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  1. Things are doing great at the end of August, but i will make an update tomorrow 8 & 9 full weeks of flowering of these two babes, so just a little teasing :p
  2. The Misfits Haze = [Gambian x Neville's Haze] x [Colombian Gold 72 X Jamaican Lambsbread] Pure Sativa from Landraces crosses. (Early African Male from Gambia x Neville's Haze female) Male x ( Colombian male x Jamaican female) Female Very early 10-12 week sativa, starts flowers early July - Harvest mid-September (Jamaican pheno) to early October (Colombian pheno) 47°N - Eu
  3. A landrace & sativa lover speaks to landrace sativa lovers (y) Thx for sharing (y)
  4. Sniip, sniiip ... It is a male ... :( With some genetics deviation, up to 4 shootings x 2 at each node and an apex like a brush
  5. Misfits Haze - Gambian/Neville's Haze x Coljam late Seedling mid-June 2019 47°N - Eu
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