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  1. This is the bubblegum mate it was hidden at the back, that other small frosty plant is a cherry Vanilla Cookies
  2. Hola Saxo. good to see some of the old folk still here
  3. as you can see my style has changed a bit but I still like to grow big plants I think sannie's Instagram pages/posts inspired my getting into taking pictures again. i'm planning on photostacking the hell out some pictures soon...lol....
  4. Hi Jet, I was just in looking at what your up to mate, good to see your doing well thanks for the welcome back
  5. Hello again, not been around for a few years. I was dead happy to see Sannie got some Dynasty Genetics back in stock. I'm doing a few (3) dynasty grows this year and thought I would do an opengrow diary again (I'm sure it makes me less lazy) I usually manage to bungle my way through a grow, fixing any problems as they crop up. fingers crossed for this one last time I was here I was into 1 plant scrogs, same set up but now grow 4 plants at a time. I started 4 seeds, 1 topped off, left me 3 cherry vanilla cookies I got them in the pebbles before any more topped themselves off... I had a few reserve seedlings on stand by, Girl scout crack won the space. this is them 2 weeks later That's the new ones for now. I've already got 3 girls in the flower tent. I was pretty lucky to get 3 girls out of first 3 seeds. 2 are lanky stretchy mf's and one is small fast flowering one, they are joined by a bubble gum at the back left. a picture says a thousand words, v-scrog net on the side wall That will do it for this post. all the best folks : )
  6. The Fuck reflectors post was classic indican...lmao...I still like my reflectors but I must admit your setup is pretty sweet If you can deal with the extra heat it works a treat
  7. They look great, nice grow mate, well done you
  8. That's very kind of you to say that, thanks very much Joe I just hope for a bit better luck with my female to male ratio I'm sort of avoiding getting into the new strains just yet. Still curing in jars for now. I did find 2 in the Aztec rain, all the seeds are massive and look fully mature. From what I've tried they all taste great in my crafty vape (not the seeds the flowers...lol...) No (Scottish for note) much to see yet, lets hope I don't let you down on this grow after you biging me up Joe. i'm looking forward to an easy grow and hope I can find that phenotype in soliloqueen again 5 Soliloqueen in bonsai soil (from b&q) 5 Mrs Universe (just started) in same soil Thanks for the encouragement to keep posting guys
  9. Its hard to keep up with up with all your plants how do you keep track ? I would get confused
  10. Hello it's me again Thanks for the kind words, advice, and sympathy guys I don't know how I got away with this but it looks like I only got very few seeds considering the amount of male flowers on Purple Storm I could not see any males above the canopy, so all the pollen must have just fell on the floor. I don't run a fan under the canopy, that's why I've not got 1000's of seeds in every plant. I only got 12 seeds so far (all out purple storm). I'm not even unhappy with my results. for me this was a scrog support grow, NOT a scrog The best one is Aztec Rain at 135g. I monster cropped her just before net went on but she was un-topped. The smoke for this is really nice strong mango flavours and smells. The drying room smelt only of this. This in my vape puts a smile on my faces even if I'm not in the best of moods. This is the one I enjoy smoking the most (so far) Next for me would be The Oaxaca I got 105g of the darkest weirdest looking bud I ever seen. The smoke is real fruity almost like Ribena or something? The buzz I get from this is like electric. This is my smoke for daytime walks with my dog Purple Storm (even if its got a few seeds) I got 98g out this girl/boy...lol... The buds look amazing the colours are beautiful. This has got a lot less flavour than the other 2 but it's still real nice sweet berry or some sort of fruity thing going on.... This is very relaxing, I've been getting into music and films when I smoke this. very nice it is. Bad news was all 3 of my next run were all males 3 chocolate rain way behind now and got no backup plant (that will teach me) So I started a soil (organic) grow. 5 soliloqueen and 5 Mrs Universe. I just feel like a rest from my hydro (its too much work) simple as you can get in pots with some good soil and lots of love
  11. It's good to know my mishap has helped you out @Barreleye if I had been more on the ball I would have seen it way sooner than I did. Old age is catching up with me...lol... Thanks @agreenpassion I've not given up hope this could turn out all right, I like what I've smoked so far (Microwaved at low setting) 2 wee buds Aztec and Oaxaca very fruity and a nice kick to them out the crafty vape The deep red trichs on the Oaxaca had me fooled for a bit. it looked like there was nothing on her at all. Almost ready to jar them and then i'll see what is what??? I could be back freaking out or maybe not...lol...???
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