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  1. looks awesome! how's the smell and everything on the different phenos?
  2. one day I did the same before work. at work I had the smell of fresh weed in my nose and was like 'god damn, who has weed in here?!' some hours into the day a co-worker across of me asked 'hey you have some weed with you?' and I denied. she asked several times for the next hour and I began to get upset. I went to the toilette, came back and opened the door to the office and GOD DAMN the room was stinking. I immediately got nervous but there was nothing I could do. good thing was we had a 'food day' where everybody brings something so there was also food smell in it. I know my boss knew, and probably all co-workers but nobody said something^^
  3. MiNdLesS


    perfectly in the middle of the Pot? nah man....i think someone will just bash on rqs.
  4. MiNdLesS


    i call bs...and what saxo said
  5. hey budder your thinking about this makes logically sense but ime it's the other way round. there's a saying "you don't bite the hand that feeds you", this hand that feeds should also not hit. therefor to correct the dog you take something like a can or rolled newspaper. after a certain time of teaching it's like you doesn't even need to hit the dog anymore. when it does something wrong than you just grab the 'punisher', the dog sees it imidiatly knowing 'okay I fucked up' and will apologize in a dog's way and usually learnt it's lesson. what works pretty good is a closed can with nails or something in (for the noise) throw it at the dog when it does 'bad', after a short time you just have to shake the can and the dog stops doing it. of course it all depends on what you want from your dog. some friends of mine have dogs that a running free through the town while they are at home and some have dogs which are like soldiers and if you are around them u better be a good boy^^
  6. my statement was not specifically about a discussion or members here. I just read that drama and the question popped up in my mind kind of like the drop that makes the barrel burst. I noticed since some time now it's everywhere the same...work, forums, even with friends. we'll definitely see where this is heading ;)
  7. what is it these days with people? everywhere I go I feel some tension in the air. it's weird...and actually not to my liking. end times?
  8. ...raspberry, the artificial smell or the real smell? with artificial I mean like all the stuff that has a raspberry flavor (candy, drinks...)
  9. some serious bushes u have there! can't wait for the bud shots
  10. i wasn't on for quite a long time because of reasons^^ I still have a package somewhere for you toker. I checked somewhen here and read that you moved, glad I haven't sent it out in the meantime haha when everything is running in the normal ways I'll get back at you. i started a new run with some stuff by cannabella sc. sour lemon haze, lemon cream pie, lady cane f4 and my cross lost planet (amnesia x destar bx). I plan to make some fem seeds when I find some phenos worth doing it with.
  11. Hey baq, do you have experienced some stuff by ACE seeds? a buddy of mine ran some of there's i.e the Malawi which was some serious sativa bush almost bursting the tent. I haven't run something myself but had my eye on some of their indicas.
  12. i got an ace newsletter some days ago with the advertising of romulan bred by the son of the original breeder or something. pretty excited I went to their website just to see that 5 regular seeds cost 75,- euros what the actual fuck?!?!
  13. im treating everything infectious with silver and garlic for quite a long time now. I barely get sick and when I do it's usually away within 3 days. I don't even know anymore how pills taste haha get well soon toker!
  14. yeah, le rat is back in town! hope all is well my friend :)
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