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  1. Week 2 of Veg Growth: 16 Feb: Temp range in tent: 76.6F - 77.0F Relative Humidity: 35% PH: 6.79 PPM: 024 Still struggling to get RH up to 40% or more. I had read a higher RH increases the chance of females, but my room is too big. But I plan to install a whole house humidifier. Actually have one that burned up and just need to replace it... That should work much better. Until then, I am running two room humidifier at maximum and highest it has reached was 38%. Everything else is running smoothly. Even my culls are still hanging on and tomorrow i'm planting them outside surrounded by a ton of mulch. Doubt any will survive, but why not let them try? Seeds are too damn expensive for me to watch them be wasted... I fim'd all but three or four and it didn't seem to slow any of them down much- it at all. Noticeable growth every day! The strongest of the Herebei I believe is beginning to show signs of being a female. Just seeing hints, but I should know this coming week on some of these so I can get some into the Autopots. Once there, I still have to feed them by hand for 10 days before I can start them up. Next feeding in three days!
  2. Transplanted 4 Jackberry's and 1 more of the Herebei to fill out the box with 9. The rest I'll cull, but it's a shame... Wish I could donate them!
  3. 7 Feb: Transplanted 4 of the Herebei that are now sitting under HPS at 500w 2' above them. Temp in the room before lights came on was 67F. After 4 hours with all lights on, temp was 74.5F near the floor where plants under HPS are sitting and 77F in the tent where Relative Humidity was 30%. However, the temp reading outside the tent- where the unit is sitting on top of the tent- the temp reading was 86.5F! I think it is because of where it is sitting though because the room is not that hot...
  4. Week 1 of Veg Growth: 7 Feb: Temp range in tent: 76.6F - 77.0F Relative Humidity: 30% PH: 6.79 PPM: 024 Transplant Day Armed with a bunch of 1 gallon grow bags, I think it's time to transplant some of these seedlings. The Herebei have been rooting for 2 weeks now and veg growth is clearly underway now... I have a coco/perlite mix ready to put into the grow bags. But before i do, my plan is to mix in one last gallon of water to it with all of the GH nutrients recommended at this stage of growth so I don't have to feed them this week except for water they may need until next feeding. They will have to stay in these 1 gallon pots being hand fed until I can sex them and get the ladies into the AutoPots. My environment seems to be perfect with the exception of relative humidity. I can't seem to get it high enough. I added a humidified to the grow tent last night and this morning it had only reached 33%. Will keep an eye on it closely today and tonight; make changes as necessary. Last night I tried to b.utton the tent up and ran an air exhaust to vent the heat from the T5's with the humidifier in the tent. Temp shot up to 86 quicky before I got the fan's temp control setup to kick on over 77F. Now I'm just running with the tent open and stable at 77. At some point soon, I'll need to transition these off the T5's to HPS which I plan to do at 50% power with my 1000w lamp.
  5. BTW, I am really impressed by the fact that these seeds are now at least 3 years old. Only 1 of 8 Herebei failed to sprout; The Jackberry don't seem to be as strong, but high success with those too. What's even more impressive is that I didn't examine any of my seeds before saving them. That alone could explain my losses... Thanks Sanni.
  6. Apart from the uneven growth with the Jackberry that was my doing, they seem to be happy and healthy. I marked them with a piece of tape to track their growth so I can determine the best ones to select.
  7. Just got around to reading this and it makes me feel much better about my decisions moving forward.
  8. Thanks for the advice on what size pot to use to get my seedlings to preflower stage for sexing. I am leaning toward 1 gallon (Melonfarm) grow bags as my option for transplanting over a 2 gallon bag using the following reasoning. Please let me know if you believe this would be an ill advised approach in your opinion. The grow bible recommended to me suggests a gallon for each month the plant will be in the pot and that it should take 4-6 weeks for a plant in veg to reach preflower so a determination on their sex can be made. This suggests a pot size of 1 to 2 gallons. Given that I am growing in a very light medium of coco and perlite for the roots to grow in and they should be transitioning energy to leaf production, by using the 1 gallon pot the roots hopefully will not become overly stressed in the smaller pot should they take a little longer to preflower [although I seem to be in the sweet zone it recommends to encourage females] which will make it much easier to then transplant the females I want to keep as mothers in my 3.9 gallon Autopot's. Considering that I have 16 seedlings in a 3x3 space, I need all the room I can get to ensure I get 4 of the healthiest females I can get out of them. A 2 gallon pot would diminish that choice by half. But we're only talking a $2.00 difference in the cost of the bags in the long run. So if in the end I am better off for a reason I have yet to understand, I am happy to go learn from the groups wisdom and get the bigger bags because it looks like I should order them now! In the past 24-48 hours, they've started making noticeable changes in growth although that isn't saying much at this stage... I have also made a roughly 50/50 mix of cocotek and perlite in the photo below. It's the fist time I've made a mix like this but it feels really moist (not wet) very light and fluffy. Very nice to the touch actually... So I think it is ready to go. But I also plan to mix up week 2 of the GH Flora nutrients and pour into this mix and give it a good mixing again before potting to get the seedlings started. Afterward, I will need to begin feeding them from above for the next 4-6 weeks before I can sex and get them into the Autopots where they will need to be fed another 10 days from above before I can start the Autopots. It's starting to get fun!
  9. Zrex

    seeds and genetics

    I'll be sure to post pics as things progress. I remember that when they matured, flowered and seeded, the two looked very different. Jackberry tended to grow like one big bud along the main stem and the Herebei bushed out more and needed more space (this was all outdoors). It was a Very noticeable difference which is why I asked because I was hoping to see that again as it was so obvious to tell. I also got a much better yield out of the Jackberry as I recall too...
  10. Zrex

    seeds and genetics

    One of my early seed purchases (all from Sanni btw) included Jackberry F4 and Herebei. I was totally new to growing (still am) and planted seeds from both side by side outdoors and had males and females from both from which I harvested seed that I am continuing to learn with today which I am content to do until I am confident enough to spend more money to buy strains that may work better for me. What I would like to know is: Would the genetics ALWAYS be a combination of some kind of random dominating trait from either the mother or the father that will appear in these seeds that I will be able to identify? Will I be able to say, this was is Jackberry and this one is Herebei? or would it be better to hope for either a Jackberry/Herebei or Herebei/Jackberry cross based on their appearance?
  11. Full Disclosure from ZREX: I had requested this account for my Weed for Warriors Exchange initiative that was just approved, so I plan to start using this account for my grows and such; and use my Zrex account for unrelated posts as long as that is acceptable. Thanks!

  12. I have some Jackberry and Herebei sprouts that are a few days old growing in Burpee XL starters. I have some questions that I cannot find answers to... 1. What size pot would be large enough for them until I can determine their sex? I'm assuming these starter pots will be too small even if they're fed properly? I only have 4 Autopot's that I want to reserve for mothers that I plan to take clones from to transplant outside later, which leads to my next question. 2. How do you properly time the transition from indoor to outdoor? I know I have room inside to grow them, but I need to figure out when it is best to take the clones, give them time to give firmly established (I was planning to get an Ez-Cloner) in my tent, and put them outdoors to finish out. Can someone please give me a hand to understand how to do that with these strains? I'm beginning to think I wouldn't be able to take clones until like August and put them out in September? That's the closest I can estimate... This would mean my mothers will have been in veg for 6 months by then.
  13. I have germinated some Jackberry and Herebei seeds in the Burpee XL starter kit that will eventually be transplanted into 4 gallon AutoPots. AutoPot says I should not transplant into the AutoPots until I have at least 3 nodes, so my question is as long the sprouts are getting fed properly, will I be able to continue growing them that long in the Burpee starter pots? Thanks
  14. Zrex

    DIY Aqua Dome or Air Dome?

    Man, I'm glad I still have some time to do some reading and testing. I had no idea the pumps might introduce heat into the mix.
  15. In the 1st pic, the space the tent is in now stretches the length of the room like a hallway, giving me a space about 5' wide, 15' long and 8' high- and still enough room to put this small tent under the slope of the roof along the right side of the room. I only plan to flower indoors when I need to. I am hoping my timing will work out this grow so that by the time I am ready to take clones and transplant them, I can finish these outdoors. But I will probably still flower some clones indoors this time to practice with.