was intending. As far as I know it’s Godbud x Herijuana. Trimming that tonight should be easier than the Wva Mohawks. Less total branches, just giant buds on sticks.
  19. That’s my go-to method too, the problem is the symmetry of the branches. That method works great (I also use it) when the branches are alternating. Edit: split the stalk, just saw that. Welllll, I need to try it again... I split one but it came out so uneven, it went all one way and left just a fiber on the other “half”
  20. Sonuva bitch, I forgot how much work trimming is. I mean, I knew... but like a bad relationship, people block out the bad memories over time... I took the lights down, and hung an old baby gate from the light rope hangers. I might use it as a screen for the next grow, but for now it’s doubling as an easy way to hangs the trimmed branches. I’d actually prefer string, since I have a lot of symmetrical branches that I can’t squeeze through the little wire squares, but I made it work. I smoked some finger hash.. once at the start roughly, and then once again at the end of the trimming... I was only able to take down the sativa side. Holy shit I got high, I was flying, and I’ve still been smoking these last few days! It seems like every other branch I was alternating between putting in the time for an extra nice trim, and just thinking fuck let met just get through these branches as fast as possible. I got so into it I didn’t even take a photo of the sativa side all trimmed up from fan leaves (step 1), but I’ll get you guys some pics once everything is hung up... I am so stoked on these Wva Mohawks and BJxSelene... I already know the high is gonna take me to new heights.
  21. Well, they had their final dose of light last night. The Godsmack is just throwing nanners left and right, not just the one in the back picked off another 3 here and there. One of the big Godsmacks (throwin nanners), the BJxSelene, and one of the WVa Mohawks (untopped) could probably go for another few days to a week, but I don’t feel like waiting for seeds... I put some ice on top of the soil, and I’ll let them get about 40 hrs of dark (a full cycle from this morning, plus the rest of tomorrow before I trim ‘em Wednesday - discretely, in the middle of the night...
  22. My bucket list of things needs to actually become a physical list instead of memories in my brain. Making hash is on that list. No, I haven’t written anything down yet.
  23. Those both sound like good ideas. I’m already prepping to go to Whole Foods for some paper bags >.< haha I like the tray idea too, or some way to create a barrier between the soil surface and the plants while all the trim falls onto it as I cut... man, I can’t wait, these plants look sooo good. The one untopped WVa Mohawk looks like such a winner, and the smell is divine. They’re all good, but the more sativa side of the tent has me psyched for the potential highs. I know the Godsmacks will be good too, they also smell reaaaally good. My favorite time of year!!
  24. That relaxes me even more. I want to chop over the weekend, do minor fan leaf trimming, then let them hang dry so I don’t have to actually jar/trim until after my grandma is gone... its either that, or zipper myself closed inside the closet in the middle of the night lol.. Actually, doing that and wet trimming might not be the worst idea. Just need to figure out a way to dry the trim without it getting moldy (that was always my problem with doing wet trimming, can’t figure out a way to keep/dry the trim without it getting all dirty with soil).
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