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  1. MiNdLesS

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    that rate sucks pretty much. I hate it when only one or two need to be tossed :D did u send them an email? or nirvana? maybe these 5 minutes writing are worth it...
  2. MiNdLesS

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    I wish u all the luck bro, hope I can get a set of new lamps when u win it ;D @toker anytime soon bro, harvested some new seeds today and still wait for a couple of others. when I have everything done I shoot u a pm
  3. MiNdLesS

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    great u like it! I have some f2 regs, 2 lines ;)
  4. he toker, u showed us the offer for the Cmh for 130 bucks some days ago. combine this lamp with the LEDs man, I garantee u a very nice result! :)
  5. the stud I used had also long narrow leafs, nothing u would expect from an indica. that's why I chose him^^
  6. I smoke some maple leaf crosses the last weeks and all of them have something in common: they wreck me and almost all of my friends. it's like a nice rush in the beginning but then the hammer is falling on your head. together with alcohol it's deadly haha
  7. yeah at least and then u can put the LEDs on the left and right side, that will give u awesome results :)
  8. MiNdLesS

    What a strange plant

    someone somewhere needs that kind of high, maybe u encountered green xanax was an interesting read, thanks for that! greetz
  9. damn, thats a good offer man, I'd take it with the 4200 k bulb!
  10. MiNdLesS

    Barrie`s Organic Seeds

    mmmmmh looms awesome bro! I kind of can taste it in my mouth right now :D
  11. MiNdLesS

    Autos...in doing it.

    that are some pretty plants! for next year I plan I get myself several mix packs of autoflower seeds and the find out which is the best. 2-3 from each strain outside, I'm looking forward to that project a friend of mine has some greenpoison f2 standing on the balcony and it's a crazy yielding fast flowering Durban pheno, never saw this kind of stuff in autoflowering plants!
  12. that are a lot of bud sides on those plants! if u are able to get something like a cdm-t lamp with about 75 to 150 watts put it in together with the LEDs. cdm-t and LEDs are made for each other! I'm in my second run with that combo and it definitely grows kind of stronger, everything is improving, vigor, resin, density an also cal/mag uptake :)
  13. MiNdLesS

    Oaxacan IBL fem

    see what they do under the LEDs :)
  14. MiNdLesS


    what I heard from the news it was not as bad as predicted, thank god. how's it at your place right now toker, all good? im with ya justcozz, one should know where he plans to live. huffpuff, do u have your swimming ring with you? :D
  15. MiNdLesS

    A city rat story

    Great to see the lost planet it looks very much like the amnesia, my plants did too. If I find a male, I make a bx of it. the other plants look great too, as usual. U have some serious skills bro have a nice evening!