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  1. Thanks. It was a nice crop. The tent is 2mx2mx2.3mheight. i think i used 2 gavittas on jupiter light movers and a budmaster 1200xg on these photogenic fuckers.
  2. only the budmaster has beat a hps for me. they all work better in combo i find
  3. The LED test is over. I was not impressed. Saying that there were some factors that contributed to its poor performance i think. it was cold, around 60' cold, because of this the plants just didn't drink they had only 500ml every few days. we ended up with 12 ounces of bud that wasn't the best quality. We used to these buds being dense. The product was wispy with little body. below the top 6 inches the bud was terrible. I'm going to run the light again in a much warmer place, somewhere they will actually drink and have something they can build with. Thanks for browsing
  4. there are lots of pics of this plant in the gallery
  5. I've been testing leds for around a year or so smile. I normally have around 1400 watts of led in a tent this size, those units produce a lot of heat, they need fans and things. This unit is incredibly cool compared to them. A smaller tent or an extra light would get rid of our stress
  6. Day 32 The conditions in this tent are strange. The plant pots are extremely light but the soil is stil moist although its dry. The temperatures are cool we've no thermometer but its probably around the sixties. We want the plants to drink more, they are only having around half a litre every day or 2 days. pesky kids!! The buds are starting to form up nicely although its a bit leafy. They have been having bac at 3ml/L every gift. You can see that the light penetrates the plants well There is some leaning of the trees after the 2foot mark from the centre of the light. Crystals are coming along So...yeah... Light Lighting Plants growing Thanks for browsing
  7. Day 23 We have only managed to water these trees twice this week and that was only 500ml a gift. What water it did have had 3ml/L of bac. The plants were not super wet, they just hadn't dried out and still felt moist, not wet moist, moist like dirt fresh out of bag. I think the humidity must be fairly high in there due to the low power the extraction fan is on and because there is no direct heat preasure on the leaves from the light there is little transpiration occuring. We added oscilating fans to see if that will help. A bud under the light There seems to be more crystal production in the early stages as compared with other LEDs. A cola growing The light with this 120' reflector is ment for an area around 1.5M2, we have it in a length of 2.4m. This is a plant that is one of the furthest away, around 50cm outside of the reccommended area. Its coming on fine, its not massive its not tiny. its seems about a third smaller than the trees directly underneath. The light does a good job of penetrting the canopy, the bud goes all the way down This is the distance from the cannopy Thanks for browsing Draigwen
  8. @barreleye The emp thing may be a false description of the event. Ive been in contact with a gentleman from spectrum king, he suggested it may be an overloaded circuit. we tried to recreate the event on the clean socket its in now with a digital recorder but there was no effect. we'll try again with a tv and see what happens, or get an old school meter of some fashion.
  9. Day 13 I have only been able to get bac into them twice in the entire 2 weeks, the caretaker had thouroughly gifted the trees before we flicked the switch. I have no thermometer so cant give the temps, but it is mild, i would be suprised if its over 70. to raise the temp we have reduced the outake fan to 40% The light seems to be doing its job, its putting many bud sites in a short space. Its effectively suppressing unwanted stretching, compared with the previous node spacing. This is the furthest away from the light This plant is also showing the reduces node distance. Even the bottom arms. I would like the pots to dry out, but all in all ok. Thanks for browsing
  10. @sannie or any other bacteria nut What bacteria do you like to use in your soil, and what do you use it for? Do you add extra or reduce the amount of one to perform a function, things like that?
  11. @hempy no tripped fuse, the tv itself didn't turn off, only the screen and sound turned off, they felt it was safe to come back after about 20 seconds, who knows how many years that is in tech time. The amplifiers werent getting tricked again and had turned themselves fully off.
  12. Day 8 flower The plants that we are playing with started out in a 1.2 x 2.4 tent under the cheapest 600w hps i could find, with a phillips bulb. The light was in the centre of the tent so the plants around the edges were smaller than the ones directly under the light when the lights were changed. this was then rearrange for the little ones to be under the new light. This is the light the trees Its hard to tell which ones are the small ones now. The light from the led is excellent as far as inside growing is concerned, you open the tent and its like you have switched on a conventional light bulb, no tell tale orange or magenta glows. The area has a 6 inch exhaust, temperatures are pretty stable, like all leds i have tried the lack of direct heat pressure on the leaves reduces transpiration and consequentially the uptake of gifts from the pot. They stay wet for ages basically, little is a lot. They are grown sannies style, mycos and buffertabs in light mix, they will be having bac bloom and bacto, no spraying for theses, they had a mighty veg for my tastes. Now there are some strange EMP effects with this shiny, new, sparkly light that maybe nothing but may be something. I took the light to some friends who are not quite fans of the price of these (or any) led units to show him the new style and tech. We pugged the light in and the tv and power ampliphiers decided they didnt want to be friends with the spectrum king and decided to run away and switch them selves off. We tried again and still the tv and amps switched themselves off. So beware wearers of pacemakers and other shiny elecronics, It may not be your friend either Thanks for browsing
  13. Its finally happened, i have in my my sticky paws on the spectrum king 400+ and will be running a log of it in a 1.2x2.4m tent. I have high hopes for it, the light output is white. I'm excited... thanks for browsing
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