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  1. Holy shit what a great time that was... Took us three hours to find the car and figure out how to get out of that damned cornfield!
  2. Been messing around with some video production lately too! Watch it in full screen if ya can... Covid19…a novel response - Small.mov
  3. Still creating art... Still under the influence of heroic amounts of weed.... and psilocybin
  4. I should probably crack my stash of CCK... Really miss that one
  5. I'll say it for him - Fuck off, Toker Why does everyone think that ANYONE owes them ANYTHING??? I mean, did Esko promise everybody that he was gonna be in the game forever? I would've probably bailed too, this place has gone off the fucking rails over the past few years...people openly talking about buying and selling weed or wax or seeds... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Why do you think everyone has left OG, Toker? Because it turned into a fucking fb for weed, that's why. I'm not ranting at you specifically, so I hope you don't get your panties all bunched up, but listening to everyone whine about, "where's Eskobar??" makes me fucking sick. Knock some plants together and make some frigging seeds already and stop depending on others to make you happy. rant over sorry toker
  6. What's up, homie? Been laying low...you know I ain't into no drama Everything over here is going pretty well. This renovation got me all tied up and I been leaning hard into the art. Getting ready to start some shit, boy. Hit me up offline and we can talk about it - it's all good stuff! Looking good in the shoebox, as always! Let me know when you're ready for your next project. I got some goodies stashed for ya!
  7. SelenexSilverfields would be sick Hucknheri is a slow grower and a thought stopper
  8. Damn, it's amazing what another week did for those gals... Hope the trimming goes well! Save me a nice chunk of the bubble hash, eh?
  9. Ayup... I'll be running "Tommy Joe " tomorrow at some point. You'll know it's me cause I'll be wearing a Weedcult t-shirt Gonna dump some hot metal and it's gonna be a hoot! I'll get some pis fo sho Holler at me if you still have a connection down here.
  10. Hey any OGers near Birmingham Alabama hit me up! I am down here for an iron casting conference for the weekend and I would love to meet up with some like minded folks if ya know what I mean... I can get you into the conference and even let you pour some hot metal if anyone is interested
  11. I am moving this topic to general talk section. Ladies n Gents, please place new topics in their appropriate place to avoid any misunderstanding. MAD LOVE
  12. Topic closed, @Cristalin Peace and Love to all!
  13. So basically... What everyone was telling you (that Sannie will make things right) was spot on You just need to grow a little patience, methinks Enjoy your beans MAD LOVE
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