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  1. What the hell happened to this site for the last month or so?
  2. Blue God Day 50 Bloom 85.1 F 38% RH 250 PPM Crazy frosty with some of these buds approaching the size of coke cans. Very few are standing and I’ve transitioned them to a full flush. Everything I’ve read and everyone I’ve talked too says let BG go the full 8 weeks and that’s what I’m going to do. I can say now that this strain is an absolute monster! Let’s hope the final product lives up to the hype.
  3. Blue God - Bloom Day 43 Bloom 84.7 F 39.5% RH 750 PPM Buds are putting on weight and all the branches are falling over. This strain has grown like vines and can’t really support the buds without something holding them up. I’m now in the process of backing off the nutes and progressing to a full on flush. This is going to be a very big yield for 4 plants because these buds are already hard as rocks and they’re everywhere.
  4. Blue God - Bloom Day 36 Bloom 85.1 F 39.7% RH 800 PPM Smell is getting really strong in the tent. Still has that berry sweet smell but now there is a fuel like scent that’s getting stronger. There are a lot of chunks developing throughout the canopy with some good looking secondary growth also. Pistils and trichs everywhere with this strain continuing to be impressive.
  5. You’re probably right. I’ve been pushing to the point of slight fingernail burn but I may be a bit past that.
  6. Blue God - Bloom Day 28 85.9 F 40.3% RH 850 PPM Got buds developing pretty much everywhere in the canopy. At 26” the light is a little close but it’s not a deal breaker. There’s a berry-like smell in the tent now and trichs are starting to be visible. No complaints so far.
  7. I was a bit concerned myself. This strain outgrew my expectations to the point where it completely threw off my timing. I probably had too many unknown variables going with this grow. It grew like it was in hydro. But that’s the fun of new strains and phenotypes.
  8. That is the thing, you do have to push the nutes. I respect everyone’s willingness to experiment and push what we do. If you wanna stick to the tried and true methods, I respect that too.
  9. Blue God - Bloom Day 23 84.7 F 41.1% RH 800 PPM We’ve got budsites everywhere and once again they look like I never touched them. These may be the largest plants I’ve ever grown and it happened fast. What’s surprising is the growth rate was even faster than the octos but I’m not sure if that’s just the genetics. All that’s left to do now is feed em and keep the humidity down.
  10. Blue God - Bloom Day 19 84.3 F 45% RH 800 PPM Got the net in today for some extra support and spacing. It’s early but the buds seem to be developing nicely. Tent is already getting that nice sweet smell. Glad I was able to find a way to sneak the dehumidifier in because lights out humidity started getting a little high. This strain continues to impress.
  11. I’m curious, with such strong feelings about it have you actually tried this level of defoliation?
  12. 15 years and dozens of strains is not anecdotal. I’ve used all kinds of different methods and I’ve found this one to be the most effective method for me. Look around and you’ll see there’s an entire community of people who use this method with great results also. I don’t criticize other’s methods mainly because I understand that there is more than one way to get things done. You not being comfortable doing something does not equal counterproductive. I wish you the best luck in whatever way you choose to do what you do. Btw cotton is a cash crop that uses this method to great effect.
  13. Great looking finish! Wine & roses just sounds incredibly appealing.
  14. There really isn’t a way to plan a grow with a strain/phenotype you’ve never grown before. This was a first run and as a result you’re figuring out nutes and timing for next one where you can dial it in, which I’ve done several times in this thread. Im an experimenter at heart. As far as the defoliation is concerned I couldn’t disagree with you more and I have several grows in this thread that validate my methods. At worst I these were defoliated 5 days earlier than I would normally do it but I would still have been just as aggressive. I know the leaf vs no leaf argument is as old as grow forums but I would ask you to look at my previous grows and see the results of these methods.
  15. Let em stretch much more and they’d end up too close to the light. Don’t want a tent full of bleached buds. My previous posts explains it.
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