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  1. Northern Lights/Rainmaker Day 49 Bloom 84.6F 39.7% RH 240 PPM
  2. Northern Lights/Rainmaker Day 42 Bloom 81.7F 38% RH 270 PPM Both strains looking good and frosty at this point. Buds continue to bulk up and we are definitely approaching the end. Brought the nute concentration down and getting ready to flush.
  3. Northern Lights/Rainmaker Day 35 Bloom 86.7F 38.1% RH 470 PPM Trichs have gone crazy on RM but not so much on NL. Bud structure is also very different with RM looking like rocks and NL growing into spears. NL starting to bulk up.
  4. Northern Lights/Rainmaker Day 28 Bloom 85.1F 39.7% RH 480 PPM Both strains are stacking buds very nicely and drinking more and more per day. Had a clog in the control res that I had to clear with a small wire that sorted the system out. Overall easy grow so far.
  5. Not sure how ethos came up with Rainmaker but I know it’s a big yielder from my previous run of it.
  6. Northern Lights/Rainmaker Day 21 Bloom 84F 46.7% RH 450 PPM Too many long necks so I had to put a net in after the final defoliation. Buds are developing nicely on both strains. Trichs have seemingly popped up overnight and the sweet smell is getting strong. The eating has ratcheted up also with massive amounts of nutes being consumed every other day. I expected this which is why having a 55gal res has made this grow almost effortless. So far so good.
  7. Northern Lights/Rainmaker Day 14 Bloom 83.1F 41% RH 460 PPM Both strains have started budding a lot sooner than I expected. RM had a late week stretch while NL just started stacking. Bumped up the PPMs due to the growth spurt and they have responded positively. I see an early finish coming.
  8. Northern Lights/Rainmaker Day 7 Bloom 84.2F 48% RH 380 PPM Some minor stretch from both strains is about what I expected. NL has some very tight internode spacing which should make for some very dense buds. Rainmaker is definitely a more leggy strain which will definitely require a net. Not very eventful in the first week which is fine by me.
  9. Northern Lights/Rainmaker Day 0 Bloom 83.9F 54% RH 380 PPM With everything going on I got distracted and let these get slightly bigger than I wanted. Then I couldn’t get CO2 and started seeing some light stress. Now I’ve got it all stabilized and under control. Full defoliation with the switch and I’m happy with what I’m seeing. Spent a lot of time talking about how I don’t like netting but I think I may be forced into using it. A lot of long branches that will definitely need support.
  10. Right now with 8 plants, around 7-10 days. Come bloom it’ll be half that.
  11. A 55 gal plastic barrel res. I converted it from my old RDWC system.
  12. Northern Lights/Rainmaker Veg 83.6F 58% RH 350 PPM Had to up the nute strength due to some N deficiency issues with NL. Ended up putting my humidifier in as it has dried out a bit and was down in the 30s for half a day. Did another round of topping to even and flatten out the canopy which these 2 strains seem to love. Both strains are growing pretty fast and drinking like crazy. Maybe about 2 weeks out from flip.
  13. Northern Lights/Rainmaker Veg 84.1F 56% RH 200 PPM NL continues to show impressive growth and branching. RM I think is going to require a bit more coaxing to get em to bush out. I’m going to bring the nutes up to around 250 to keep up with how fast they’re growing. I was also surprised to see that no roots were in the res yet on any of the plants. That means the explosion is still coming. Can’t wait
  14. I have the sensi version and so far it seems extremely vigorous.
  15. I don’t like netting because it restricts my access to the plant base. I like to continuously clean that up without having to belly crawl under a net. It’s made especially difficult when you have tubing on the floor of the space and octopots. Harvesting can be an issue too cause sometimes you have to cut the net to get a plant out and everything around it will fall as a result. All that being said, I’ll use a net if I have it’s just not my first choice.
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