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  1. Damn, life has gotten so busy lately... I have not taken many pics, just forgot abt it really. Harvest is done, got 3 mason jars worth, curing now, some have been sampled.. Harvest was done in stages as I had 3 strains all a bit different in finishing times... I could have easily doubled perhpas tripled my yield if I had followed the advice here... Now I know better. Kolossus and Chucky are definitely worth exploring again, and JackBerry too! Now my focus is on outdoor and fall indoor grows. Thanks for comments and support, sorry for not documenting the end better.. Stay safe and happy growing! Kolossus week before chop chop: Chucky smells a bit like pineapple cheesecake without dairy, with a hint of savory... Yum. Very heady, but I cut her almot all clear trichomes... Kolossus is very piney, grapefruity and hashy almost sandalwood incense like. Great! Other Kolossus slightly more citrusy. Little ceiling if any. Cut at 9 weeks. Could go longer easily. Jackberry is floral ,fruity, berryish. Nice mellow smoke. Later harvest much better than early.
  2. GhostPoet

    1st grow

    images fro mmy first grow, Kolossus, Jackberry and Chucky's Bride.
  3. Season started with 25 AutoGambians, more to follow. All these are outside now, so no plants home atm...
  4. Ok, not to keep people in suspense, all is well. I've ben busy lately, BBQ and Guerilla season has started.... SUMMER ! I'll see if I have any good pics and update the thread later on. Stay safe, stay happy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0VaZ5A2QyU
  5. Tx Rab, much appreciated. One thing is sure, these girls are wonderful teachers of patience, but I'm such a sloppy student! Thanks for the tips on smell re harvest. The girls smell incredibly good, especially CB, if I rub them or smell them, but not too much ambient smell yet, could be that if I didn't have a carbon scrubber I'd think otherwise. Got one ONA already, takes away smells nicely as I smoke indoors sometimes. Also sneaker boxes and mason jars have been sourced now, I'll be lucky to get one box full dry, happy with 2-3 mason jars full, but the jars are not too big... 1 pint to 2 pints I recon... Couldn't wait much longer till chop chop, but based on info on strains CB could be soon harvested,a week max as I don't want it to get too couch locky... same with JBf4 in a week or so, the other Kolo looks like a freak to me, other one looks like the others... The freaky one has more leaves than calyxes compared to the other one.. The freaky Kolo shares the same pot with the other healthier looking Kolo and perfectly fine looking JB... So many things to learn. Spring is here, the Frost Giants lost once again... : (back to freaky Kolossus) Can't tell if it is too little humidity, too much heat, too much or too little nutes. There was a time when for some days it got a wee bit too hot in the apartment, was out too long, didn't leave windows open or anything. I remember noticing the other Kolo reacting to it, but as I raised the bulb I thought it was ok. For me next time one of the trickiest bits is the transition from early bloom to full on bloom. The buds seem to me at least, more sensitive to ambiance effects than when vegging... I'm planning to chop the CB soon, before weekend I think following with JB week 8 and lastly on week 9 the Kolossus. At least one of them, the freaky could go earlier... I've learned so much, could have done a million things differently, but see where I went wrong this time. It's my first try, so I'm not disappointed with little yield, lack of punch or anything, as I've gained valuable first hand info on how to set up my next grow. Next time for my space, only one plant scrogged is the way to go, the soil and nutes regime seems under the control as of now, so not much need to amend that. I might add one extra plant, a quick flowering one, just to keep me supplied with weed before the main harvest. But we shall see, and I am still lagging behind schedule abit vis a vis guerrilla outdoors, but it barely got green in the forests and the temps are just about now constantly above freezing, even at nights, so after this current grow, it's time to pop the seeds for the Summer of Love 2014, and start planning autumnal sessions indoors. Not much point in having a tent grow during summer, as I already had wee bit trouble with heat. Some pics from tomorrow already now! How cool! Freaky Kolossus #1: Kolossus #2, looks ok, not too much purple to be seen like the freak sister... I dunno what I did wrong with that freak one... Jackberry F4 Chucky's Bride I might have mixed an image of JB with CB one... Now the plan is to just flush them, observe the amber department and other signs, and chop, dry, cure, jar and SMOKE !!! Have a happy growing, and be safe all you! ALL comments, critique or suggestions very welcome. Especially on the freaky Kolo and CB nute burns. And how to check the (amber) trichs with a microscope, I got one 60x-100x microscope, but should I nip a bit of the plant to check it out, or try to see with the magnifyer all over the bud...??? It seems the girls are pretty frosty, well to me at least it looks like that...
  6. Tomorrow more pics, it's 7 weeks already. To my eyes one (freak looking) Kolossus looks done to me, swollen calyxes, receding browning hairs etc. Also CB is about to be ready. Other Kolossus and Jackberry could go on for a week.. Let's see.. That choco rain looks real nice. Thanks for sharing them with us here.
  7. I am growing Kolossus, Chucky's Bride and Jackberry atm, my first grow... . All fine plants if you choose to pick any of those..
  8. Some pics before venturing elsewhere... Chucky's Bride, a bit erhm improvised rig... Next time much much less defoliating... And I think despite the mainlining, all of these 3 different strains seem to make one dominant bud stalk and a crown of others regardless the way it was topped or spread evenly. I might use mainlining for outdoors only. At least as long as I'm growing in a crappy little tent. JBF4 Kolossus Some have gotten some heat stress damage but lamp hoisted as high as it can be, should be ok'ish soon.. Not sure if I should flush, when and so on. Now lite on nutes, I'm organic anyhow so been giving them molasses water lately. Last 2 waterings.. Perhaps go with that and water from now on until the chop... Not sure if there is a point to buy additional products for just few weeks time... Was thinking of Ripen... Perhaps just go with molasses and learn from that for next round then... Or little more nutes? Been using BioTabs Orgatrex, which to me smells like tomato food or molasses. Tomato food is molasses.. Added some nettle, wormcasting and kelp tea once in a while. Not sure when to chop either, some of the Kolossus'es seem to have swollen calyxes and orange pistils, haven't checked the trichs yet. One JBF4 seems that way too, but I'm sure pistils have been touched accidentally... Any ideas?
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