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  1. Things are doing great at the end of August, but i will make an update tomorrow 8 & 9 full weeks of flowering of these two babes, so just a little teasing :p
  2. The Misfits Haze = [Gambian x Neville's Haze] x [Colombian Gold 72 X Jamaican Lambsbread] Pure Sativa from Landraces crosses. (Early African Male from Gambia x Neville's Haze female) Male x ( Colombian male x Jamaican female) Female Very early 10-12 week sativa, starts flowers early July - Harvest mid-September (Jamaican pheno) to early October (Colombian pheno) 47°N - Eu
  3. A landrace & sativa lover speaks to landrace sativa lovers (y) Thx for sharing (y)
  4. Sniip, sniiip ... It is a male ... :( With some genetics deviation, up to 4 shootings x 2 at each node and an apex like a brush
  5. Misfits Haze - Gambian/Neville's Haze x Coljam late Seedling mid-June 2019 47°N - Eu
  6. Nice babes @HillCrest We can see the leafy influence of ruderalis, what's strain is it with which lineage ?
  7. June 11th to 14th - Chop day pheno #1 @ 58 days from seeds . The real Cheese smell and taste, hyper frostly; But small plant in the 10 liters, a bit less than 20grams (well cured and manicured), the roots system was tiny. But really good end product quality Pheno #2
  8. July 4-5-6 / 8 weeks - 56-58 days from seeds Pheno #1 Pheno #2
  9. Hi, a quick tour of my auto run who just finished yesterday. I've been gift 3 seeds of GHS Exodus Cheese Auto early may when i visited my friends in the NL, where i go often for skateboard competitions. 2 seeds out of 3 sprouted , first cotyledon show up May 8th they were outside, and even April was amazing, i visited Koekenhof park on eastern under 28°C, the weather was wonderful :p :p But early may was not that good and they suffer cold nights during early stage, who slow roots development etc Grown in a 10 & 20 liters pot, organic 6-15-13 premix - They are supposed to be flowering 7 weeks and be ready in 9 weeks from seeds May 18th - 8 days June 2nd - 22 days One plant show pistils already, the other not yet
  10. Yep, i guess so @Papalag This pheno is slightly different, in between the Jamaican and the Colombian, more close to the Jamaican anyway, light green like it, butt more thin leafs and also i noticed a genetic distortion in one of the apex ; on the last 2 to 3 nodes, the stem is fat and flat, and at each inter-node i have 4 starts (4 flowers, 2 each side; and 4 branches, 2 each side - instead 2). Difficult to make a good picture as it is hidden under the screen, but i'll try to make one relevant. on the early stage, she also show some albino traits on a couple of leafs, half the leaf was light yellow, the other half green; I already had such genetics distortions, on a Killing Fields
  11. The heat wave is more calm now close to the usual August's standards - It also didn't rain for 2 months - It raised up to the Hell"s fire temperature, don't forget i'm in center France, so 46°C / 115° F inside my shack and 58°C /137° F in my crop ! No one ever saw such temperature in my area since weather forecast exists. Butt we survived, the Ganja also, that's not the case of some others vegetables and flowers i'm growing. 10 liters each day was the minimum. They also ate a lot of food, the soil resources were quickly exhausted with such temp and growth, and i had to provide a good handful of organic 4-8-10 once a week August 13th - Let's bud Pheno #1 - The Colombian pheno . Secondary thin branches are filling up gently, butt surely. 6 weeks since she declared her sex with first pistils July1st. A 11 to 13 weeker i guess, so harvest should be done between September 15th and 30th - I never had/saw such king-d of pure sativa being so early. but let's see what will happen in the next weeks Pheno #2 - The Jamaican pheno . leafs are more broad, inter-nodes are more closed, and she is also fatter and faster, but still typically sativa ; she started to flower a week after the Colombian pheno, July the 8th. She is full 5 weeks old now, and is faster also as you can see. Even she was 1 week late compare #1, after 5 weeks she is 1 week above in her development now. If she makes it in 9 weeks, i will harvest September 2nd, so early for such a strain, but i think she is a 10/11 weeker so ready to harvest between the first to second week of September. Unfortunately, she experienced spider mites when i was 15 days in holidays, with no rain till 2,5 months, 15% RH and temperature above 40°, a mite's paradise. I applied Black soap twice, and a huge storm few days ago finished to washed them and rinsed away these crappy bugs. You can see some of their deadly bites on lower leaves, but i think it is ok now This pheno has also a lighter green, i went to what i considered to be the max feeding amount she can managed w/o risks, but she stay with this genetics light green, in healthy condition. Pheno #1 is very dark green (above and below pictures are made with flash so not revealing) - she is 320cm high, pot is buried 90cm into the ground, to avoid bad view from neighbors .
  12. Hello These Velvet Orca look terrific - keep the good job on ! Panta.
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