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  1. Some grea pics to keep up with this grow! Rotten fruit an cheese sounds like u got my a route pheno in them, also bud size looks like that. I love the high an taste of that pheno, did u get some purple and reddish hues on the buds? im currently using one cdm 315 is combination with two 600 LEDs u use and so far it looks great. can wait for the smoke report!
  2. MiNdLesS

    The Rat’s Stock

    Oh those leafs, big and shiney :)
  3. MiNdLesS

    Oaxacan IBL fem

    No, out of 5 fems it was always the same phenotype, same smell, same everything. It grows like an indica with very huge leafs, it has very nice buds with a hue of colours in it. Resin content is average but that doesn't make it less potent. I like this weed for social occasions and when I do gardening and stuff. U can call it work weed haha
  4. MiNdLesS

    Oaxacan IBL fem

    I actually smoke it right now. It's a weed that split the people, some like it others don't. Smell is something unusual with some traces of milk chocolate in it when u open the jar. Mine is curing for about two months now. If u have some seeds, pop'em!
  5. All of them look very healthy, I am confident that the remaining ones are girls too can't wait for the budding!
  6. MiNdLesS

    PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    Hey web! I needed to catch up with your thread and have to say: great show man! Those bio char tutorial is damn good and should be pinned in the organic section! now I'm looking forward to the budding of those great plants, what a jungle :)
  7. MiNdLesS

    The Rat’s Stock

    Great fat leaves on the el barto!
  8. MiNdLesS

    Chance for upcoming breeders

    Thanks for the flowers bro! first I need to start my tents again and put some stuff up on here. Been not so much on lately cause life needed some more attention...but soon and then people can decide. Greetz
  9. MiNdLesS

    The Rat’s Stock

    Hey buddy! That's a stud for sure! How does he smell and have u found trichs on him?
  10. Da fuck is that boxing?! Oh man...maybe since it's legal in some states they need advertisement throughout delivery too haha
  11. MiNdLesS

    GMO Cannabis

    I heard of it, monsanto's new kush hybrid!
  12. Hey i used two of those I mentioned above in a tent which is 120 cm x 60 cm and had decent results, something around 0.7 - 1 g per watt in the first round, I had four plants in the cab sittin in 11 liter pots. With those 600s u have to find the right hight to not bleach the plants but I think they will work out, I'd try them too Greetz
  13. hey toker! how is it going? i dont know if u already have new lamps but if u want some cheap ones with good results 2 to 3 of them make some good bud i know first hand https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mars-300W-LED-Grow-Light-Kit-Hydro-Full-Spectrum-Indoor-Plant-Veg-Flower-Medical/251617231138?epid=1839659363&hash=item3a958e4122:g:s10AAOSwBMRa1UhZ
  14. MiNdLesS

    A city rat story

    Hey buddy! Nice to see u back in action on here greetz