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  1. Acctually it's quite the opposite. F2 plants tend to show the biggest variety from seed to seed compared to all other generations. F1 hybrids are the best since they offer low variety because of being dominated by the desired genes in hopefully both parents(though I know a lot of people don't even bother with males... ) and also they have hybrid vigor if bred correctly. Its probably the most common type of seed on the market nowadays. That being said you could still find straight fire in F2's, they are by no means worse but simply put there will be a wider variety of genetic traits when growing F2 seeds because all types of geenes will express itself in this generation so you would for example maybe get a plant with perfect set of genes that fit your desires of the plant but it might also be a dwarf plant in F2's rly anything goes. That's why after a few selections you get more uniform plants since you eliminate the variety factor and undesired genes. People tend to say that a plant is more or less stable after generation F4 and after that you breed more to improve than to stabilise. Personally I think stability is closer to F6 but I guess it really depends on what you're looking for in the strain you're breeding and also the genetics used and many other factors. Sorry for the wall of text I sometimes get carried away
  2. Hello people! Hope yall havin' a nice day. It feels good to be back and will be cool to see who's still around and what you guys been doing with all this time . Bless!
  3. in he past i have used Gavita lumatek and dimlux. i could recommend all 3! Always buy something you know for sure is quality! I lostt a whole batch and had to restart cause i thought my bulb broke but really it was my ballast. since i was short on cash i couldnt instantly buy a new ballast hence my plants died before i had a chance to get a replacement. so buy something you can trust! gib makes great bulbs and is a pretty big company. my guess is that they have reliable ballasts but dont buy it without finding good reviews! Regarding THD I never had a problem using a good bran e-ballast.... its my understanding that it was mostly an issue with the first generations of e-ballast a lot of years ago but i might be wrong on that one. That being said i think its still safer than the huge spike in your electricit consumptiony grid you get every time you light a magnetic ballast but i guess that also depends on electrical company policies and which country youre in. Led is sxtarting to look sexier and sexier... the next light i buy might be LED or maybe ill just build a light myself . Still hoping for the LEP technology to advance a bit but personally wouldnt buy it today cause its still so damn expensive tech .. Hope whatever solution you choose works out for you and u get healthy and strong bud . Bless
  4. never knew gib made ballasts . ive used only thheir bulbs in the past but never had problems... you cant get the desired value from serial connecting the fans.. reason why is that they most likely are not the same size (for example 125mm and 160mm)
  5. Sanji

    Sanji's Journal

    Does anyone have any experience with using Plant vitality plus in flower stage? Its great stuff I know, but never used it in flower stage before.. Input anyone ?
  6. i second this! definitely looks like its reveging
  7. Breeding autos is a quite fast process, if you know what you are looking for . he simply grew them for a bit more than a year, always selecting the best female and male and crossing. Since most autos finish quite fast from seed to harvest its easy to stabilize grow patterns and behaviour so you always know what to expect. However its hard to get the potency down since you simply dont know about potency untill you try the end products.. that being said i have a different friend who been working lowryder#2 since its release, i dont know what generation it is on, but its a amazing plant, taste of sweet melon and menthol with some vanilla traits. potency wise i couldnt tell it apart from regular well grown organic bud . Autoflowers can be quite usefull. some dislike them but i like them as much as any other plant
  8. Your grow looks very healthy . Are those 2 different shackzillas or the same phenotype? Im flowering shackzilla myself for the first time, though im a few weeks behind you . Did you grow her before? Welcome to opengrow Sir
  9. im with desertgrown on this one, especially if you no experience with this exact strain from before(?). Fungi making seedlings damp is very common and can vary a lot depending on what soil and what genetics you use. If it is Fungi then the attack halts the upward movement of nutrients, stopping plant from receiving a proper distribution of nutrients. Because of this unequal distribution, the stem develops parts that are mushy, making the plant eventually topple over and die. In the future i really advice on posting a picture beside you problem description.. in that way it will be easier for people to help you out and you are more likely to walk away with the correct answers .
  10. The F1 Should not show any autoflowering characteristics because the autoflowering trait is recessive. Shows up in F2 and takes anything from 5 to 8 generations before considered stable. My friend has a F8 autoflower he made himself (super stable) So do you use the freezer or the fridge ?
  11. Francobollo - Kinky Lola Cant stop listening to this x) .
  12. You deserve that money more than any other breeder around in my opinion. I wish you nothing but success in your new project
  13. Just write a cookbook already so that I can buy it . Seriously I love your medibles post's
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