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  1. I am almost giving up on this diary, i don't like doing diaries about plants Sannie don't sell. I know nobody cares but i do. the girl scout crack is dominating this grow maybe i'll pick this diary up again when the clones are ready to flower bye for now
  2. @ifish you need to make your own visuals for this one
  3. hello again..time for an update : ) After a week at 12/12 they finally showed sex, 2 male, 2 female. I was not so lucky this time. I've got 1 topped Cherry Vanilla Cookies and one un-topped Girl Scout Crack. i was going to just let them grow but i had a rethink. I want to get the same out 2 plants as i would out 4. new plan (for now) is to do a semi-scrog, let the Girl scout grow through the net(not a scrog) and spread the Cherry vanilla out under the net. I found out the girl scout is a monster when i dropped the net on her The Cherry Vanilla Cookies is just asking to be put under a net I'll start clearing out some of the underside next week when i see whats making it to the net Fingers crossed Girl scout crack don't stretch and try to hit the light I should have topped all the plants at the same time, I know for next time talking of next time the clones are doing great take it easy
  4. Thanks @gardenartus I did the first run of bubble hash (leaf only), plants 1&2 ,it's as blonde as can be.
  5. Thanks @Justcozz I'm in love with this plant. it even smells like vanilla in the jars I forgot to show how the clones are doing, they have all taken to the dwc great new growth all over Lots of roots shooting out the pot, i'll stop top feeding this week and let the coco dry out I took the clones from the next 3 in the flower tent and flipped them to 12/12 last night i put them in root riots this time, hope they all take, i would normally take 2 of each but i only had 4 . i might take some more using coco Take it easy
  6. Hey Maria, sorry that was not me who did the videos, but I do feature in one of them (scrogmasters) i'm like the Chinese version of hgrohybrid, a cheap knock off copy in other words thanks @Mr Goodfellow @Justcozz I can't remember the last time i had a bit that was so damned nice i don't even want to start smoking it i might just keep this bit to look at...lol...
  7. First week in the flower tent is over, the plants seem happy enough, the 10-10-10 grow.micro bloom+5 ml cal mix seems like a good for this stage. They drank about 2-3 ltr each, its time for the weekly nutrient change. Mixing up fresh nutrients regularly keeps the levels in the safe zone I think the light from my phone has made the plants look darker than they are No sex showing yet, males always seem to show first, the fact i don't see no balls yet is making me hopeful This is how the tent is looking a week after moving into the flower tent Cherry Vanilla Cookies (topped, tall phenotype) Cherry Vanilla Cookies (not topped short phenotype) Cherry Vanilla Cookies (Topped short phenotype) Girl Scout Crack i do a bit of light LST by hand on the topped plants being careful not to snap anything off They are at the stage i feel like i need to flip them to 12/12 or i could find myself struggling with 4 monsters in a few weeks I'm resisting putting a scrog net on them as it makes changing the nutrients difficult, this way i can just pull them in and out the tent as i need to. when the net is set your plants are going nowhere after that that's the new grow you might not have seen my Cherry Vanilla Cookies post in the bud shots section last picture is my favorite picture (amazing at 300 dpi) take it easy, till next time
  8. a few of the best pictures Dynasty Genetics Cherry Vanilla Cookies
  9. Thanks @saxo @RAS-T Thanks for the compliment @shiskaberry savior I'm do a smoke report on bubblegum in a few weeks as well i seen a dude on serious seeds bit on uk420 forum testing them as well , he did a good smoke report Thank Jehovah! that is done, got everything cleaned up and switched over , phew! i don't know about you guys but i get real para around this time, i'll not settle down until its in the jars and i know there are no smells wafting about I moved the clones into the net pots and pebbles, start getting them ready for the next flower run. the clones were getting no light so i moved them to just outside the door for the last few days The plants need some more room to grow That's a bit better each tube got 10ml of grow, micro,bloom + 5ml cal-mag = 540ppm PH 6.3 I'll keep an eye on them make sure they like this mix? change it if needed I moved the clones into the tubes the other plants were in like musical chairs around and around we go, i don't stop top feeding until i get some roots out the bottom, 1.1.1. a half ml cal mag this mix Tops look strange curling leaves, last time a had clones doing this curling top-shoot crap i ended up chopping it off and let the rest of it grow (last time i had any clones was 2014) I'll see what they do now they are under the light??? that's it for now. two weeks veg in the big tent (they should show sex in that time) and i'll flip them to 12/12 fingers crossed for some girls
  10. Hello again : ) I managed to get Cherry Vanilla Cookies #2 out the tent for a picture session, she looked better in the dark...never heard of such a thing she's defo not a looker : ( but i bet she bangs like a shit-house door when the plague is in town (the maclads) I'm only joking of course, everything is beautiful in its own way ; ) She's got some nice colours, dark purples and reds to almost black (same with the other two) She's pretty alright One last photo session with Plant #3 and this grow will be over, veg tent is now spilling out into the room. i need to get a move on ..now!
  11. Thanks @JetDroi'll not be a stranger ; ) yes you would indeed. if i was state side : )
  12. @saxo @ifish @Justcozz @gardenartus @JetDro @Gardener @Papalag Thanks for the comments (and likes) guys, is good to know your enjoying the pics : ) I'll keep posting the best ones ; ) i've seen a few of my pictures about the internet ..so it was you! ...lmao ; ) what can i say... your very generous, thank you : )
  13. Hello again. Its been a busy time getting the Cherry Vanilla Cookies in the flower tent ready for the chop, been feeding just water for the last 10 days pulling out all the dead stuff and making the final trim that bit easier, This has been an amazing grow 2 big girls up the side of the tent and the 2 smaller ones right under the light. it works for me anyway Pictures from day 60 The two lanky ones cvc #1 & cvc #2 on the side pre-trim Cherry Vanilla Cookies #1 (she's almost tall enough to be my girlfriend) First one done the very top of cvc #1 A lower bud Cherry Vanilla Cookies #3 before i stripped her She looks amazing in all the photos, enjoy ;) I'll eventually get some good pictures of plant #2, (for some reason i can resize the pictures on the page? this is why they are all full size) Veg tent is overgrown need to get a move on finishing up this one :) take it easy
  14. this seems like so long ago, your page moves along fast : ) your right I've heard of a couple of them but never grown any it's looking sweet
  15. hello again, The veg tent is getting a bit crowded now, my clones are suffering, i'll need to get a move on getting the flower tent empty for the switch over. This is the clones from 1st cherry vanilla cookies grow re-vegging (back to one leaf) they will be getting switched to dwc soon as the veg tent is empty Cherry Vanilla Cookies #6 (not topped) Cherry Vanilla Cookies #5 (topped) Two heads better than one Cherry Vanilla Cookies #4 (topped) Still can't use this camera very well..hehehe Girl Scout Crack fem seed (what a name seedsman..ffs) not topped using my tried and tested nutrients GHE 3 part and some cal-mag, I pretty much can run this blind I got my meters but hardly use them. not long until they are in the big pots and heading towards flowering lets hope I get 3 girls again???
  16. you are rocking them octopots all right, don't think I know anything your running...hehehe...the name game is getting crazy. looks like your having fun testing and trying to figure out what is the best. I can't remember what I seen or read a grower saying "sometimes the one you think is best the first time you run them is in last place the second time you grow them was it on here I read that??? who knows ..all your plants look great buddy
  17. Thanks @JetDro & @saxo Things are moving along rapidly , it's day 55 in flower the bubblegum is almost ready (40% cloudy trichomes) the Cherry vanilla cookies are not far behind I've been concentrating on the flower tent this week pulling dead stuff out and checking for bud-rot. it's been crazy humid here (pissing it down all week) I will lose most of this big top if I wait too long, I might just have to chop her a wee bit earlier than I was planning for, The Cherry vanilla cookies are looking fine not so worried about them Some pictures Bubblegum This new camera is amazing, Nikon d3300, still shooting on auto but I will get there using manual ; ) Cherry vanilla cookies plant #3 Next update will be about the veg tent ; ) take it easy
  18. that's looking fantastic @JetDro What strain are they again??? you got to be happy how they are looking mate. you know you done a good job on this, but just so you know know. Hey jetdro, you done a good job here mate...lol...
  19. your scrog is looking full to the brim ..I always have big gaps, you done a good job filling it all out. hope you got lots of yo-yo's or a second net ; )
  20. I got the weeks mixed up last post veg tent is week 5 the clone i'm most interested in Week 6, I've topped the two Cherry's at the front of the tent, all the clones are doing fine Week 7 in flower for the other plants, I got a couple out the tent for a photo session ; ) Bubblegum 1st The Cherry Vanilla Cookies #3 a calyx centre of the big leaf : ) The 2 in the v-scrog are looking frosty (picture was taken in the dark) It's looking good going into last few weeks, take it easy
  21. Thanks @Papalag I just stopped posting diaries, no fall outs or drama (I don't do drama) I'm amazed how many of the old crew are still here. It just shows how good this forum and sannie's seed shop are : ) all the best
  22. We know what a cracker is bro ...lol...I am one...lol...I watch AIU on youtube...lol...it can look crazy busy and a bit overwhelming but if you take it a bit at a time you will get there bro, do you plan on stripping out the underside of the net? when you get rid of all that shit it starts looking a bit better
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