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  1. checkin in bro, hope all is well

    1. dequelo


      Hello My Friend still alive and well and growing as always

      Hope all is good with you also

      be safe and stay free



  2. I think a lot of people may still be lurking but they don't get involved anymore. multiple relocations followed by security concerns just left some people weighing risk versus reward. risk is high reward is low. it gets to the point where a thread starter says "water the plants " and some smart ass jumps in and says " you don't water you feed stupid" and it just devolves. a good example would be sannie having to throw cold water here in this thread. there's usually discourse between this on and that one. if "that" one is a mod..... "this" one winds up feeling a heel on their throat....blah blah blah it gets old. the real joy of sites like these for me was the comradery in showing new growers how to become proficient. I'd answer the same kindergarten question a hundred times...... as if it was the first time. that's because for the new poster it was the first time. a year down the line that kindergarten grower is pissing on people putting people down and bragging about his "mad grow skillz"....... it does get tedious. 10 years ago the answers weren't really out there. now because of what a lot of people did in these forums google can answer most questions. It is always good to see some familiar faces and i hope you all are well.
  3. OK then.............. I'm off to learn about Octopots!!!!!!!!
  4. dude good to see you...lots of people went quie,t glad to see your still around and i hope things are going well for you

    1. webeblzr


      Hey BB, yeah I kept my same handle all these years now, after picking one, when I joined OverGrow in 2001. I'm a wee personal grower, I swapped some here and there. Made a bunch tinctures, and simple extracts trying to find some relief for a few folks, and a dog. So for myself, I'll keep building personal grows for folks, helping them find their green thumb, and showing them the inside tips and tricks. Empowering people, over satisfying them, if you get my drift!! Always great...

  5. Well that's exciting because as I get older I'm getting better at forgetting. Six mature plants........... doesn't quantify what size. So I'll be trying to maximize size while being cautious of light penetration. As a long time advocate of smaller plants in many smaller containers its a whole new learning adventure for me. I'll be curious to see the yield comparison.
  6. BOOM and BOOM. A big win in both states.The state governments are both putting the brakes on stores and social clubs by slowing down implementation, but they can smell the joint burning. Worst case scenario will be 18 months before the doors open. As of this posting it is legal to grow, possess and smoke. Just a few more states could swing a national momentum. Now I just have to re learn how to grow big giant plants in large containers....... Something I haven't done in 30 years.
  7. There's no question that BIG money will be in play. But big money cant cast a vote, only influence votes. The biggest actual vote swings in California were caused by ; 1) Young people not showing up to the voting booth. 2) People involved in the illegal sales, growing, manufacture, equipment sales, etc. DID show up and voted AGAINST the bill. If you had to explain why California was defeated and Colorado passed it would be simple. Colorado didn't have the huge underground special interest that California did. In the end most people vote to protect themselves and the huge illegal infrastructure in California had a lot to protect and a lot of people to protect it. If you don't have to pay taxes your "profit margin" is increased by around 30%. The other benefits to keeping things illegal allow for Captive audience, price gouging, limited customer service, limited competition, limited supply therefore greater demand. Think down the road say............25 years. Once there is an open market competition will quickly ensue. How long will it take before there is a place like Walmart for weed that will have every single item available at the absolute lowest price ?
  8. Hello everyone, it has been a while. Id just like to get info out there about upcoming votes for legalization in the states of Massachusetts and Maine. Both states will have ballot questions providing for fully legal marijuana this fall. If you live in one of these states it is SO VERY IMPORTANT that you register to vote, get your fellow supporters to register to vote, AND ACTUALLY VOTE !!!!!!! In previous initiative states the tracking polls indicated a fair percentage of pro reform voters........never went. Damn stoners ! Right now the numbers indicate that these states have numerical support for passage but as election time nears the anti drug / police /big pharma money will flow in to try and defeat the initiatives. As they do this the numbers will tighten. Please donate to these causes if you can, and encourage others to do so as well. I haven't posted the specific donation info because I'm unsure if that's cool with the T.O.U. but they are easily found on google. In Maine there were two separate entities who were pushing different agendas. They have now combined support into one initiative. You can donate to the group that has the word "legalize" in their name. P.S. If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, please don't forget the rest of America still needs YOUR help. Don't be the person who thinks I'm all set and there on their own. Please help any way you can.
  9. well freddy sorry you feel that way but im certainly not going to qualify my first hand knowledge to talk you down from your assumptions. feel free to ignore my post. i just wanted to try and shed some light without creating a spotlight. i wont mention names of any sort cause i dont wanna see anybodies real life mugshots or names on a pot board period. i have a ravenous hatred of a few people on these boards (well known to most who know me) but i wouldnt post there bust info....sorry you dont like it but thats the way i feel. i've given a framework for those who may have a vested interest in knowing the truth to connect the dots. vested interest means someone who may have met or dealt with any of the involved parties. curious and ghoulish rubberneckers should just drive on by. throwing around terms like bullshit, cash cow, trojan horse, in a reference to me just demonstrates you have no absolutely no idea what im all about. ive been around a long time comparatively with only one name. ive never shilled , never been anyone's propaganda machine, and have always given freely to anyone in need. i posted first hand knowledge.... and if people NEED to know they can connect the dots. your second line proclaims I'm wrong,,,,, if ya think so,,, again, please feel free to ignore the post.
  10. I guess I'm gonna have to jump in here and state a couple of facts which are known to me first hand and not based on hunches, innuendo, or internet fodder. 1) thats chem and not rez, ive met them both. i was introduced to them by different people at different times. Both of the people who introduced me were known internet names that are no longer around. 2) chem has always been a western mass guy. rez's location prior to these spain stories is well known to anyone around here or the net. it is not mass. 3) chem is a mellow quirky dude who got taken advantage of a few times......by the likes of rez and gypsy......and others. he was always trying to get a leg up one way or another but always wound up getting fucked one way or another. even though he had a great product he could never translate that to wealth but there was always a "new" angle with him, as opposed to rez who never had shit but made shit tons of money. rez is an overbearing punk asshole in person, just like online. 4) there was a big bust earlier this year. that resulted in an even bigger bust of a grower known to most of us who've been around for a while. that person is in the wind and the presence has been eradicated from icmag. Im not going to mention a name here because it appears to have been kept quiet from forums and i'm not interested in pointing out peoples real life names. 5) that bust was the person who introduced me to chem and the person who introduced me to another guy who introduced me to rez. 6) all of this shit started with the bust of a well known grower from the west coast last year (the guy who i met rez with)........who knows everyone just mentioned. thats the facts. these all could be total coincidence but i dont believe it is . i believe all these dots can be connected .
  11. mass is decriminalized for less than an ounce and has fairly lenient laws on growing (comparatively). But if they find anything extra like baggies, seal a meal, scale, etc, they go right to intent to distribute and criminal enterprise and such. a pipe is a felony here. throw in a gun and you have a real serious problem. there have been a few high profile busts here in the last few months including another one today. they are all growers who are known to each other in one way or another.....known internet persona's...the dots can be connected so to speak......has anyone noticed that loudmouth piece of crap rezdog is no where to be found ? all of a sudden hes quiet as a mouse. thats an observation not an accusation, but things are quite dicey around here lately.
  12. thats him, for sure. i wish him well and thats all i'll say on the matter
  13. always use a good scrubber. smell is the number one reason people get caught.
  14. looking good as usual dequilo,,,sorry i havent beem around i have been having some trouble loggging on to this site. hope all is well with you and keep up the good work
  15. i take off the bottom third of the branches and leave the top two thirds alone.
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