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  1. Hey fatrasta, I am glad the picture with the dried bud is nog the same lady as the one above. Lets see if can see them same beauty in dried version.
  2. Hey boysiez and gilrsiez, Sorry for the long, long, long time inactivity!'' I will be just posting some pictures of the plants, buds and the end product. I am really sorry that I did not do a proper outdoor grow report. In the near futre there will be a proper indoor grow report. I guess you guys would rather like pics than non-informative text. Heribei Jackberry x Heribei Heribei Heribri x Jackberry Heribei (dried)
  3. Heribei (outdoor) of this year
  4. @hybridgro, Thanks man @fatrasta, Thanks for the tips! Next time i am sure going to do that. @Sanji, That is a shame. Indeed they are strong! After a long time an update again. The weather is nice here so the plants are doing better than before. Watering depends on rain fall. Once a week bacto is added. Pics Jackberry x heribei Heribei Greetings, AfternoonDelight
  5. Update Hey guys long time no update from my side. I hope you will forgive me... About the ladies. Of the the four planted Heribei's there are two remaining. It's a pitty that the weather over here isn't very stable. When the 3 Jackberry x Heribei's along with the 4 Heribei's were put outside the temp was nice during the day, in the night quite cold. After these "nice" days the weather turned very cold with nights that had a temperature of 5 degrees celcius. After that the temps fluctuated a lot. Which, obviously, the ladies didn't like very much. Thats why I have replaced two of the Heribei's with two Jackberry x Heribei seeds. Pics The stones are protection against digging of cats. Heribei (silly looking) Jackberry x Heribei Heribei x Jackberry protects itself much better against the fluctuating temps. Greetings, AfternoonDelight
  6. @Findlad08, thanks I will do a smoke report. @starinhazy, Thanks man. Smell is not quite overwhelming. Strange Next indoor growreport (after the summer) will be more extensive. Nice that you enjoyed this one
  7. They are chopped and hung opside down. pics (or it didn't happen )
  8. Hey guys, this is the last update before harvesting. its day 61 flowering. They got water only for 5 days now and will be chopped down in 1-2 days. Some pics I owed you guys. CK Mdscntst x jckbrry I will update one more time after harvesting. Greetings, AfternoonDelight
  9. @Gandalf, Good I hope the sun shine a little more in the upcoming days. And good news all the seeds sprouted! Some pics of the above the ground babies. They are getting root stimulator with water only. Once a week a watering with bacto. Greetings, AfternoonDelight
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