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  1. I've ordered using this method twice without any problem, or change in service. I was very skeptical at first, but now, I just give a little care to hide the fact that there is cash inside- use as few bills as possible, adjust orders accordingly, and don't worry about exact change. I've sent in regular business sized envelope.
  2. I think the deal with Sannie not taking credit cards anymore has to do with "Operation Chokepoint" in the US. The government is putting pressure on banks to stop providing financial services with otherwise legal businesses that are not politically correct. I suspect it also applies to this... Just a guess, though...
  3. I let mine go to 64 days, it is still drying, so no smoke yet. Both went in @ approx 10", after having been topped twice (had a slight timing and space issue). One of these had to also be 'cropped to keep it within the approx. 1 meter space for growth I have, and still got a little crispy on the leaves of one bud. The other needed a boost of a few inches to be in the right spot. It looks pretty darn good! Glad I grabbed some cuts for another round. Not the biggest yielder, but if it smokes anything like how it looks, it won't matter!
  4. HongKongFooie

    Ms Universe

    cheap phone pictures.
  5. Maybe. Maybe I'll make some seeds, too. I do have a big cardboard box with lights to sequester a male in, if I can keep it small enough. It wouldn't be the first time, prolly not the last...
  6. You are too late. In the US we have the National Security Agency. They have been in the news here for doing this right now, even against other governments. Basically everybody is under surveillance already. I think they just lack the manpower to have a watcher on each person, so far, so we still get lost in the sheer volume of data.
  7. I've started a few of the Ms. Universe, to kick things off. Not enough room! Push a few clones out of the way, time for making a new Mom?
  8. For the first time in over 50 years I sent cash in the mail to The Netherlands on Feb 27, and I have my goodies (Ms Universe, Sugar Punch, JBxMS freebies) today. They tried and failed to deliver yesterday, so I had to go pick them up today. That's what, TEN DAYS?!? Something crazy like that.! I've had CC orders take longer FGS! HUZZAH! You simply rock, thanks!
  9. Sometimes I wish I had more space for growing, I get so tight sometimes with just a 2x4 tent and my 2x8 closet! All these selections from which to choose! Right now, I'm just waiting for my next order, Sugar Punch, and Ms. Universe. If they arrive this week, I'll be able to slide a couple right into my rotation. I'm gonna have to think about expanding someday! So many to grow... Looking at Heri and a Huck for the next order!
  10. I've been growing this SAK strain for a couple years now. It came as a freebie seed (breeder G13)with an Attitude order. It turned out to be a keeper, and I got it as I was learning to clone so I was able to keep it going. So far, it is my fave, although, I did score some Anesthesia seeds a few months ago, and that is a great switch, but this Sour still rules. I've got some SugarPunch and Ms U seeds should be here any day. We'll see how those stand up. Anticipation... The SourAK is an very easy grow, easy clone. It's always been smooth, and the high is a great balance of head and body without much sedative effect or nervousness. I couldn't even begin to tell you how it smells, I live with it! so I don't smell it much anymore, LOL. But the report is it's pretty pungent!
  11. Dude! Awesome! We do a lot of the same things wrong! I love anything that that makes this easier and cheaper, and I have fallen in love with this living soil concept. My pests are gone, for one. Healthier, happier plants are alway welcome here! Lumper is a wealth of info, maybe too much for me,LOL! My organic excursion began with a curiosity about worms, and reading some of Jerry's posts at Grasscity. I haven't looked back! Good Growing!
  12. Thanks everybody! I only have a cheap camera on my phone, but this is a sample of what I have going on ATM...
  13. As with all things, if you really want to know, there is one sure way to find out! I raise my own worms in my basement, I get all the castings I need, and Iand in the nearly year and a half, I bet my runaways have totaled less than 30. I don't know why but I haven't had any problems whatsoever, and I find it so easy to take care of, I can even forget them for a couple weeks at a time. Commercial castings are often from worms being fed a very homogenous diet, usually paper and cardboard. I can feed mine anything they will eat, and I feed them vegie scraps, harvest leftovers and rootballs, even chicken laying mash and some of the ammendments I use in my soil making, such as crab shell and I add a little rock dust for the worm digestive health. They are fat and happy! I grow organic, indoors, and reuse soil after I "recharge" it a little. I have used neem meal, karanja meal, and crab shell in my mix, and I am pest free, haven't done anything to combat pests in over a year. When I made the switch to organics, I had a chronic problems with gnats and mites, and after the switch, the mites vanished within days, the gnats within a couple weeks, never to return. Neem seed meal is fairly commonly known, karanja is very similar and reportedly work synergisticaly with the neem. The chitin in crab meal stimulates soil microbes to exude an enzyme called chitinase. Chitinase breaks down the exoskeletons of many pests and their eggs (the exoskeletons and eggs contain chitin, and the chitinase breaks down this chitin). I occasionally add neem meal to my tea, also. I have had a different experience, is all. It may change. BTW I may have forgotten, but I'm not familiar with the term TLO...
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