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  1. The LT likes root space. I would go 2 in a 5. Dude
  2. About 10 weeks depending on the pheno on those if they are the same batch I have from our friend out west. Some pretty nice and frosty bud structure as well. More Dense than the LT. Dude
  3. Its extremely Lemon Thai dom. The bud structure, sugar leaves, trich shape.... - all Lemon Thai. Dude
  4. Oh man - I need to come see this! Send the wifey my love. Drop you a line soon brother, busy busy. Dude
  5. Got her leaf coverage from Momma I see. Other than that, looks pretty stellar! Dude
  6. That christmas tree farm is looking good over there! Dude
  7. Well that all looks just horrible. You might as well cut it all down and start over!
  8. LOL - well that aint gonna happen again! Atleast one shiny thing will be present for sure! Dude
  9. I will be up in August. Its already on the books for me to have a few days off for once. I am not bringing anything Shiny tho! Fuck work that weekend. I would rather help you guys hustle beans, get faded AF and camp out I will bring the seed stock out of hibernation and bring up some high THC fast flowering indicas for Indi and some of my Bubba, Nuke, BBSD and Lemon Thai lines to spread around. I am sure there is some good shit squirreled away that I have already forgotten about. Dude
  10. Man this is a fucking riddle for sure. First clue wasn't mentioned exactly, but if you grow weed you know these all came out of the first batch that Indi popped. Simple math. If the blue clue isnt total clown bullshit, I am gonna say you are knocking up two Blue Magoo Mommas. Makes sense, fast, tasty, strong shit...and blue. Not much else to say there, this is momma. Now who is left in that mix that you haven't said you are NOT running as the male...and how many of those could possibly yield that 50 day flower time on the regular? Well that list gets short quick if your keen eyes captured what the clown said about who daddy aint gonna be. Not sannies strains or a prof p genetic available at Sannies. If we are breeding to win, which I know we are...this means you are bringing in genetics from another breeder/genetics to make that fresh match. Chem lines flower too long to be so confident in a sub 8 harvest in the offspring. I was hoping to see that LBL get some action, but I wouldnt count on that fast of harvest from that offspring either. The world desperately needs a good blueberry indica. This would definitely be in demand. But would Indican really go fruit on fruit and throw BMR in as a male? Fucking Doubtful. The flower time is right and the flavor could be amazing, but I dont see BMR bringing the THC either. Nah, this is a decoy. Indi is out here talking mad shit, so that only means one thing. Heri bitches.... Rom x Heri to be exact. Cause I am betting this is also old school Mota stock with the real deal non watered down heri, hence the why the clown is backing this shit up with a F2. Expect this to be devastating with some old school flava. Fast, strong debilitating and tasty. Done. Blue Magoo x (Rom x Heri) it is. And thats how you breed some weed. Riddle me that! Dude
  11. What up brother. Sorry I couldn't make the High Times show. Lord knows I wanted to. Last year was fuckinng great. You will be seeing my ass next month! Keep breeding that dank. Always let me know if you need any of my cuts or seed lines to do some work. They are always available. Dude
  12. Thanks for all the hospitality this weekend Mad. And yes everyone that extract is all he says it is! Mad has his tech down and that Dstar just lights you up with a super clean buzz. Nice shit! Oh yeah - I snagged a pre-release new Sinister Shirt Indi. Had to score a new one! Dude
  13. Man I missed your last post. Straight killed that room! Interesting on the latest test results, not surprised tho either. Your chem is THE REAL DEAL. Cant wait to get my hands on some more! Dude
  14. Whats up Damar! Got your DM. Yeah like passion said I have tried most approaches in organic. I have been organic since my first couple runs way back in the day with the bottles. I have never looked back. I started posting on here after I had tried many, many things. What I have learned and hopefully shown over the course of several years of growing on here is very simple, there are many ways to grow great weed...organic and not. I do tend to prefer organic for a number of reasons. Why do I like organic: 1) At this point I am literally self contained. I do not have to dispose of anything or rarely bring anything in. I NEVER go to a hydro store. To me, this is huge. If you live in an urban environment or have neighbors period, this is a huge plus in my book. Growing herb on the low is all about lowering risk to me... The herb grows in the soil, the soil and the worms eat any plant waste....rinse and repeat. 2) Flavor - I have yet to find the flavor I am looking for in the same cuts in other mediums 3) Health - we are smoking this stuff. Its good to know its perfectly clean and organic. 4) Pure Laziness Item number 4 confirms Passions suspicions. I went "No Till" and never looked back. Its so simple and works better than anything I have seen. I have tons of organic products I dont even mess with now, or run through the worm bin. This shit is simple simple simple and the results are incredible. I am going to link out to another site so you can really dig for information. Here is the new "No till" thread: https://forum.grasscity.com/threads/no-till-gardening-revisited.1400505/ This thread amassed 200 pages in about two months. There was an original 500 page thread on no till that died off. You can find that one on the same forum, but the new one has alll of the current practices. The whole concept is to create the best living soil possible, which in turn the plant will feed from, and thats about it. You never "till" the soil which keeps all of the soil web alive and well. Live and dead "mulch", cover crop is your live mulch. And lastly, lots of worms to make your soil the best it can be. From there you pretty much just lightly top dress here and there. This method works MUCH better in 20 gallon containers or larger. You want to plant very small plants into these pots so as not to disturb the soil. I run 20 gallon smart pots. The guys who started this have posted their newest soil blend, but I can say it hasnt changed much over the years. Newest version: Base soil mix. 1/3 peat 1/3 pumice 1/3 compost Amendments for base soil - Add per cu ft of base soil (approx 7 gallons) 3/4 cup neem cake 3/4 cup kelp meal 3/4 cup crab meal 1 cup mbp (powdered malted barely) 1/2 cup gypsum 4-5 cups basalt (Rock dust, basalt prefered for its make up but granite, glacial, etc are all sufficient) 7 cups biochar Mix all the above together and fill pots. Add worms to soil mix in pots. Add only hand full to each pot. Watering / feeding schedule Water every other day Every 14 days top dress mbp and water with aloe/fulvic/silica Top dress kelp/neem at the start of veg and start of flowering When I made my first 10x 20 gallon no-tills I pretty much just took my 7+ year old organic soil that I had been continuously recycling, added some additional aeration and more worm castings (compost), added worms, and mulched her in. Done. These have continued to improve over the first couple runs. They are better than when they started. The top several inches are pretty much pure castings and worms. The worms and plants go insane for the malted barley and shred through the mulch like crazy in general. I know its crazy to think that this works, but if you take time to understand whats going on inside that living pot it all starts to make sense. The whole system is beautiful in design and its amazing to watch it all work. And let me tell you it works.... I am actually going to assemble a couple 20s with the new soil recipe just to see if there is any difference. My bet is that after a couple of cycles, the effects are negligible because you have improved the soil quality so much in that time already. Gotta love your friends the worms. You have probably heard me preach it, but compost is your number one. Home made biodynamic compost or worm castings are the best. From there, be very careful on what you select. Most is pure garbage. And its this humic content that makes organics run, not NPK. Dont go wrong here and you will have no problems. This applies to the no till and any organic approach you decide to take. Your compost quality will be the key. If you dont want to run big no till pots, follow the same approach outlined and just re-ammend in between cycles based on what you saw on the previous run. I recommend 5 gallons minimum for any organic medium. I can promise this mix works well in 5 gallons, you just cant no till them. Not enough mass in my opinion. Add in a few kelp/alfalfa/neem teas here and there to the suggested watering mix and I can assure you this mix will pull you to the finish with grade A smoke. Dude
  15. Lol just messing with ya. I know exactly where the valley ghash fell. Shocked the hell out of me when you first sent me those back in the spring. Especially when you see a sample of your valley. Having smoked both and then seeing the reports, I reached the conclusion that lab test are "interesting" LOL I would say at this point I would be interested in seeing a full test for canabinoids and terps on strains that I really love, just to attempt to understand what make up gives me that affect. It sure aint that THC number, I can tell ya that much. Duchess will put your dick in the dirt. Its the wifes favorite and she pretty much goes for devastating indicas for breakfast. Thats my test right there. Hope all is well in shangrila! Dude
  16. Its an honor bud! Glad you like that stuff so much, even if it doesnt have shit for THC
  17. Real interested in some of these. That LBL male should not disappoint....
  18. WTF Indi?!? I finally get back on here and see a 3 week old thread. I am expecting atleast 3 foot trees in flower under bare bulb by now :whistle: Good to see ya settled back in, onto the next round of chuckin! Dude
  19. Yo indy - this one went down the shitter quick. No worries i skipped through all the bull shit. Shoot me a DM or something. I am interested int he sinister plans for this high THC work. My personal experience to date is that I the THC levels are having much less affect on me personally than I expected. Aka I got more high/stoned off lower testing varieties. But you already know this... I binned the JBK i was running for years right before Mad had her tested at like 28%. Good herb, but not my fave. Poly hybrid of 4 stellar and unique parents. It seems like the poly-hybrids with strong parents seem to be the ones that have the potential to really push the THC up. This is where you spend much of your time so its no surprise. If you want a good chem....I believe Mad's tested at 25% or better and its good smoke for sure. I would love to see the SSSDH (super silver sour diesel haze) get tested.....I would certainly expect that shit to be up there. It is fire and has the right background to test high. That said, she runs 10-12 weeks depending on the pheno. I would be thinking poly hybrids for sure, with chem, heri, white strains, gg, cookies / cookies crosses (for shear resin content), OG Kuish hybrids, etc being suitable gene pool if you are going indica. Again, nothing you dont already know. I do suspect that using a strong sativa like a Jack or similar as one of the backgrounds in a poly hybrid brings a lot to the party than just working pure indica lines. Case in point - JBK, which still finished in 7 weeks. Dude
  20. I wish I had smell-o-vison! Tall #2 and the #5 oddball look stellar. I know you have described the flavor of this strain before, which sounds delicious...... What are you getting as far as scent off these two? Only asking because that #5 seems to be picking up recessive influence from something! Dude
  21. Everytime I have picked a good male out of this line, the cross has turned out well. The male you have is a BK x BBSD original batch. Pretty sure the female you have is BK BBSD x Nuke BBSD. The female is the same line of seeds that gave Mad the motown kush. Yours look similar. The structure from all of these common crosses tends to be bubba dom to indica hybrid (though sometimes you will get a lanky indica like an OG). Flavors come through right as expected ranging from kush to more burnt rubber diesel, typically with a little or a lot of blueberry flavor on top. The BBSD and Lemon Thai were the two best males I have found yet for throwing that bubba dominance for a loop. You need some interesting non indica genetics to get Bubba to look anything not like Bubba....and a little luck. I am seeing far less pure bubba dom structure with these males than any others I have tried. I dont see much bubba dom in the female which is more typical from that cross since I used a very BB purple leaf male pheno of Nuke BBSD for the second round of crosses. The male you have shown is sort of hard to say because of its troubled life, but that original BK BBSD cross does tend to see more bubba dominance than with Nuke mom or the later back crosses. If I remember right, that male was fairly bubba dom early in life before it ran into issues. I can still see it leaf shape, although you would typically expect much bigger leaves. You are essentially making a BK x BBSD backcross, but the wild card was me picking a male Nuke BBSD that wasnt typical of that line. I dont have enough time with the second round of breeding yet to say exactly what to expect. One would think that this generation should start to stable up that line, but picking a more typical Nuke BBSD father would have been more on point for that goal. I picked the BB dom male to make the line more interesting and keep the vigor going. Either way, if the male is solid the cross should be as well. Dude
  22. Odd on that 3.1 Your system is pretty well tested so its surprising to see this pop up. I would bet one of three things A) hungry feeder as there are signs of N and P being light something got off on the roots on this pot, pH or otherwise, C) just a finicky pheno that wont make the cut. Option C seems most likely. I wouldn't sweat it too much. If the herb is all that, I am sure the issue could be tracked down on a future grow. Looking great and nice project you have going! Dude
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