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  1. hey toker, looks great in there, Let's see how the buds turn out I agree with santero with growing autos indoors, for outdoors they are pretty cool. I tried about 5-6 till today and was satisfied with the result. they never could keep up with the photos though... I have 4 auto amnesia haze as freebees and look forward to bring'em out this year. I had once about 50-60 grams from one plant outdoors, it was a strain of paradise seeds if I remember correctly. greetz
  2. Great setup and Details! the plants enjoy it and so am I. I grab a seat Greetz
  3. the new shop is great! all the pics u use are awesome man :)
  4. besides those mites fucking u hard, the plants look great! thick ladies with some junk in the trunk - I like that :D
  5. hey bigun, happy new year to u and your family too!
  6. Congrats to the winners! u r in for treat :)
  7. ...damn, all this Hash is looking so Great! I drool over here!
  8. fuck! it happened again...while checking the link from baqualin (?) in tokers led thread I kind of fell in love with the sk402 from spectrum king :( I checked several videos and reports, looked at a lot of pics and now I'm stoked. the price though... does anyone have experience with that lamp here on og? anything is appreciated! greetz
  9. your reports are great! while reading them it's possible for me to get into the feeling/ situations u describe cause I experienced similar stuff over the years...write a book man, I'd read it :)
  10. happy New Year's Eve guys and gals!
  11. Hey Toker, that looks and sounds familiar to me haha
  12. no, it won't, it gets even faster! my son is two years old now, I have no fucking clue where those two years came from, feels like two months haha
  13. indeed, very healthy and sexy...I get horny somehow :D
  14. MiNdLesS

    Led problem?

    IMO 50.000 hrs are 50.000 hrs, doesn't matter how long one lighting period is. that's why coolers are build in. My lamps from Mars get warm but not hot or something and some I have for like 4 years now and they still work. I have one from wish that has no cooling fan and my guess is that it doesn't work until end of warranty which is just one year haha makes a strong light for 25,- euros :D
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