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  1. 8 males in a row. not 2 worry. got 3 blu choc x miss uni. on t go. all girls. and my do they look good

    1. baggybahn


      What strain produced 8 males brother.?

    2. jimbo666


      hippie killer x c99

    3. jimbo666


      6 males. correction on last status.

  2. HK X C99 all males. got 2 blu choc x ms uni on t go at t mo.

  3. 4 HK x C99 males in a row. fuk! 1 mre left. ere's hopin!

  4. Current Grow Chemistry and Hippy killer x C99

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    2. jimbo666


      chemistry is really nice weed.

      got my 1st HK x C99 2day !

      onwards and upwards!

    3. jimbo666


      got my1st male HK x C99

    4. baggybahn


      Awesome. That sounds like a winner too. C99 anything is a winner in my book.

  5. MS got t chop 2day She ended up 2 b a wee bitch but my how she stinks! Cheers JIMBO
  6. sorry 2 hear that my friend! my thoughts are with you! and yours!
  7. jimbo666

    S5 haze

    lookin gud MrT!
  8. beautiful garden as always my friend and best of luck w t little 1's
  9. ok Chemistry Day 12 changed her water 2nite. upt her food as well. Mad scientist Day 45 she's gettin t chop on sunday. Cheers JIMBO
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