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  1. Everything looks great!
  2. Tread790

    LED Variety by Tread

    Green Crack Day 28 Bloom 83.2 F 31% RH So I decided to swap out the 800 for the 1000 on Friday and my desktop fan for 2 monkey fans. Plants seem to have responded well with no stall or obvious stress. Nute mix is up to 900 PPM with no signs of burn. Buds are starting to stack up really well with trich production getting going. I thought GC was supposed to be a tall plant but maybe all the defoliation and topping kept it down a bit. Let’s hope these buds keep it going.
  3. Tread790

    LED Variety by Tread

    After this grow I’m going to upgrade this panel to the blackdog p2 1000. I’ve used a lot led panels from a lot of different manufacturers but I have yet to use one that matches my BD 800. Not even my California Lightworks panel come close and I love those. Soon all my panels will be blackdog.
  4. Tread790

    Herjuana x Shiva

    Got this cross as a freebie recently and was wondering if anyone knows what to expect with this.
  5. Tread790

    LED Variety by Tread

    Green Crack Day 19 Bloom 82.2 F 37% RH Defoliated a couple days early because the stretch is effectively over. I also took off some of the lower branches that don’t have much of a chance at being productive. Fairly happy with the number of bud sites I’m left with and the overall development of this strain. No real odor was of yet.
  6. Tread790

    2019 octopot first run

    I may hit that sale up and get 6 myself.
  7. Tread790

    LED Variety by Tread

    Green Crack Day 14 Bloom 81.5F 35% RH This strain has been a real pleasure to grow and has responded well to every grow method I’ve employed. The canopy has filled in nicely with budding now getting started. I like the looks of it all because there’s more sites than I can count. Looking at the long fingers on the leaves it seems clear that I have the sativa dom pheno. Nute concentration has been around 550 ppm and the plants have been gobbling it up so I’ll be increasing it another 100-150.
  8. Tread790

    LED Variety by Tread

    Green Crack Day 7 Bloom 80.8F 40% RH Leaves are almost all the way back after only a week which i thought would take twice as long. Broke some branches up top this week in order to try and fill out the canopy. Plants are drinking and feeding at a very high rate and the branches are getting thicker by the day. The rate of growth this week has been very impressive.
  9. Tread790

    LED Variety by Tread

    They will, and sometimes it’s a little bittersweet clipping such good looking plants. Let’s hope this strain responds well to it.
  10. Tread790

    LED Variety by Tread

    Green Crack Day 1 Bloom 81.7F 49% RH Defoliated at the beginning of bloom this time around. Prepped this strain by doing a couple light defols during veg. I also cleared the bottom 1/4-1/3 of the plants. This strain has given me some very good branching and at 18” they are pretty bushy. I expected GC to grow a bit taller but I’m still happy with the current structure. Now let’s see what happens in the next 7-9 weeks.
  11. Tread790

    LED Variety by Tread

    It’s funny cause I’ve been thinking about what to change the name to. My first idea was Chronic. Lol
  12. Tread790

    LED Variety by Tread

    Green Crack (hate this name) Veg 84.2F 46% RH Back to my soil and airpots in my blackdog tent. Starting this grow with 8 GC clones that I left in their cups a bit too long but they should be fine. Still deciding if I’m gonna go single cola or top them once. This is my first time growing this strain so this will be a learning experience and I’ll be very conservative with the feeding schedule. The plan is to veg for about 2 weeks, defoliate and flip.
  13. Tread790

    LED Variety by Tread

    Put the ladies under the scope last night and I had 80% cloudy 20% Amber. Put them in the dark and will harvest Saturday morning.
  14. Tread790

    LED Variety by Tread

    Strawberry Banana Day 49 Bloom 79.2F 41% RH 6.3 pH 220 PPM Res Remp 70F Plants are starting to pack on weight and frost like crazy. It’s always good when you can barely see the branches towards the end. From the looks of them they may not make it all the way to 9 weeks. I’ll put them under the scope in the next few days just to make sure. Just dumped the res and added flawless finish so the flush will go a little over a week. Best grow of this strain I’ve had to date.
  15. Tread790

    LED Variety by Tread

    Strawberry Banana Day 42 Bloom 80.1F 38% Rh 6.2 pH 630 PPM Res Temp 69F Buds are starting to put on some weight and looking frosty as hell. Leaves looking a bit beat up because I’ve mistimed my nute regimen but it’s not that big a deal. There should be enough leaf left that’ll get em through to the end. I’ve been growing like this is an 8 week strain instead of 9 which makes me a bit of an ass since I’ve grown this strain multiple times, oh well.