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  1. Thanks everyone! This was a great run before I took a break, had to get my shit together in many areas of life. Now older and wiser with the ducks in rows, I’ve come back with a realistic view of cannabis as a gift for insight and enhancement, rather than escaping from life’s challages in the fog of a gluttonous fatty. Just finished my first run of Dynasty’s Bluniverse after a five year hiatus from cultivation. Keep a look out for the report! Thanks!
  2. Every female was different, but amazing. Lime sherbert shiva to fruit punch cheese... Every one was a head spinner, would constantly find myself “lost” in a room forgetting what I was after.
  3. Thanks Toker, the Kinky clones grown organically had a sweetness I never found in coco using chem nutes. Had a little more “sparkle” in the high that would really keep you inside your own head, sometimes a bit too much. The yellowish one in the back had issues early on from a heavy top dress of ancient forest that never fully recovered. I believe it was a cheese heavy Pheno that would induce panic in those who were sensitive. The greener Phenos were clones more on the shiva side with a more balanced effect and a skunkyfruit punch stank that I loved. I believe they were a little heavy on N at chop. With a 2 week dry, and 3 week cure, this stuff was definitely turning heads.
  4. Grown under 600W HPS, in Vermafire and CocoLoco soil. Fed with Peruvian Seabird guano, Mexican Bat guano, ancient forest, kelp extract, molasses, and Myko-Bacto inoculations. Watered with bottled spring water. Nothing more nothing less. Pics were taken mid 8th week of flower. Plants harvested a week later. Thanks for looking! (if this belongs in grow reports, my apologies. Please feel free to move wherever is appropriate. Thank you)
  5. I looove me some NBD! My favorite pheno is heavy in BB with dense, foxtail buds that are finished in 7 weeks. Stretchy, and stinky she is with just enough NYCD to add more complexity to the BB. Looking great F.O.T.H! I hope the weather holds out for you this summer.
  6. Thank you for the replies. I will be sure to work on a report of the progress. The willingness to help strangers out with tips is truely amazing. Thank you all again! I just dropped 5 of each NBD, BluChem, and NL from nirvana that were collecting dust. Stay tuned! Much love!
  7. As the title states, I have 5 beans of NBD and would like to explore more of what this strain has to offer. Being that it is no longer available from Sannies, I was debating on making some F2's from the remaining 5. My question is, with only 5 beans and a keeper cut from the original 5 to work with, would it be worth saving pollen from each male, or finding the best looking male and using him exclusively. Assuming I will get more than one male to choose from. I am open to suggested crosses as well from the following packs from Sannies in my stash.. 5 Carmel Candy Kush 5 BlueChem f1 5 Killa Queen X Blue Hammer 10 Lady Cane 10 Cheeseberry Haze 8 Cheeseberry99 8 Nl Xodus 8 Chocolate Cheese I am leaning strongly to the BlueChem F1... I would love to hear your opinions or advice! Thank you Much respect!
  8. starinhazy- I go through so much of the crap its insane, especially in winter. During the summer, they are out side more than indoors which lightens the demand. Damn shit rats.....Gotta love em though!
  9. Thanks Bobb, this is a run of all but one female from my bunch. They are all great, you will find something special in your pack. Just be ready for some good stretch and stench! They are stinky and stretchy girls that like a light diet. I am really interested in running the NL xodus next, I have a special place in my heart for NL.
  10. A little bit of an update... This is a few shots of the middle of week four. Stretch has pretty much stopped and they are filling in pretty nicely. Thank you all for stopping by!
  11. Hello all! After two years of lurking, I figured it was time to drop in and say hello. Here are my Kinky Cheese clones from my keepers from two packs of kinky from the cheese mix offered. Here you will see 3 phenos of the KC, and one cut of New Blue Deisel I found out of my first pack from sannies almost two years ago. The ladies are under 600 watts of hps, and occupy a 3'x5' space. I am using straight coir, and feeding them cns17 gro, bloom, and ripe, while supplementing with floralichous plus, rapid start, and protekt. And yes, you see blumats in there, and gnat-nix for the fungus gnats.
  12. Thank you everyone! Mr. D, no direct relationship to Shvetty, but I am kin to Harry and Ivanna Krotchsak. Damar, I am running clones of specimens worth a second look. Out of four ladies, I had a heavy cheese pheno that has the confusing but motivational high. And two that leaned to the Shiva side of thin gs. One that reeks of key lime pie with rock hard nugs but a bit light in the yield. And the other having a more creamy fruit aroma and pounding head high. And a runt that looked very afghan and tasted like cabbage. All considering a 60 day flowering, I will be letting them go to 70 days this run. I also have my beloved new blue diesel clone in the mix because I cannot get enough of her. Everyone that is lucky enough to sample some absolutely loves it, and always inquire on how to procure some themselves. Pics are coming, must get to a desktop pc to upload the.digi cam, as I do not trust sensitive photos on the smart phone. I just laid the screen down and flipped on Monday, and they are fillin' in nicely! Keep an eye out in Esko's forum, it will be well worth it. Much love!
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