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  1. Hi Sannie, I placed an order before Nov. 5 but have not sent payment yet. Can I still take the 20% off?
  2. Glad to see things are going well, Prof. Thanks for all your hard work!
  3. Dried and almost cured ok. Very berry and sweet, with an earthy musk. A little sour fruit in there, too. These are two different plants, Both the shorter, golfball nug pheno, but the purple one is much more blueberry muffing smelling. Both deliver a strong, long-lasting indica stone. Very medicinal.
  4. Update... My fave plant... And another pheno...Thos one is a bit more on the fruity berry side, less earthy, kush aroma, like that one up top.
  5. I just use a titan atlas 3 to control the generator. Has a photocell to turn the co2 on just during the day...
  6. I use their smaller generator in a 6k bloom + 800 w veg sealed room. Takes a little bit of time to get up to 1200 ppm, but it does pretty well. I like the little one cause its perfect for my size room, (really only takes 10 min to get up to proper levels) and the H2O cooling mode isn't mandatory, like the one you are looking at. Not sure on your setup, but unless you need to put 1200 ppm of co2 into a 16 k room, then i'd save some scratch and some extra work with the extra rez and get the little guy. great on space, too. Only about 9 inches by 8 inches by 12 inches tall. Good luck!
  7. These are some squat plants. Very frosty, blue to earthy smelling
  8. Yea, 1100-1200 ppm Nothing special to report on now, just some veggin. Nice and uniform.
  9. They will be grown in an organic soil-less mix of Sunshine #4, earth worm castings, happy frog-Jump start, and azomite. They will be hand watered R/O Water with General Organics Base, Sensizyme, General organics Bio-Weed, once a week, and Roots Organics NPK and Earth Juice meta K as a bloom booster at week 5. Also top dress with Fox Farm Happy Frog Fruit and Flower at light switch, and week 4. They will bloom in a sealed room under HPS.
  10. 10/10 Germination... Gonna be an organic run...more to come.
  11. Dang, those are some seriously greasy nuggets, awesome shot.
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