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  1. You shall pass!!! Seriously though can't wait to see what these have In store as I'm looking in the future to grow outdoors as well. May they soak up the beautiful rays of sunlight for many weeks to come!
  2. Hey big ox I'm no pro but I had the same problem for a while. Did you cut the buds off the main stem? If so that maybe your problem as that allows the buds to dry too quickly. I've had good luck cutting as big a branch off as I can while harvesting, trim that, then hang the whole thing on a line in a ventilated area (I use my flower room with good results although dark is preferred) for around 5 days at around 50% rh. My bud went from hay to dank but I'm still perfecting my process. Hope that helps any! Gandalf
  3. Hey there afternoon delight things look to be shaping up nicely! Any updates? Or are you still waiting for some warmer weather? Good luck this season!
  4. Looking real good, #3 seems to be bouncing back splendidly. Do you do any training(topping, supercroping, ect.)?
  5. Hey medmaster! Your plants look the definition of health, except CR number #3 maybe overwatering? Just my newb eye. Any updates would be great, I just threw a 36" huck lady into flower about an hour ago!
  6. Professor! Thanks for another great strain! I swiped some up as soon as I saw them along with all your strains. There great for my insomnia and my wife's depression. What % of females are the wicked witch pheno?
  7. I agree with santero, reveg her and take some clones About you only choice buddy. What better time to learn to clone?
  8. I must also thank the professor for the huckleberry, helps tremendously with my insomnia. Professor p, you've done more for me than any doctor ever has, plus you probably care more too!
  9. Mr.dirt! You got to ocratoke too?! Here's to seeing you there! that cedar island ferry is a bitch now that you can't smoke on it haha
  10. Good luck buddy! You won't need it though CCK is incredibly easy to grow. I've got my second round late in flower now and showing some great coloration and, of course, crazy frosty! Also pulling up a chair to see what phenos you get I do believe mine are the miss universe pheno due to the coloring but only professor p would really know.
  11. Best wishes randude, I'm sure you will be telling the little tike how they were "fashionably late" coming into our world in the coming years. Nothing more important then the next generation!
  12. I second Rev. Cck has made THE best hash I have ever had(potency,taste,yield,and color), including stuff from other people. Incredible body knockout! I gave my friend one hit and his response was "that was the best tasting anything I've ever had" he then proceeded to take a nap for 6 hours!
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if they came back very soon. I got a pack on the first release and I was amazed how fast they were gone but within a week e$ko had restocked so I say give it a week.
  14. When I first started I used a 400w sylvania hps from the hardware store. At first I thought it was my fault my internodes were 12" but then swapped for a 400w hortilux and boom 1" internodes. So while I'll do believe there's a difference in performance of bulbs in diffrent price ranges as long as you get one specifically for plants you won't see more than a 15%-20% increase in yield/quality/micromole output.
  15. Thanks guys I knew I could count on you! So I guess it will have to be 2 hortilux then. You have help make some Nepalma, doublejam, and huckleberry kush lady's very happy in the near future!
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