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  1. awesome, man! that looks outstanding there look at the tops of that amnesia, she will be damn fine I bet you
  2. i see what I can find on my laptop, but there should be some pics^^
  3. third pic is amnesia, looks identical to my cut i have it for years now and im still in love with it^^
  4. hey jet! still rocking the octos? looks great man :) do I see some amnesia in the third pic?
  5. Hey fellow growers and stoners, after some stressful time I am now back on here and u have to deal with it! greetz
  6. MiNdLesS


  7. hey toker, looks great in there, Let's see how the buds turn out I agree with santero with growing autos indoors, for outdoors they are pretty cool. I tried about 5-6 till today and was satisfied with the result. they never could keep up with the photos though... I have 4 auto amnesia haze as freebees and look forward to bring'em out this year. I had once about 50-60 grams from one plant outdoors, it was a strain of paradise seeds if I remember correctly. greetz
  8. Great setup and Details! the plants enjoy it and so am I. I grab a seat Greetz
  9. the new shop is great! all the pics u use are awesome man :)
  10. besides those mites fucking u hard, the plants look great! thick ladies with some junk in the trunk - I like that :D
  11. hey bigun, happy new year to u and your family too!
  12. Congrats to the winners! u r in for treat :)
  13. ...damn, all this Hash is looking so Great! I drool over here!
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