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  1. The LT likes root space. I would go 2 in a 5. Dude
  2. About 10 weeks depending on the pheno on those if they are the same batch I have from our friend out west. Some pretty nice and frosty bud structure as well. More Dense than the LT. Dude
  3. Its extremely Lemon Thai dom. The bud structure, sugar leaves, trich shape.... - all Lemon Thai. Dude
  4. Oh man - I need to come see this! Send the wifey my love. Drop you a line soon brother, busy busy. Dude
  5. Got her leaf coverage from Momma I see. Other than that, looks pretty stellar! Dude
  6. That christmas tree farm is looking good over there! Dude
  7. Well that all looks just horrible. You might as well cut it all down and start over!
  8. LOL - well that aint gonna happen again! Atleast one shiny thing will be present for sure! Dude
  9. I will be up in August. Its already on the books for me to have a few days off for once. I am not bringing anything Shiny tho! Fuck work that weekend. I would rather help you guys hustle beans, get faded AF and camp out I will bring the seed stock out of hibernation and bring up some high THC fast flowering indicas for Indi and some of my Bubba, Nuke, BBSD and Lemon Thai lines to spread around. I am sure there is some good shit squirreled away that I have already forgotten about. Dude
  10. Man this is a fucking riddle for sure. First clue wasn't mentioned exactly, but if you grow weed you know these all came out of the first batch that Indi popped. Simple math. If the blue clue isnt total clown bullshit, I am gonna say you are knocking up two Blue Magoo Mommas. Makes sense, fast, tasty, strong shit...and blue. Not much else to say there, this is momma. Now who is left in that mix that you haven't said you are NOT running as the male...and how many of those could possibly yield that 50 day flower time on the regular? Well that list gets short quick if your keen eyes captured what the clown said about who daddy aint gonna be. Not sannies strains or a prof p genetic available at Sannies. If we are breeding to win, which I know we are...this means you are bringing in genetics from another breeder/genetics to make that fresh match. Chem lines flower too long to be so confident in a sub 8 harvest in the offspring. I was hoping to see that LBL get some action, but I wouldnt count on that fast of harvest from that offspring either. The world desperately needs a good blueberry indica. This would definitely be in demand. But would Indican really go fruit on fruit and throw BMR in as a male? Fucking Doubtful. The flower time is right and the flavor could be amazing, but I dont see BMR bringing the THC either. Nah, this is a decoy. Indi is out here talking mad shit, so that only means one thing. Heri bitches.... Rom x Heri to be exact. Cause I am betting this is also old school Mota stock with the real deal non watered down heri, hence the why the clown is backing this shit up with a F2. Expect this to be devastating with some old school flava. Fast, strong debilitating and tasty. Done. Blue Magoo x (Rom x Heri) it is. And thats how you breed some weed. Riddle me that! Dude
  11. What up brother. Sorry I couldn't make the High Times show. Lord knows I wanted to. Last year was fuckinng great. You will be seeing my ass next month! Keep breeding that dank. Always let me know if you need any of my cuts or seed lines to do some work. They are always available. Dude
  12. Thanks for all the hospitality this weekend Mad. And yes everyone that extract is all he says it is! Mad has his tech down and that Dstar just lights you up with a super clean buzz. Nice shit! Oh yeah - I snagged a pre-release new Sinister Shirt Indi. Had to score a new one! Dude
  13. Man I missed your last post. Straight killed that room! Interesting on the latest test results, not surprised tho either. Your chem is THE REAL DEAL. Cant wait to get my hands on some more! Dude
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