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  1. Sugarpunch/Gelato Day 49 Bloom 85.1F 38% RH 180 PPM To my surprise this grow is basically done. All plants except one have had the pistils retract and under the scope everything is cloudy with a scattering of amber. The frost on these 2 strains is very impressive. You can see some of the trich heads with the naked eye. Now I’m considering harvesting maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. Ever since I started growing with LEDs all my plants seem to finish a week earlier that what the breeders say the should. I’ll take that any day.
  2. After not growing Sugarpunch for a few years I completely forgot how big it gets and how quickly it does so. Gelato may not be as impressive but it is certainly holding its own.
  3. Sugarpunch/Gelato Day 42 Bloom 86F 39% RH 370 PPM Buds are getting really big and I’m starting to have to support some branches. Trich production is very impressive now for both strains. The octos have made it very easy to gradually back off the nutes so the plants aren’t shocked overnight. By next week they will be transitioned into a full flush. After the slow start this has turned out to be one of the easiest grows I’ve don.
  4. Sugarpunch/Gelato Day 35 Bloom 85.5F 43% RH 620 PPM Both strains have shown very impressive bud development up to this point. The best part is that they haven’t begun bulking up yet. When I open the tent it smells like straight candy. They are also emptying their res every 3 days. Contacted the folks at Octopot and I will be upgrading to an 8 site auto fill system after this grow which will make this even easier. Can’t wait. Coming soon Rainmaker & Northern Lights.
  5. Sugarpunch/Gelato Day 28 Bloom 86.7F 41% RH 700 PPM At the half way point these 2 strains are developing better than I expected. Buds are stacking and trich production has been impressive. Right now my smallest SP plant has the biggest buds in the tent.
  6. Sugarpunch/Gelato Day 24 Bloom 86.1 F 38% RH 710 PPM Did my last defoliation today and everything is still looking good. At the end of the stretch SP is significantly shorter than gelato. Not a big problem since I’m using 2 panels. These 2 strains have eaten everything I’ve given them with no issues at all. Sugarpunch is already very sticky and I can smell the sweet tarts already. Gelato has a fruity/earthy odor that I can’t quite put my finger on with some decent trichs but not on the level of SP. So far so good.
  7. Sugarpunch/Gelato Day 14 Bloom 85.3F 41.6% RH 530 PPM Both strains seem to be developing at the same rate with SP stretching a little bit more than Gelato. That’s good for this grow because the heights are starting to even out a bit with SP catching up. Budding has started and pistils are starting to cluster at the sites.
  8. You’re right about the less forgiving thing with AN. They will fry your plants to a crisp if you use too much. I’ve been using the stuff for years with my LEDs so I pretty much have the sweet spot dialed right in. I’ve recent been trying to figure out how to run Sannies organic buffer tablets in the octos. Been half assing organic for years and I’d love to do it for real.
  9. I have heard about the 3 a light nonsense. All it is is the day 1 defoliation in bloom with another at around 3 weeks. They also use that book to promote their success nutrients. I will admit that I’m an AN users and will be for the simple fact that I have not pH’d my nutes in years and have had great results. If it ain’t broke.
  10. Before you do it the first time it seems like the worst thing you could do. After you see the results you’ll never do it any other way. Reason I never go through with running a true scrog.
  11. Sugarpunch/Gelato Day 7 Bloom 86F 41% RH 430 PPM Plants leafing back out. Not much stretch which is to be expected. Everybody seems to be handling the increase in nute strength. So far so good.
  12. Sugarpunch/Gelato Day 0 Bloom 86.1F 51.6% RH 390 PPM Complete defoliation done today and I can see the structure now. Gelato turned in perfect, tall and tabletop shaped plants which I’m happy with. Sugarpunch ended up being significantly shorter, denser with the closest internodal spacing that I’ve grown. What I love to see is the thick woody main stalks that all 6 plants have. All 6 are also drinking their entire res every 2 days which I should’ve expected given the 2 month veg. Very excited to see these 2 very different strains flower.
  13. Sugarpunch/Gelato Veg 86.5 F 41% RH 390 PPM Topped everybody on last time to try and flatten out the canopy and encourage some horizontal growth. The results have been good with all 6 plants seemingly responding quickly. They have been in veg for around a month and are a week or two away from being stripped and flipped.
  14. I’m actually trying to fill up the space. I have access on the front and back of the tent so it’s not a big problem for me. You don’t run out of ceiling height just bending? My issue is that my minimum hanging height for my panels is 25-30”.
  15. Unfortunately this isn’t a cross but 2 separate strains. An interesting idea after this is done though.
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