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  1. Today? It's today? Why, yes... yes, it is! Happy Day, all!

  2. If you properly set up and implement TOR - and follow the other rules of anonymous internet usage, you're about as invisible as you can be using low-cost or free technology. Even determined nation-states have to use enormous resources to attempt to 'identify' or 'track' a user who has a properly set-up TOR session running - stuff that rises to the level of 'threat to national security' or 'risk or war' or 'international paedophilia ring'. TOR is not the problem. It's all of the other things that people do (or fail to do) that gets them caught... for whatever 'caught' means today. Being and staying 'anonymous' also takes changing the way you do things, both online and off. Frankly, it takes discipline to do... which is sadly lacking in our current 'instant gratification' phase of evolution. It's not the software... it's the operator, in other words. I've spent a lot of years online and in IT... I've worked my way from the BBS days back in the early 80's all the way up to Network Operations in a regional NOC for a major telco/ISP before I career-changed my way out of the madness... and security is one of the things that I know and do well... because I know how the whole system is put together and how it works on an operational level. If you've followed the Snowden leaks at all, you probably know that the NSA cannot still reliably break through all of the levels of security that a TOR circuit provides if you implement it properly and follow all of the recomendations for proper usage. Next to a true VPN, TOR is as safe as it gets. But TOR can't save you if you're a total fuckwit and you ignore the basic rules of security, online or off. That's where people get themselves in trouble. BB
  3. Not really a big fan of Vladimir Putin right now, I must say...

  4. I'd love to see this breeding experiment make its' way into the shop as a freebee... I've grown out Shack for 4 years now, and what you've created looks like a monster - Malawi vigor, Shack sugar and node structure - dunno what happened to the NBD traits... I'd love to have this for a summer hothouse grow - I bet it would be a beast of a plant. clap clap clap well done - keep it up. BB
  5. This is a beer and budporn shot... I found this limited-edition IPA from Stone Brewing - 'Enjoy By 04.20.14 IPA' - so of course. I grabbed a pair and chilled them off - one to taste today - and one for the day.. the plant in the background (for scale) is a Shackzilla - about 2 weeks before she's ready for the chop - she loves her a dose of yeasty weissbier every once in awhile too... it's the only bottle that this all-organic honey gets... she's such a tease. Enjoy. BB
  6. BuurtpoesBledder

    Random Plant Shots

    Shots of various stages of grows, present and past. Some of my favorite pics.
  7. I'm with GA on Sugar Punch... it has a sweet smooth Sativa profile that punches way above its' weight in power and soaring ability - it's been on every run I've done since I stumbled upon Opengrow and Sannies about 4 years ago... that's one dynamite plant. Jack is going in on my next run - I'm hoping to find one of the lemony-citrusy phenos in the batch as a keeper, but I've read nothing but good about her in the reviews and logs on here. I'm also popping a few Huckleberry Kush for those moments when nothing but a funky berry will do... nice camping stuff. Good luck on your search... I'm sure you'll find something to your liking from Sannie. BB
  8. Hey... what's up with the forcast for snow tomorrow? GTFO Snow!

  9. I'm looking forward to Jack. Next session. So glad yours turned out so well. +1 Jealous Peace, BB
  10. First camping weekend of the year - be back soon!

  11. The Dude abides. I don't know about you but I take comfort in that. It's good knowin' he's out there. The Dude. Takin' 'er easy for all us sinners. Roll on... BB
  12. Looking for temps around 65F today - it's finally time for shorts!

  13. With the revelation this week that some servers that use unpatched versions of OpenSSL to secure their sites and forums could be vulnerable to a serious security exploit, I thought that I'd post this online tool which can help to detect if a server, site or forum that you visit might be vulnerable to the exploit (which can reveal password info, credit or account info and even the actual security certificate for sitewide encryption). Because the exploit actually capture information from RAM, the site logs can't be queried to see if this exploit has been ever used on a particular server - this tool can only say if the exploit is currently unpatched. If you assume that some of your information may have been put at risk by this vulnerablility, I'd suggest that you explore a little further on the nature of the issue and some of the recommended paths to follow. Much thanks goes to filippo.valsorda who appears to be the author of this testing tool - nice work to put this up for free (although he would accept donations if you're a pay-it-forward kinda person... check his FAQ page for more info) I should mention that both Sanniesshop.com and Opengrow.com come back as 'clean' for this exploit... thank the gods for favors! Peace, BB
  14. I like this pic - even though the lighting effect was accidental... This is a side bud of Sugar Punch at week 6 of flowering... pretty nice coverage, I'd say. Those are some nice genetics, Sannie - thank you! And to think she has another 3 to 4 weeks to go... wow. Enjoy, BB
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