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  1. Hi Buddies, It was a long time, and i had many adventures, some bad, some better, since i've been there, but "c'est la vie", not always i Pink - Hope to see oldies growers. Back with an outdoor grow, let you know more about it as soon as possible. Whatever, i missed the community, but i guess she does not change that much - high Five & Positive vibes (y) TTYL
  2. Difficult to say something smart in such circumstances, but as we all have a mother, we all share your sorrow my friend.I'm taking age, my mother too, and such things comes to my mind more and more often.
  3. Yes i'm on the site right now, one other thing people can see and you are not obliged to "light on". Like my honey ... I will answer people in PM to understand what happen. I did a mistake, and SoA did worst, in reaction, we can argue until end of times, but he fact is i'm not feeling safe anymore. We both SoA and I know why, there is nothing to see with the overall Opengrow Security. As long as mod's will not give personal information to google , your are safe, but beware it could be done after a 6 years membership So don't shoot the pianist, i wrote the partition, somewhere, and i should have a break.But no more blue note .....
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