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  1. The Misfits Haze = [Gambian x Neville's Haze] x [Colombian Gold 72 X Jamaican lambs-bread] Genetics Pure Sativa from Land-race crosses. (Early African Male from Gambia x Neville's Haze female) x (Early Male from the above result x with a ColJam female)
  2. Nice babes @HillCrest We can see the leafy influence of ruderalis, what's strain is it with which lineage ?
  3. June 11th to 14th - Chop day pheno #1 @ 58 days from seeds . The real Cheese smell and taste, hyper frostly; But small plant in the 10 liters, a bit less than 20grams (well cured and manicured), the roots system was tiny. But really good end product quality Pheno #2
  4. July 4-5-6 / 8 weeks - 56-58 days from seeds Pheno #1 Pheno #2
  5. Hi, a quick tour of my auto run who just finished yesterday. I've been gift 3 seeds of GHS Exodus Cheese Auto early may when i visited my friends in the NL, where i go often for skateboard competitions. 2 seeds out of 3 sprouted , first cotyledon show up May 8th they were outside, and even April was amazing, i visited Koekenhof park on eastern under 28°C, the weather was wonderful :p :p But early may was not that good and they suffer cold nights during early stage, who slow roots development etc Grown in a 10 & 20 liters pot, organic 6-15-13 premix - They are supposed to be flowering 7 weeks and be ready in 9 weeks from seeds May 18th - 8 days June 2nd - 22 days One plant show pistils already, the other not yet
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