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  1. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    I agree, the white background needs to be changed. i prefer to have it in the typical opengrow-green. Greetz
  2. Opengrow is online again

    I need to get used to it first, the different colours makes it a little hard. But it looks clean and sorted and the new posting method is way better. Is there a new content button somewhere?
  3. Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Nice new sneakers
  4. Sinister '18. Still underground

    That are some dank buds Indy!
  5. Stinkers

    Damn gardenartus!!! What a beauty!
  6. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Here for example...but today was ok haha
  7. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Get well soon pap!
  8. What is the best AK -47?

    I read somewhere that te guy from ss lost his original mothers, his ak 47 isn't as good as it was. That's the only thing on ak47 I can contribute... Maybe look into the cross at bodhi's, that would my pick chosen by the reviews. Good luck in your hunt
  9. I chose strain names what do u think

    Good the clones made it! Sometimes cloning is a bitch Blue dream, is it worth the hype? I never smoked some, couldn't find it last time in a'dam and I don't know of someone growing it where I live. Greetz
  10. jwb's grow

    The first two pics are pretty dark, the third and last look great! Ask some pot magazine to bring them as posters
  11. Autoflowering Gambians

    In a greenhouse I'd grow them too, had some outdoors the last years and was pretty happy with the results. looks were great, resin too, some was even smokable. indoors I prefer the 'normal' ones too
  12. Autoflowering Gambians

    Those autos look great!!! I wonder why some people are 'autos only' growers. I know of one here too and this guy has a pretty big plantage like ten lamps or so and does only auto (fems) Greetz
  13. Strain Names

    Star fuel is great
  14. Strain Names

    Cool idea! I like SiFi blaze as a name. There are thousands of strains, The 'blaze' in it makes it your name For the jack and silverfields cross I'd say 'sterling archer' or just 'sterling' like that guy from that comic show or jiffy I have also one Lost planet = amnesia x des*tar bx Indian valley line = cheeseberry f2 x sour diesel (made by a friend) I have to test sour diesel x des*tar bx and find a name. The des*tar male makes that every cross with his genes should have something space/star wars related in it. Theres also a Bella Ortega x des*tar bx that needs a name. Greetz