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  1. I’m using it to filter the intake air in an effort to be proactive. No pmd or critters coming in.
  2. Gonna change things up for this new growing season. 1. All Octopots 2. No more 5X5 tent. 3. 2 strain grows in 4X8 tent. 6 Ocots 4. BD 1000 & 800 in the same tent. 5. Introducing closed environment with dust shroom. 6. Saturn 5 environment controller w/ CO2 in bloom. 7. Full Scrog. First up will be sugar punch and killing fields. These are 2 of my very favorite strains. With a scrog I should be able to fill ever inch of that tent with buds. The scrog is necessary due to the height of the Octopot combined with the recommended hanging height of my lights. I’m also gonna run 2 in-line fans with one being dedicated to 24/7 air scrubbing and the other for heat/humidity exhaust.
  3. End of season tear down and cleanup really sux.
  4. I will keep these mothers at all costs so that is an option. Sometime this winter.
  5. Octos + Black Dog + Ethos = Killer cannabis Thanx, I had all the big guns out for this grow.
  6. No, I don’t have any seeds but I do have 3 different mothers and this is just the first that I’ve grown out. I bought a pack of 6 seeds before they stopped selling on seeds here now and my 3 moms are all that made it. 32% seemed prettying far fetched before I tried Rainmaker, but now not so much. Home run for my 1st pheno.
  7. I usually don’t do preview smoke reports but I feel the need to do so here. I initially grew this for my aunt who was recently diagnosed with leukemia and I can confidently say that Rainmaker is absolutely the strongest strain I have ever smoked! Did my preliminary 5 hit test on some newly dried buds and holy shit was it a surprise. The smoke expansion is massive to where a small hit turns into a huge cloud of smoke on exhale. The effects are instantaneously powerful starting with a happily unfocused head high that melts into a sedative body stone over the span of 2-3 hrs. I took these hits at around 6:30 and was still stoned when I went to bed around 11:30ish. Ive never experienced uncured cannabis with these kinda legs. I think a 6 week cure should smooth out the initial wildness of the high to where it’s not a straight shotgun blast to the face. Not sure it will have much effect on the amount of coughing I did because of the crazy smoke expansion. It’s already really smooth on the inhale and I can’t remember much about the taste but that should also improve. Already burning easy with clean grey ash. This may seem odd but I hope the potency stays where it is because I don’t think much more will do anything but crush folks. What I am sure of is that this is NOT a strain for novices. I’ll be back with my “official” smoke report in 6-8 weeks.
  8. They’ll be taken tomorrow at 56 days on the dot.
  9. It’s the Wild West out here when it comes to strains and lineage.
  10. Lol. I get it now. This is my first Ethos strain so we shall see. I expected 9 weeks but it seems as if it’ll only go 8. My LEDs seem to finish everything up a week early.
  11. I did notice that. On the outside all the pistils have retracted but in the middle they are still pushing fresh ones out.
  12. Rainmaker Day 50 Bloom 77.8F 33% RH 150 PPM Sitting here at about 10% amber, this grow is all but done. Leaves are yellowing and the buds have fattened up quite a bit. If this strain smokes half as good as it’s grown I’ll have a keeper on my hands. The octos have made an impression and I don’t see any reason to use another method. I played it safe this grow and didn’t really push it so things can definitely improve. These ladies will be harvested Friday and I can’t wait to see what I end up with.
  13. The octos are here to stay in my garden. The next run will be Sensi’s Northern Lights in a month or 2. I’m surprised you’ve had issues with Sannies seeds. I’ve grown sugarpunch, killing fields and mad berry multiple times and all of those have been great. Especially sugarpunch.
  14. Ethos is new to me too and it’d be nice to find another high level breeder other than Sannie.
  15. Rainmaker Day 46 Bloom 83.4F 41% RH 150 PPM We are in full flush right now. Trich production is absolutely amazing and has now surpassed everything else I’ve grown before. Buds are packing on weight and getting very big. The most impressive thing in this grow are the buds below the net. It’s a frosty forest of chunky buds. Between the octos, the strain and the light, this grow has featured all my best stuff.
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