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  1. Filled that tent right up, Looks great! I understand both sides of the defoliation argument, and I don’t believe it’s the best practice for everyone. Growing indoors, with stationary overhead lighting, defoliation can be useful in evening out the ripening of densely packed plants. Those using salts and hydroponics, seem to be able to be more aggressive with it. I’ve been implementing a bit of defoliation myself, and seen an improvement in lower bud development and ripeness.
  2. Everything looks great man! My pack of Scarlet Begonias arrived the other day. Found a California based bank selling a 10 pack for $50, and couldn’t fight it any longer. I’ve got 6 Pineapple fields soaking at the moment, but they are a few years old. If they should fail to pop, scarlet B may have to take its place for my sativa this run. His podcast episode has me interested on the whole phenotypic spectrum with the lineage she holds. F2’s would be a journey for sure…. Looking forward to seeing your next round with her. Will you be running cuts, or popping more?
  3. Great information hempyfan, the double filtration sounds like my best option. Recently also switched to the ACinfinity fans and I’ve had my doubts compared to the inlines of yesteryear. Thanks again
  4. I got the call at work, it was the wife. “Hey, the house f***Ing reeeeks!” . Not a call you want when you’re 80 miles away, and live in a “oh-so-close” state. Luckily, we hoard ona jelly jars so she quickly put them to work, while slowing the exhaust to a crawl. "Ok, it’s working” she assured me, after a quick mosey of the yard. I’ll tell ya, an 80 mile drive is a lot smoother knowing the tailpipe of your funk closet isn’t spewing your business to the world. Upon arrival home, I popped my head into my attic, and was met with the presence of “clean linen cannabis”. Good smell for a candle or fabric softener perhaps , but not for my attic. Time for action. I check ductwork connections, and inspect for tears/holes. I checked the fan housing for damage. Nothing Now this only leaves the carbon as the culprit. A Can33 with less than a year under very reasonable cfm load. My rh has been in check, and the pre filter is not needed a cleaning yet. I’ve used Can33’s for years, with total confidence. I’ve, replaced it with a *brand new backup*, but now I believe I’ve outgrown the Can33. My problem now lies in the fact that this sucker is already huge in my 3x6 tent. With multiple cob’s and a hlg setup, roof space is at an all time premium. do I? A. Rock the Can33’s and implement ozone into the attic space? B. Buy a bigger filter and vent the whole space the tents are in. 6’x7’x8’ closet. I appreciate it!
  5. Dang man, that scarlet begonias of yours is selling me something fierce! Standing by for that smoke report. Looking great man!
  6. Thanks Gardenartus! I’ve been fine tuning my pre flower shaping and pruning, I hate trimming larf buds. This is the first seed run of her, they both smell undeniably creamy European chocolate. Not sharp like Hershey, very creamy. The shorter gal leans heavy with berry tones up front with plenty of chocolate in the mix.
  7. AGP, Thanks! Taller gal is all pine with a hippy funk down deep. Her shorter sister smells mostly of lemon permanent markerish “fume” with a more subtle pine. Notes from this run.. She was first to show me when she was tired of the 3 gal bags in veg, and the only one to need extra oyster shell flower. I’m going to be popping the rest very soon
  8. Gator bait! Funky and dense!
  9. Sister pheno with more of a greezy fruity smell with the creamy chocolate
  10. Sunshine daydream x chocolate diesel from Useful, filling in nicely at 49 days.
  11. That joker sounds right up my alley! Interested to see if that apple sticks around when she’s done. Everything is coming along nicely man!
  12. Nothing sends my wife scurrying out of my room like a gnat up the nose.
  13. Reviving this post because just had this issue. Cinnamon sprinkled on the soil and on my smartpots sent them truckin’.Interesting smelling your buds thru the spicy addition indoors, but it calms down after a few days.
  14. krotchsak

    Pic test

    I’m telling ya man, I’m really pleased so far with the gator bait. This particular gal had manageable stretch and has a pine and lemon permanent marker nose. The sister is all pine,with almost 2x the stretch. She had me crunching stems almost daily through 3 weeks from flip, but is all pine. Deep mystical pine. Both share Golf ball nugs all the way down, and rock friggin hard. I’ll get better pics and do a proper report on her. Still getting used to all this.
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