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  1. MiNdLesS

    So you want to grow pot

    gotta love'em stoned ramblings hahaha u are right though!
  2. MiNdLesS

    Happy Thanksgiving fellow Americans

    that's always a good alternative to me haha happy thanksgiving!
  3. MiNdLesS

    Short winter grow

  4. indeed, so many buds! mmmh i can smell it through this pic :))
  5. damn I hate those mites! I hope your soap works out, what's in there? dd u ever try garlic and chili brew?
  6. MiNdLesS

    Barney's Tent

    awesome ladies, Barney!
  7. MiNdLesS

    LED Variety by Tread

    Looks Great man, u sir have a green thumb!
  8. MiNdLesS

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    I thought I'm normal, now u r telling me that I'm sick?!
  9. MiNdLesS

    So when did you start smoking Cannabis?

    I started in the early 2000. we were sitting on a little bridge behind a grocery store next to our skate park. a friend brought a gram from his older brother and prepared it (mixed it with tobacco, that's how we smoke it here usually) then we filled the bowl of a bong and let it circle. after most of the weed was smoked we headed back to the skate park. first I didn't feel anything but when I tried to change the side to talk to someone I began walking on clouds, I'll never forget that feeling. it was a clear summer night, I was laying on the quarter pipe staring into the night sky. around me was stuff going on, some were paranoid, some we're vomiting, some we're talking and laughing, I couldn't care less and was flying into space. that was when Mary got me! the rest of the evening was uncontrollable laugh and later eating the whole fridge at home. great times!
  10. MiNdLesS

    Washing plants post harvest?

    water with h2o2...as foth stated, not a good idea^^
  11. a friend of mine just started the sp x mli and told me that this stuff has a very good vigor...maybe it's time for me to try her too :D I have about 150 - 200 seeds left... yeah i'll overcome my laziness an start a thread of that grow...the new forum-software helps a lot since it's not such an act to bring the pics up :D greetz
  12. MiNdLesS

    Washing plants post harvest?

    a little late I guess. I washed a harvest of kush supernova and removed all the bad stuff, but the good stuff too. weed was strong smoke but lacks in taste and smell and the overall experience was just shitty...other people liked it for the strong effect it had still in it. greetz
  13. hey toker, what's up man? looking jungleish in there heres my setup I did yesterday. in the middle u see the self made cdm-t lamp with 150 watts power and on the side it's the Mars 300 (150 watts each). what u can't see on the pics is the brightness when all three lamps are on, fucking blinding haha I'm very exited and looking forward. there will be the following strains inside: royal domina, white Siberian, amnesia cc and cheeseberry. a good blend of flavours and effects seeds are harvested, shoot me a pm bro! Greetz
  14. hey toker! that looks mighty fine in there, those are some racers! imagine the bud production in that speed my next experiment will be the combo of two mars lamps and one self build 150 watt cdm-t in an 80x80 tent with 4 plants in 18 liter pots. I'm excited how it turns out in the yield department! greetz
  15. MiNdLesS

    Supernova Kush (by LeRat)

    hey folks, its been a while! today i I have for u a smoke report from my friend who has grown the supernova kush from LeRat for quite some time. as u will see, he likes it very much! so long story short, here it is: ------------------------------------------------------ Supernova Kush toke is as amasing as its growing perfomance. I truly loved this strain, kept both phenos and growed them all last year in row, cycle after cycle. Both phenos i had were very similar in taste and effect. The actual only strong difference between them was outstanding vigorous growth and development of one, super growth, super health, super yield so i called it supernova and monster supernova. Both phenos were always very crystal- full and resinous. Smell and taste are what i call ganjaman fragrance: spicy, skunky with tones of leather + dash of sweet floral tunes. Smell got more complex upon curing, perfumery kind of, it is difficult to me to determine separated aromatic lines, though definitely floral notes are stepping forward. Taste doesnt change so significantly after curing. Generally shape of buds, aromas, tastes and effects of supernova i find somewhat similar to good cheese hybrid. no news here cause its just another skunk variation after all, although Excellent variation with big E. Supernova is dreamy, relaxing buzz, perfect for evening smoking sessions. Its a bit coach-locking but doesnt block the mind. I would say its socialite type of smoke, except if u plan to go disco or do other fast and unnecessary body movements. Cause it feels so good as it is, here on the sofa...u know this typical cheese feeling? So it is supernova, except that it is ultra strong, and recommended to be smoked carefully by the occasional smokers. It doesnt bring anxiety or paranoia though, either remarkable heaviness in the morning next day. I would mark few following negative side effects as dry mouth, fast red eyes and munchies. Big big munchies!!! smth really incredible, this strain could be perfect remedy for patients with anorexia nervosa. Alltogether supernova kush gets my highest marks and recommendations to grow. Green thumb up ! ------------------------------------------------------ i have grown her too and agree totally with the performance this gal is bringing to the table! in 63 days under 600 watts she was pushing out massive flowers that caused her to bend over (I know some of u like them girls bend over :D) due to a heavy infestation of mites and bad drying I can't give u any details on smell, taste and high, sorry for that butmy friend said enough to make me want to grow it again and I still have some seeds left pics will follow as soon as I get them into my phone! greetz