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  1. Hi, I finally got the money I was supposed to get and I am now close to make my first order here. I am still considering the strains I want to get but it will be over soon. I had busy days lately and some more coming. I almost finished my roof and, for my little plants, got 5 T8 and they are now running and maybe I will had 2 more. I should soon get a better internet connection so I will be able to post pics. So everything is going to be fine it seems. Meanwhile, Take care and happy grows
  2. Thank you very much everyone and specially MisterD. Sorry I was very busy the last few days and I forgot a bit about that post. Thanks for the suggestion and, as Misterdirt pointed out I am more looking for sativas than indica based strains or sativa leaning hybrids. But I am also considering some indicas for the dry season. As for humidity, if UK is more cold-humid and in the amazon it's hot and humid. I already planned to put ventilators in the greenhouse but thanks for making me want to buy then sooner than later now. As for SJ I was wondering how compact/airy it was. I will keep it in my wish list for later on. I finally set some goals for this grow. First of all get strains that works here and be autonomous weed wise. Later on get strains which maybe more interesting on certain aspects but might be harder to grow in my climates. Then select for breeding the one that are growing well here and the one that doesn't but interest me. Should keep me busy for quite a long time. Even more since I will have to tune in my techniques which are mainly indoor related. Thanks for suggesting DoubleJam and ColJam, I had them on my radar along with napalma which I would love to make charas of and BOOM Anyway the day is starting here, seems like we will have some beautiful and hot day. And wherever you are, It may not be as hot as here but I sincerely wish you a good one. PS I am also looking at ACE seeds as they have many strains that would love it here.
  3. @JGL thanks for answering. The price shouldn't be a problem. Other than that can you please give some infos on those strain? The idea of an ever going plant in my garden is very appealing (I have the climate to allow such plant to survive a long time). @Misterdirt here its 12/12 to 13/11 and that's it (approximation). I am real close from the equator. That said I won't be able to grow huge plants before a quite long time or a little at a time. Using the dry seasons to grow the most sensible ones (here dry is 80%+ RH) but some technique I intend to use should get that number lower.
  4. Thanks for stopping by Desertgrwon, Damar, Robogro. The mantis is gone. There are still many insects but there is very few leaves which are not intact.(I also have some mutants whom I will take picture of when the light is better) But still I will have to get busy this week, I will put a frame with mosquito net. Buy some ventilator, four T8 which I already built a frame for. Buy some CFL to replace the one in my homemade reflector (mine are two yellow, 2700K for veg isn't the ideal). I also have to demolish something and build my greenhouse and put a roof over my head. And repair things. Busy weeks coming for me. As for the term "greenhouse", the one here are always the open type (as opposed to closed one you have in Europe). It's basically a transparent roof with no walls. The temperature is never an issue cold wise, I don't know how many millennia must have went by without the temperature never going even close from zero(°C). I guess you will see picture at some point or another hopefully. Maybe some cool things too. We will see. Take care
  5. I just took a few pics of my veg room and the insects init, I will upload them some day when my internet connection allows me to do so. I couldn't find the mantis but found a cricket, I hope he didn't eat her.
  6. Very nice thanks for the share
  7. I don't speak portuguese but I do understand it a little bit. There are places where you don't want to swim here especially withs kids, places with 7m+ anacondas, 600V electric fish, caymans, and others where you the water is completely transparent, you can drink from it, have tiny littles fishes eat your dead skin. Mosts parts are safe though. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_eel
  8. Ok, thanks for the quick reply and I guess I will see directly with the certification agent what products will I be able to use for other crops. Amhazed
  9. @Malarkey indeed Xocolope sounds good, I had a eye on her. Next time I go to Brasil (or one of my friends does) I will try to get some Mango Rosa Plus my parents are coming from Europe and would bring me the seeds and not just MJ but real old school strains of vegetables for me to hybridize with the local varieties. @Hempyfan those are some of the leads, I will be ordering from Ace Seeds too when I can. And I am trying to get some seeds from friends in different places. For the Jamaican most of what we have to smoke here is supposed to come from Jamaica. I have a lot of seeds from there, but it's strange they usually start flowering when very young usually like 15cm tall and it almost stops their growth when planted outside directly or sprouting spontaneously from where it had been thrown. I believe they have been hybridized because Jamaican weed should't be so photoperiod sensible (i.e. Double Jam 14 to 16 weeks ). I should soon see what they look like flowering, still they have pretty thin leaves and of a quite light green. Wait and see.
  10. @barney indeed she is my friend, it's quite fun, she is usually on some leaves and it's like she is doing surveillance there is also a frog that comes from time to time, I don't mind until she will jump on a seedling Indeed I am vegging indoor and plan on taking them outdoor when they are due to flower (and when my greenhouse is ready, the rain season is starting again atm... it rained inside the house this night. @hawky there are many countries in the amazon forest, Brasil being one. I am indeed not so far from it but no. I do swim in the rivers here from time to time. Some famous guy once said that "if you could see through the water nobody would swim in it" but we can't see and do swim But tbh I would rather swim in a creek, it's just awesome clear water (usually between 23 and 26°C) in the middle of the rainforest with the butterflies, the frogs, the palm trees, the orchids, etc. It's just beautiful. Some people like the "postal card beautiful", I prefer this kind of "untouched forest" beautiful as it attracts a lot less people It's raining again and we are good for a few months of it.
  11. @Malarkey I answered you in my introduction thread : https://www.opengrow.com/topic/48427-hello-ogers/page__pid__605463#entry605463 @ Hempyfan yeah there are lots of crawlers here some look so strange it's kind of fantastic; for the sativas that was my bet also. For the dehumidifier I think I have found a technique that might dry up the air but I have yet to try it, should be running in a few months. I will explain it later on when I will be able to spend more time on the project. Maybe I will try the strains you mentioned if only to cross the most sativa-leaning phenos between them. As F2 there are maybe some viable subjects to be found. Thanks for your inputs
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome, concerning that : Most of the weed we can buy here is either called kali (very low quality, most of it is either branches and seeds, really cheap), jammin' (which supposedly come from Jamaica, better lot more expensive, but it's not that stong nor taste good, effects are mild and mellow, full of seeds), Jamaican (Ok weed for the price 28g/80 euros, but nothing to talk about anywhere, it's what I was smoking a bit before, less seeds) and a so called skunk (grown outdoor very few seeds in it, a friend found two, me none, the "best" a bit more expensive, none to be found atm). And here you have them all, there is no landraces, no people growing much on any scale. Everything is imported and not much of any quality. Then again I could go search for those while traveling but for that you need money and I am broke. And anyway females won't disturb the gene pool, at least the hypothetical one of the area except for mine. Thanks for your concern anyway Take care
  13. Thank you for your replies. Misterdirt, in your humid region were they grown outdoor where it could rain onto them?
  14. Hi Sannie and the others, I do have a question for you, I was wondering if your product is or might get certified for organic culture? The thing is I a about to become an farmer in a recent future I shall get quite a lot of land (between 15 to 20 hectares, 37 to 50 acres) and plan on being full organic. My question is, if I used some of your products in other grows than MJ could I still be certified as a organic grower? Thank you for taking the time to answer me, and for everything else. Amhazed
  15. That's interesting, do you do that before pre flower appear? Does your clones root well? Easily? After taking your clone do you veg them (switching back from 12/12 to 18/6)? or directly plant them? Could be a good way to use the topped material. Anyway, do you still keep mothers in veg? I fear that switching back and forth between veg and bloom might accelerate the genetic drift and create an awful amount of stress for the plant something that might lead some day to some naners and might be incompatible (if not keeping a healthy mother in veg) with long term storing of the genetic material. Anyway thanks for your share Amhazed
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