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  1. I’ve finally settled on what my next grow will be and I’m gonna roll the dice on 2 strains I’ve never grown before in Herifields and Nilla Wafer. Just today put the cuttings in the cloner and this weekend the tent will be reset for the new grow. Veg may be a bit long because I plan to do some defoliation and another round of topping before the net goes in. Should be fun.
  2. Since I stopped using CO2 I run my grow at an average of 900-1050 PPFD. I try to keep it in that range as to not have too much light which is possible with the leds I use, which amount to 1850 watts at the wall. The people at Blackdog and California Lightworks have been great with guides and advise on this particular subject matter as it relates to the use of their panels. I’ve been an LED grower for around 10yrs and I think I’m finally getting to my elusive gram per watt goal.
  3. Yeah, I wet trim and use a drying rack while keeping the tent at 65ish F and 60% RH. Been doing that for years and it has worked great for me. No lost flavor, scent or potency.
  4. No, it’s the dry weight. I may be a permanent octo/scrog guy now.
  5. Final Yield Gelato - 773g Rainmaker - 717g Really good but could’ve improved with the 8th plant not being so far behind. Scrog worked out well considering.
  6. Rainmaker/Gelato Day 49 Bloom 83.7F 180 PPM 43% RH Started the flush a few days ago and trying to drop the humidity as much as possible. Buds are dense with some good color but still sprouting new pistils. Looks like a 9 week grow at this point which I’m ok with. Very satisfied
  7. Rainmaker/Gelato Day 42 Bloom 86.1F 500 PPM 41% RH Entering the home stretch and the grow continues to progress well. Smell is really strong in the tent and buds are frosty. Also I’m seeing some weight gains and with the scrog all buds are developing at the same rate. Can’t complain
  8. PPM is a nutrient concentration and I’m using LEDs so you have to use less that half of what’s recommended or you’ll nuke the plants. There is 1800 watts of led in that tent which is more than enough.
  9. Rainmaker/Gelato Day 35 Bloom 85.3F 41% RH 520 PPM Rolling into week 6 everything seems to be on schedule. Smell is intensifying and frost is impressive. I’m expecting some beefing up in the days to come and this really easy grow continues to move along.
  10. Rainmaker/Gelato Day 28 Bloom 82.4F 42% RH 560 PPM Very happy with how things are looking even though I didn’t fill the net 100%. Putting the net in low made it so almost everything got above and I did need to trim off much below. I always remembered scrogs being more work but this grow has been easy.
  11. Rainmaker/Gelato Day 21 Bloom 85F 49% RH 540 PPM All the work is done now and outside of a pluck here and there these plants won’t be touched. I think I managed to fill 90% of the tent which ain’t bad. Smell is really strong in the tent which seems early and pistils are sprouting everywhere. So far so good
  12. Rainmaker/Gelato Day 14 Bloom 85.1F 53% RH 550 PPM We have had some explosive growth in the last couple days. Pistils have sprouted everywhere and the stretch is going strong which is requiring some creative tucking. It’s definitely getting crowded in a couple spots with most of the low branches at the net. Introduced some big bud into the mix so we will see how that goes.
  13. Rainmaker/Gelato Day 7 Bloom 85.4F 49% RH 480 PPM From the looks of things it seems like I made the right call flipping when I did. Having to tuck twice a day and grow tips are sprouting everywhere. I’m hoping more gets above the net because in 2 weeks everything underneath has to go. Still debating with myself on how much defoliation I’m gonna do.
  14. You might as well get it started. Takes a little patience at the start but then it just explodes. Easiest growing I’ve ever done.
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