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  1. Some of the older articles I posted, the reformatted text returned today, as well as posted images, and gallery pictures. I am sure there were a few extra headaches that were not expected but, things seem to be improving everyday. My bet would be a couple of Tokes of Sugar Punch followed up by a a couple of tokes of Herijuana. Would be a better choice over aspirin for the headaches, implementing these improvements to the site have caused for Sannie. Time To Grow, ARCHER
  2. Like others have said spray the entire room with a strong bleach. What has not been mentioned to kill them on the plants use Green Cleaner . It is the best available for killing mites. https://www.amazon.c...0?ie=UTF8&psc=1 With that said if they are late into the flowering stage it will be difficult to get the spray on the mites ( to kill them ) regardless of what type you use. If thats the case the best you can do is control them until after harvest.
  3. Looking Good In The Neighborhood !!!
  4. Archer


    I agree with santero. It is getting late in the game for these girls to be pollinated. Your success would be very limited if at all. Even if you were successful with pollination . It would be another 4 to 6 weeks for nice mature seeds. If you really think you have a special male. I suggest saving the pollen for another crop.
  5. Archer

    What's lost?

    With your question I am assuming you are just getting started and this is one of your first ventures making seeds. I also am assuming your resources as far as room, space and time. Are possibly limited and, you just want more seeds to use in the future. More experienced breeders are more selective in choosing males and females for breeding. With that said it does not mean that because they were more selective, that they made the right choice. Being selective can lose hidden genetics there are to many variables. For one example let us not forget about recessive genes. If this is your first time making seeds ??? I agree with Hempyfan and also suggest open pollination. However if you are wanting seeds now I suggest. Several females openly pollinated, by as many different males as possible. As soon as you see open pollen sacks on the males and a few Pre-flowers on the females. Pull the males shaking them to release pollen and then toss them. About a day later water the females to rinse all the excess pollen to the ground. This will give you genetic diversity. Which means you can look for that killer Pheno later. You still should get decent production with some seeds as, the females were not in full flower mode when you pollinated .
  6. MR G, If I am reading some other threads correctly you still have not got your seeds ? If so that is disappointing. I guess I do not need to tell you as you are already starting to think the worse. I have been ordering seeds for 30 years ( Shit loads of orders) and only recently lost my first one. It was a order from seedsman that arrived at Chicago customs and never had any more activity. At this point your order not showing up is not sounding good but, you have to keep trying which I know you will. Just a suggestion but, if available, always choose the option for a tracking number. Which sannie does have available. This way even if you do not get your order you have a better idea of what happened to it. Like did custom or the post office steal it or, did my stupid postal worker put it in my neighbors mail box. I hope I am wrong but, almost a month after order confirmation does not sound good. If you have not already, talk with sannie maybe he will try to absorb some of your loss ?
  7. Sannie, I am kind of neutral on the Tee Shirts. I am all for your expertise with breeding seeds !!! The KO KUSH Pictures look awesome and it is a awesome stain !!! Could you please bring the KO KUSH back to the shop ??? Pleaeeeese !!!!!!
  8. Sugar Punch has a few different Pheno's none of them will disappoint you .
  9. I am a seed Hoarder . Sugar Punch I have 60 in the stable. Don,t grow it every year but have to keep up my inventory. When it comes back into stock I would suggest Hoarding a couple packs for later. Definitely worth the investment. I threw a couple in the ground last year as replacements for another stain that was disappointing me. Next spring I am planning a row of 6. When it does comeback in stock I will be grabbing some more. I am guessing it will not be long 3 months at best.
  10. Awesome news for you !!! Lets take a delivery date guess . I say 12-30-17 Happy New Years !!! Any other guesses ???
  11. Regardless of where you order seeds from outside the USA. There is always hold up at customs. Which varies depending on which customs. And it can vary from one time to the next. I have ordered a lot of seeds from a lot of different places over the years. Los Angles is always quick ,New York can be quick 1 time and another the stuff sits for a week, Chicago always seems to suck very slow.Unfortunately for me my sannie orders come thru Chicago. I had 1 order recently from seedsman that arrived at Chicago custom and never had any more activity. Fortunately they re-shipped. This is the only order out of hundreds that never arrived.
  12. overlord, As far as I knew carbon paper never did anything more than any of the other suggestions. A thank you card or construction paper serve the same purpose. They all help block the light from going thru, for that possible dishonest postal worker who is trying to see whats inside. All 3 methods work great for this. Put them inside a security envelope and holding it up to the light is useless. If sending cash I like carbon paper better for this purpose because it is lighter in weight. And it gives the envelope package more of a business letter feel verse the stiff feeling of a card or construction paper. I also print the address in a printer on the envelope to make it look more business like instead of hand written. My goal if sending cash is to make the envelope and contents seem the least conspicuous possible. Just a normal looking business envelope on the outside and it feels like a business letter on the inside. With that said I like your Bitcoin idea better . I just have not totally researched how to purchase and use Bitcoin. Although I hear CC payment is coming back to sannie's shop and that will be great !!!
  13. It will probably still make it but anything that makes a letter look less than normal can cause issue's . Tape on the flap may have been over-kill.
  14. The padded envelope sounds like over-kill. Listen to douglasfurtrapper, Put some stamps(international) on it(A regular envelope ) and drop it in the mailbox. The only thing I would add is I wrap the cash in carbon paper . May not be needed but I did this back in the day of the Original Seed-bank, early 1990 and possibly earlier.
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