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  1. Rainmaker Day 39 Bloom 82.8 F 39% RH 350 PPM Not much to say at this point. Grow is going great and there’s probably just as much bud below the screen as there is above.
  2. You and me both had doubts on the timing. I didn’t think I had a chance at filling up that space with only 4 plants when I flipped. I will have it tested because I’m very curious about this +30% claim.
  3. Rainmaker Day 36 Bloom 84.6 F 41% RH 400 PPM Ladies still going strong and I believe they’re getting ready to start showing a little color. I love this time in the grow where the strains begin to distinguish themselves. Beginning to slowly bring down the PPMs until the flush which I plan to start around day 49. Buds getting heavy and starting to lean a bit and the trichs make them look snowy. Really curious to test the potency of the finished product.
  4. I just put that screen in for support and spacing, if not this would’ve been the worst scrog ever. Lol. Ethos does have a ton of strains that I’m eager to grow, Mandarin Cookies especially. But hell, I have 2 more Rainmaker phenols to grow. Not enough time in my September to June growing season though. The awesome folks at blackdog are the ones who recommended ethos in the first place.
  5. Your girls may be a bit more developed than mine were when I flipped. That net may not hold em (especially sugarpunch) if you wait much longer.
  6. Rainmaker Day 32 Bloom 83.1 F 34% RH 450 PPM The canopy looks like a bunch of green and white spears sticking through the net. At the halfway point the stacking doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. What’s I’m glad to see now is the secondary bud development is starting to crank up also. That’s always been the sign of a really good grow in my experience. Another thing is that trich production is off the charts. I looks as if they’re clumped on top of each other and you can see the heads without magnification. Rainmaker is starting to show itself as a real monster strain.
  7. Rainmaker Day 29 Bloom 83.2 F 42% Rh 450 PPM Pushed them a little too hard and had some fingernail burning on the leaf tips. They seem to prefer the 450 range with 550 being too hot. Buds continue to stack rapidly and I’m still impressed since it’s only the start of week 5. @dieseldog381 I understand your skepticism, but when they get going they explode and it’s more impressive than any other method I’ve tried. @Papalag I used to do a defoliation around week 5 but since I strip them on day 1 now, the late defoil has become unnecessary and I hate plucking sticky plants. Lol
  8. Yeah, I’m a convert. In the process of trashing my oxy pot system and converting my 55 gal res to run 6 octos. You just can’t argue these results.
  9. Rainmaker Day 25 Bloom 83.3 F 37% RH 550 PPM The week 3 defoliation has not seemed to stall this grow at all. The overall rate of bud development at this early stage has been impressive and maybe the best I’ve seen. Ethos touts Rainmaker as a heavy yielder but I think the octos are having a lot to do with it also. At 25 of 63 days the health, branch thickness and bud development are off the charts in my experience.
  10. Rainmaker Day 22 Bloom 83.9F 38% RH 550 PPM 6.2 pH Bud development is very good for this early stage. Been spreading everything out to give every site it’s own square. Very candy sweet smell already present that I wasn’t expecting for this strain. So far so good.
  11. Rainmaker Day 18 Bloom 84.3F 36% RH 500 PPM 6.1 pH Stripped and netted a few days early because I was quickly running out of ceiling. Spread the branches out a bit to give everybody their own space and shorten them a bit. This is the last that I will be touching these plants from here on out. With all the leaves gone I can see the impressive structure of the plants. All the news is and has been good in this grow.
  12. After I defoliate I’ll put in a screen for support. Hopefully I get some good sized buds.
  13. These 4 plants have completely filled the space (5X5) having been flipped at around 12”. I did some minor suppercropping but not much else. All the stems are already thicker than my Acapulco Gold grow that I harvested Thursday. It turned out that the one on the back right is the largest and tallest by about 2-3 inches.
  14. Rainmaker Day 15 Bloom 83.2F 36% RH 400 PPM 6.0 pH They have gotten pretty big in the last few days. Bud sites are starting to develop and I think the stretch is winding down. In they next few days they will be stripped and netted. Everything about this grow has been impressive and easy.
  15. I am seriously considering defoliating now and throwing the net in. Wish I would’ve done a scrog to begin with like @Papalag
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