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  1. :likken: :likken: :likken: :showoff: jah bless
  2. Photo credit We don’t often hear about strains from Greece. Harsh domestic drug policy stamped out much of the domestic cultivation back in the 1980s. The sad result? You can’t really find Greek Kalamata anywhere. This strain has old lineages. It is sativa-dominant and possibly has roots in East Asian strains from 1,100 A.D. and some African genetics. Kalamata has a high-THC content and produces intense, racy effects. It can grow up to 15 feet tall with a citrus, woody aroma. some cool info because an other grower from greece have these so we will reproduce them for mankind jah blessed love to all i believe next year they will be available one of the rarest weeds ever it will be an honor to reproduce her in regular and feminized version we will open a new company for just this strain jah bless http://herb.co/2016/08/15/rarest-weed-strains/
  3. Thats at least what i can do for the ganja community of the world enjoy em folks would like to se how they look in your countries all around the world if anyone has some pics feel free folks jah blessed love to all jah bless
  4. Nice setup man and ladies ive grown sensi skunk and super skunk nice afganica lady super frosty hey bro i se you have your crates on the floor raise them up a bit with a plastic carpet with holes in it like an outdoor carpet to rubb shoes dont know the name , about 2.5 cm because of the left over when you flood you know the are sucking that and algies and stuff in there so not so good uptake in the long run when you raise it up its just humidity otherwise looking god man maybe a duct line around the room only for more air circulation then it will be more HD style bro jah bless
  5. Fatrasta

    Coco vs Mapito

    you have come to the right place for sure ian do you mesure your in and outs in food ? do you water same time every 2ond day ? do you flood them ? be blessed
  6. Fatrasta

    Coco vs Mapito

    Hello all, thought this topic need some pics, here is a friends lady in mapito outdoor my hd brother Bless you putz man enjoy.. Enjoy all, blessed love folks
  7. Fatrasta

    PPM/EC question

    Yes bro its a totall of ec it could be anything, but remember rain water is 0.0 ec that is the best to use or ro filter water because then you choose what will be in there, and ill give you a list with ec chart lets go fuck the bottle chart they lie seeds 0.0-0.3 Small plants dont need food 2 to 4 internodes on your ladies 0.2-0.4 ec 5 internodes 0.3-0.6 depending the strain you will se when the leaves go uppwards like a shark then She is maxed on the food over that you burn from over feeding the most common problem man so 5 - 8 internodes 0.5-0.8 8-11 internodes 0.7-1 ec So we enter flowering now say that She hade 12 internodes so i would do 1 ec with rain water then u can go up to 1 with only flowering food then you reed her as you go ill shoot up to 2 ec in week 5 of flowering Then go down as a go along and now the trick if you flood the ladies you can mesure the outcome in and outs so uf you give her in 1 ec flood for 10 minutes and you mesure the water left down there And you se its 0.8 then you know ur ladies can eat more if you had 1.2 you will need to go down 0.2 points to 0.8 next watering Hope this helps si you can understand bro if anything is unclear shoot bro blessed love man
  8. Yea but that one you se my brother is like a 100 of a green pee, very very tiny its a microscope picture, but if you would pull from a 100 male flower like this one maybee you get like 0.3 of a gram hahahaha so tiny they are my brother but possible hahahaha blessed love folks
  9. athina males yea thats cool look at this sheat folks look at the pollen sack it has thc chunks on it the msot potent and full dna male ive seen in my life blessed love to all
  10. Fatrasta


    Nice man,reversed gen pollen is weeker thou for fem seeds , dont know how long you could store that but soon ill find out, i know that it does not give as much seeds as the male pollen jah blessed love folks
  11. Fatrasta


    Sheeat i meant do that and then put it in the freezer, fridge thought that was the freezer, jah blessed love folks
  12. Yes i would after 7 generations in that clima,area and closely inbreed selected males in that place yes man
  13. Nice man look you cant buy them no more i have sent in to sannies like freebees so when you order some there just ask for athina freebees from fatrasta haha no one else has them so it must be fatrasta so the exist like freebees bro a gift to you all soon i hope i looked today no update on the freebee section any ways but its just a matter of time folks
  14. Hi bro i know serres macedonia that the farmer was located there and his family , now were they got it from back in the days over 100 years ago i really dont know maybe are related as you say because kalamata is known as a good weed producer place, that i do know is that the kick is similar as you say its a Rare Sativa with fat colas , mold ,heat resistant and resistant to cold nights and high day temps like Celsius in the Greenhouse and 22 in the night no freaking problem and pest dont like her because of nasty smell i think diesel petrolium i even think its nasty uhhhxa none of them was sick as well you se i have 5 on the row ,reacts well to lst and quite good to supercropping i recommend you to do mixes with her because of the creation of F1 Hybrids and everybody loves diesel lemon jah blessed love all yea skunk bro they must be in by now
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