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  1. madmaster420

    Missing Seed Order: Update

    So basically... What everyone was telling you (that Sannie will make things right) was spot on You just need to grow a little patience, methinks Enjoy your beans MAD LOVE
  2. madmaster420

    Drum roll, please...

    I see a trimming party in my future...
  3. madmaster420

    Oldschoolsg's Garden

    Glad to have you back, Oldschool! Can't wait to see your next run...
  4. madmaster420


    @santero ¡Muchisimas gracias amigo! All is well... MAD LOVE FROM THE MITTEN
  5. madmaster420

    First Open Grow Gathering Colorado 2020

    Everyone who said that they were going, went. Mind you, I had to get 4 peeps from out of state into an event that only allowed med card holders from Michigan to enter... Thankfully all went well and everyone made it inside the gate. You shouldn't have that problem nowadays though. As far as me going?? If Mr Dirt goes I may tag along just to make sure he doesn't get himself in some trouble, eh? He's a mischievous one!
  6. madmaster420

    First Open Grow Gathering Colorado 2020

    Well. Let's just call it the first "official" Opengrow gathering, then. A bunch of us already met up a few years ago at the cannabis cup in Michigan. Granted, we wasn't the cool kids...but we hung out at Motarebel's booth and had a pretty decent time. Only about 5 of us showed up but it was still fun. Have a blast you guys!
  7. madmaster420

    Missing Seed Order

    Order issues are to be directed to Sannie, NOT discussed on the forums. Play nice boys and girls or else the hammer must come out!
  8. madmaster420

    New Sanniesshop

  9. madmaster420

    New Sanniesshop

  10. madmaster420

    New Sanniesshop

    Damn.... Now I have to order seeds Good work, Sannie! MAD LOVE
  11. madmaster420

    A re-introduction

    Glad you're settled into the new house! Can't wait to see these unbelievable grows and read all of your brilliant posts...
  12. madmaster420

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    It's not the slabs...check the roots I'll bet there's critters in there! Best bet is to shut it all down, throw EVERYTHING away, clean like a mofo and start fresh from seeds in a few months Just saying
  13. madmaster420

    Bubble Hash with Trim/Buds

  14. madmaster420

    Art Created Under the Influence of Weed

    Created under the influence of mucho marijuana...