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  1. Mr Sessions recusal was unnecessary and only served to embolden his political opponents. He Bowed down to the lying media what a weakling.
  2. Maybe it has sometholing to do with telomeres they degenerate over time
  3. If you're girlfriend is that bad looking no amount of cannabis will help you
  4. Malarkey


    Vive la Frog, welcome frog brother
  5. Malarkey


    How has the duckfoot auto come along?
  6. Hi Disko, What is your light cycle? Are you using autos because of light problems before?
  7. Ssssh now everyone man and his dog wants one hehehaha
  8. What phenotype is that? Bud is that the fluffiest one?
  9. Cannabis is known to grow feral in Thrace which covers North East Greece, Bulgaria and southern Romania and european side of turkey. The cannabis plant has definitely been cultivated in the Macedonian region.
  10. Damn I thought it was going to be the famous alpine rocket crossed with blueberry
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