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  1. hey silas, nice to see you again around here!
  2. thats the lamp, dimmed to 1/4 power
  3. hey paps, thanks man! take a seat'n'some weed
  4. hey guys, here are some budshots from today. 1. ccb #1 - back left - bigger one, most resin content, better smell from the two 2. ccb #3 - front left - smaller buds, less resin, not a strong smell 3. acb- front right - I love the bud structure, least resin content of all 4 plants, best smell fruity haze 4. salmon river og - I like golf ball nugs, nice but not very special smell, nice resin content enjoy, I do !
  5. awesome Stuff! i Made a lot of Chili Salt (grinding a chili and some Himalaya salt together, let it dry) it gets orange and has a wonderful hotness to it, I recommend if u never tried it.
  6. thanks garden, they still show no sign of anything they might need so gave a light feeding and will increase either next Monday or within this week, see how they like it.
  7. hey man, I received this lamp today (240 watt with uv and ir) so far seems solid. I hung it in a 80x80 tent and now see how she works.
  8. that are some beautiful plants there! i grew some purple bhut jolokia some years ago but i got the seeds from somehwere else. I gifted some plants to my grandma and she still grows them, actually just one plant every year because those chillis are so damn hot that only one dried chili is enough to hot up several meals for her. my favourite chili are the habanero and chocolate habanero, their specific taste and the kind of how the hotness developes in the mouth is very....hot haha
  9. hello boys and girls, today I want to introduce to you another friend of the bible! nah just kidding, its update time. ...not much to say actually. I have the feeling that they got stuck for the last days due to a heavy heat we have since last week, could also be just my pov because I see them everyday my temperature gets up to 32-35ÂșC which is way too high for my liking. the silver lining is that they started to produce resin. the ccb in the back left side produces a nice thick layer while the other ccb in the front left doesn't look bad either. the least amount of resin has the acb which is kinda surprise to me...she has the best smell though and prettiest bud structure. the salmon river OG cones along nicely, I'm definitely looking forward to the dried golf ball nugs! they received a feeding today with 2ml bac-bloom, bacto powder, 5 ml guanolong extract and 0.5 ml cal-mag. I hope the temps drop again otherwise I need some a.c. up in this...attic! pics:
  10. Yeah man, always looking good in your place!
  11. my lamp hangs in a 3x3 and it seems enough for that space. I run the ts1000 in a 2x2 and it's definitely enough. you should be good with the quantum board and you maybe have to dim it or hang it higher. there's actually no comparison to cfl, because these led lamps produce much more light per watt. greetz
  12. looking good at yours, shed! I hope you'll get a satisfactory haul with those beautiful ladies. the kaos sounds like a decent cross, i hope the male has what you're looking for! greetz
  13. hello friends, it's update time! today we have the 22th day of flowering and they rock! I haven't asked for a pic while I was away so that i hopefully get a nice surprise when I'm back. I'm far from dissapointed! they stretched a good amount so that the lamp needed to be raised. stretch is over now and the budding and resin developing started. I gave them some bacto, bac-bloom and guano-extract in a small dose. (~2ml/litre) looks very promising so far and I'm happy. i will dust a branch on each of the ccb with the pollen from the ccb male tonight. it will be a bit difficult due to their appearance and the net. I need to find a way to minimize the chances of pollinating everything in there haha the salmon river og is kind of lazy. while I need to water the big ones every day with around 2liters each she stayed moist and isn't growing so vigorously. I visited my friend from whom I got her and he was pretty dissapointed with the yield. I have not much hopes to top his yield but we'll see what come do it in terms of quality. I'd like to put in the pics better in the text but with my phone it's kind of impossible.
  14. thanks for that report mr.d! I'd smoke it if someone tries to sell me the weed like that!
  15. I'd love to try a run with an octopot but it seems like i cant get them nowhere. amazon offer is expired and the company doesn't ship to my country. can anyone out of central Europe tell me where to get one? greetz
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