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  1. Merry Christmas NAW! Have a happy holiday season free of pain and stress Cheers
  2. Happy Holidays boys and girls! Enjoy your time with loved ones and those that matter most to you Cheers
  3. Have a good grow and enjoy your time with the girls!
  4. wow so im waiting for seeds that i have 4 packs of already...and mason jars full of harvest of just go buy the aunt of farouk, its been in stock for months on end
  5. I just germinated a few after reading your report. Can't wait (put some black afghani with her for good measure!) Enjoy you harvest buddy!
  6. i had her a few years ago and she was ready for christmas. we were hosting family members and i kept running downstairs to take my meds away from our guests. one of them walked downstairs to come and get me right as i was finishing a session and he couldnt believe that i wasn't hiding a jar of candy/bubblegum in the room ( 17 year old kid) so needless to say i had to go and get out my actual candy stash (for munchies) and give the youngster a mitt full of candy to get johnny cochrane junior off my ass and back upstairs. i only had 1 in the 7 or so i was able to flower out but it was insane...completely understand how this cut has the cult following and reputation she has
  7. Sannies Sugar Punch, the SSH clone he uses is world famous for that smell/taste profile. The first seedling of her I ever grew was knock out bubblegum taste with a rocket haze high...very nice stuff!
  8. im just guessing but Uzbekistan x Afghani and if that's not right, somebody should make some beans of it just for good measure
  9. thank you for the information. my friend is an older individual who just recently got a vaperizer pen from her son and enjoys that more than smoking joints now because of its efficiency and stealthiness. I know how to make oil and I can access vegetable glycerin. My question is how do you emulsify them together so that they stay in solution? I read a bit about this and all i could find was individuals using expensive lab equipment (magnetic stirring hotplates and emulsion tools) that i am not going to be purchasing to do a friend a favor. The two devices were anywhere from 300$-2000$ each. Therefore, knowing this is a popular method of consumption, is there a cheap/easy way to mix them together? Thanks for your time
  10. Thank you for the support and advice! My favorite flower is the culprit to all my problems (shitty deal but i have a few hundred seeds of her left to find a replica) and as much as i want to keep her and fight this infection off, I am going to be pragmatic and cull them all so i can get this problem over and done with. I am cleaning the room, repainting, putting in my spare flood table and starting from seed. I get bored every few months with what i have in the garden anyway and have to tie my hands behind my back to not go pheno searching, so this is a good enough excuse to go after some new smoke. I have 3 mothers and they are all still available in my seed bank to find other worthy representations. In another part of my home I have a small cabinet set up where i have 6 king x northern lights males flowering out so i can make seeds in the future. they are not ill as far as i can tell and i really want to keep the king afghan genetics around my seed bank and these were the last of the them so to speak. *sorry for the off topic conversation in your thread gimme5minutes
  11. I've had a problem in my veg garden for 2 weeks now and i just figured out that it is TMV. So im culling everything, bleaching/cleaning and starting new again. SO IN LIGHT OF THAT, its good to hear about those turkish flowers being very uniform and responsive. They just made the lineup. Months of work down the drain because of some bullshit. Growing can sometimes be summed up in: rinse, repeat, restart.
  12. That's good to hear. I've got a few vials of pollen in the freezer and was wondering if they were going bad/infertile. No more worrying about that
  13. same shit in canada with the lp system. they are all a bunch of crooks. grow your own
  14. That's a spicy meataball! Nice harvest
  15. jackberry boudica x silverfields freebies are pure tropical fruit (lime/orange/lemon/grapefruit) creamsicles, so i'd suggest popping a few more bouddica seeds and hopefully you get away from the cheese influence and the c99 or smcg phenos pop up naw headcandy is out of stock at the moment but there are very fruity phenos in those seeds the shorter flowering period chosen limits a few selections, as sativa dominant varietals are often very tropical tasting (fruity/sweet/perfumes) but take 11-14 weeks to bloom. always a lot of good genetics in the shop and something for everybody in every situation... have fun with your current lineup and good luck with the new additions!
  16. I have a problem with making/buying/trading seeds haha and the irony is that i always go back to the same pheno of nepalma x nl
  17. indica pollen goes good with everything
  18. Yes it does~ it is on its own schedule and i am just along for the ride haha (have to laugh or its too depressing) I will have to pick up some emu oil Last week I finally got my hands on some Glycerine, going to make a tincture to see how well that works Have to have a few tricks up our sleeves for when the time comes
  19. i too have the pins,/ needles / hot fire/ ice cold pain issues i make a topical cream with avocado/coconut/olive/almond oil infused with cannabis and mixed with beeswax, vitamin e, tea tree oil, and lavender....yours sounds way easier and if its like your cooking its going to be amazing! Thanks for the recipe! Feel better and know that I am in this same struggle right here beside you...it's tough and someone without neuropathy has no idea how terrible it is Positive minds change the world
  20. The plant is showing variegated leaves; she is fine. This happens from time to time in my garden and they grow up to be healthy. If the trait doesn't go away take a few clones and they shouldn't display the problem. As weird as that sounds it has been my experience. My last grow had multiple plants showing variegation in the mothers but flowered and produced fine and the kids didn't show any sign of the initial issue whatsoever. Regardless of why, enjoy it Have fun in the garden with anesthesia
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