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  1. Nilla Wafer/Herifields Day 57 Bloom 84.9F 44.7% RH 170 PPM With one more week to go both of these strains are still sprouting fresh pistils. Maybe they go 10 instead of 9, we shall see. One clear fact is that the NW buds are 3X the size of HF. HF are still good sized but NW looks like a forest of coke cans. Almost at the end.....maybe.
  2. Nilla Wafer/Herifields Day 50 Bloom 80.6F 44% RH 190 PPM Got some really big buds forming in the NWs. HF is lagging behind in terms of sheer size but still progressing nicely. Everything is frosty and I can’t complain.
  3. Nilla Wafer/Herifields Day 44 Bloom 83.1F 40.1% RH 400 PPM
  4. Nilla Wafer/Herifields Day 35 Bloom 84.6F 40.2% RH 690 PPM Im a day or 2 away from dialing back the nutes and trying to lower the humidity a little more. Plants are beginning to pile on the frost and pick up a little weight. I’m still a little concerned about how crowded the tent is as the buds start developing.
  5. Nilla Wafer/Herifields Day 28 Bloom 83.7F 48.1% RH 690 PPM No matter how heavy I feed these plant they just seem to want more. For an LED/octo grow 690 is very heavy to not see any signs burn. They’re going through 55 gal in about 4 day which is impressive. My only real concern right now is the density of the canopy so I’ve been plucking a hand full of fans every day. These 2 strains continue to be monster growers.
  6. Nilla Wafer/Herifields Day 21 Bloom 85.1F 52% RH 580 PPM It’s pretty crowded in the tent these days. NW is quite a bit taller than HF but I’m not too concerned about that. Doing my best to keep the humidity around 50% so I don’t have any bud issues going forward. Was able to strip everything under the net and now these plants won’t really be touched for the rest of the grow.
  7. It definitely did and at a rate I did not expect.
  8. Nilla Wafer/Herifields Day 14 Bloom 84.1F 66.2% RH 510 PPM So I have officially lost control and the plants have outgrown the scrog. I’ve never seen this much week to week growth and I clearly underestimated these 2 strains. When I bump up the nutes the just seem to eat and grow more with no signs of burn. Best I’m able to do now is pluck any shade leaves and take off everything under the net.
  9. Nilla Wafer/Herifields Day 7 Bloom 85.2F 67.1% RH 510 PPM Im having a hard time keeping up with these plants right now. The week to week growth is incredible for these 2 strains. Im having to tuck grow tips at least twice a day. Probably going to run out of space in the net in the next couple days. I increased the nute concentration and they appear to still want more. Very impressed with this grow.
  10. After seeing the over night growth I ended up flipping to flower this morning. Since I’ve never grown these strains I have no clue how much they will stretch. Leave myself a little room.
  11. Nilla Wafer/Herifields Veg 83.2F 65% RH 390 PPM Not far away from flipping now. Had a bit of a growth explosion this week so I’m probably less than a week away. You know things are going well when roots begin popping out of the grow sleeves. These 2 strains seemed to have bypassed the usual octo slow start and have been impressive from the start. Very excited to watch what happens during the bloom phase.
  12. Nilla Wafer/Herifields Veg 84.8F 54.2% RH 400 PPM Its always surprising when the octos and plants kick into full gear. Lots of growth over the last week and the feeding is really picking up. My float valves are shot so I’m manually adding solution to the system at a rate of almost 4 gals per day. Very promising when they’re eating like that.
  13. Due to how long I veg and my summer break, I only get 2 shots at em a year so I’m always looking forward to it.
  14. Nilla Wafer/Herifields Veg 84.7F 55.1% RH 260 PPM So the plants have decided not to cooperate with my plans to top another time before the net goes in. A couple are just growing too fast for that to be feasible. Net will probably go in tomorrow and the tucking will start. Nilla Wafer is growing slightly faster than HF which is a first when growing a sannie strain with a non. They struggled a bit for a few days because I think I kept the solution level at 1 notch a bit too long. Doing much better since I raised it to the 2nd notch. So far so good.
  15. Nilla Wafer/Herifields Veg 83.3F 57.1% RH 260 PPM All plants have responded well to being topped. A couple got a bit stretchy so I turned the big lights on a week earlier than I anticipated. My plan is to top one more time and defoliate before the net goes in. Not sure about the timeline but I do need to do a better job cleaning up anything below the net this time.
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