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  1. Hey guys, I found one banana on ccb front left too. so making seeds with both phenos is not going to happen. I guess the it's the blueberry showing here. they also get very nice pinkish blue colours now, hope that will intensify. I found some budrot, too. damn... those buds are fat and dense^^ it's pretty dry the whole grow (30% rlh) so don't know.. while I was at it I harvested the salmon cause it looks ready. no new pistils, almost every hair is brown, resin is milky...smells heavenly.
  2. Today I found some bananas on the amnesia cheeseberry and right beneath a pregnant calyx. they disnt look mature at all rather like those pale yellow dry ones. all in all I found 4 on the whole plant. gladly the ccb doesn't show any. tomorrow morning I'll check the whole plants just to be sure.
  3. my friend is actually pretty good at growing, he knows what he does..at least what I can tell by the results. I think he just don't feel like to keep track.. when asked why he always answers 'why should I?' I stopped asking and suggesting
  4. I had some albanian 'landrace' seeds and the females stank like baby poo, i could compare both at that time was good weed, I crossed her with amnesia. I should test one or two...
  5. solilo queen! solilo queen is the one I mean... still have some seeds left^^
  6. it's a cut of salmon river og. I got it from a friend who ran out of space. when I got it it was already flowering for two weeks or so. this friend doesn't keep track he just harvests when he think they are ready...its a wonder when he remembers switching the clock you know haha he has 4-5 phenos more and the bubba dominant caught my attention. I'll get some clones in the next weeks. the smell reminds me a bit of another strain I grew from dynasty but I can't remember the name right now.
  7. Hey guys, it's Monday so update time. actually there's not much to say. they do their thing ripening. more and more orange hairs along with new 'foxtaily' calyx clusters appear, smells get more intensive by the day, some more nuances are developing. yesterday I reduced the lighting to 11/13 regime, fed them vigorously and they seem to need it. the seedmakers established in their new pots showing lush new growth. I will make an own post for this project with pics. I just have flash pics cause I was late today.
  8. there's a great track I listened to years ago and it has the quote "he who has learned to do nothing with his whole mind and body will have everything done for him" and since then i live by it when necessary. it's called doicii by minilogue if my mind doesn't fool me
  9. hey saxo, thanks for chiming in and yep im happy so far because today I discovered that the donor smells exactly like cheeseberry and also the density on both is how I imagined. till now I achieved everything I planned. but...lets not honor the day before evening haha
  10. Looks awesome Mr.dirt, so healthy! I hope u have A LOT of work while harvesting!
  11. Good evening Ladies...and gents! Today i prepared two clones of the ccb for the seedmaking process. I chose ccb #1 (front left of flowering ones) as donor and the ccb #3 in the back left as the mother. I uppotted them to 3 gal pots with fresh soil. they'll get a week or so to establish and go right into the 60x60 to flower and hopefully make some nice seeds. would it be better to let the girl which will be sprayed with silver (50ppm) go in first and after 1-2 weeks the other girl will join the party? last time I did it like that. some pics. first is donor, second is the mother. in the middle of the last pic you'll see the future bonsai-mom of the acb.
  12. Hello fellow gardeners how is it? it's the beginning of week 6 and the girls seem to get in their final production phases. the buds seem to swell by the day, resin and terpene content increases. I'm pretty pleased so far. the ccb back left and the acb front right show some need for potassium so I fed them two times in the past week with a good dose of bac bloom mixed with some other organic fertilizer called bodengold its nothing special but all the plants outside love it. I thought about getting some booster. any recommendations? here are some pics:
  13. Hola Amigos! another update time. this is beginning of week 5 flowering. the girls grow their buds and produce resin, brown hairs appear here and there. honestly I expected some 'more' but I guess it's just my impatient ass telling me so because if I look at the pics it's actually a pretty good development. I fed them with 3ml bacto and a little cal-mag. who if you guys uses organic boosters and if so, which? I still have a bottle of pk-booster from bac (sannies shop) but I'm kind of hesitate to use since it's like 2 years old or something. next time I definitely need to cut more of the lower branches before flowering and defoliate more, there is a lot of popcorny and even smaller stuff down town and that is too much. maybe it helps my impression of 'nothing happening'. here some pics
  14. nah everything is good, I like those mars lamps too and with my current cycle I test the ts2000. I'm just curious what this kingsbrite can do. I have a terminal illness which causes collecting lamps...it's self diagnosed but...u know..
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