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Found 31 results

  1. Went looking for some info on Chocolate Rain and found that the much deserved E$KO section is now up at Sannie's Seeds!!! http://www.sanniessh.../eskobar-seeds/ This made my day!!! WOOT WOOT!!! THANKS SANNIE!!! Congrats E$KO!!! I'll SMOKE TO THAT!!!
  2. Holy Princess Grow and Smoke Report: I grew 2 different cuts of Holy Princess and 1 cut of Chucky's Bride, about 8 plants total. I didn't grow the Chucky enough for her own report, but she is very comparable, so she is sort of wrapped in here. Find the whole report in my signature - Round 2. Grow Info: Take the following with a grain of salt, this is my own opinion from my grows, smoking and info from people's opinion I respect. If you can, seek out the balanced or not Cindy dominant phenos. The Cindy dad is so dominant that the Cindy phenos are stretchy and while very tasty, are not taking advantage of the real possibilities these crosses have to offer. The cheese or SM phenos will have better structure and will explode with taste once cured. All the sweetness of the Cindy will be there, with crisp flavor from the other parent. Of course, Cindy phenos can be intense for some people... and too much is not fun at all, totally anxiety causing. No edibles from this stuff, just a few bowls or 2/3 of a joint will set you up for the whole night. I'll get back to smoking I'm a second. She is not hard to grow, but needs to be trained early and supported for best results. Pinching helps reduce her node distance a bit. She is not a big feeder but will show yellow leaves as N deficiency in flowering once the stretch stops or a week after, makes no difference really. Don't do a 3 week transition thinking it'll help, she is too fast for that, instead, start building up your Flo nutes a little faster than usual and watch out come week 6-7! The rewards will come. I flowered all of mine for 8 weeks, but she is a fast finisher, it takes a couple runs to adapt, not at all like growing an 8 week indica, in my opinion, so plan for that. Here are some collected photos from a few grows of these ladies: Good shot of the node distance: Shots of various plants: Now, the smoke report This bud has been curing for about 3-4 weeks and I have not smoked it in over a week. I have been smoking Sugar Punch, Jackberry, Mad Shack and KO kush so I am ready to experience this with a refreshed palette. SPECS : -Cindy 99 x Santa Maria by E$kob@r -Flowered 8 weeks -Dried and sweated for 10-11 days, cured for 4 weeks -Smoked 2 bowls from a clean glass pipe Smell: 9/10 - Absolutely fantastic smell in the jar, very sweet and skunky or in the Chucky's case, sweet and cheesy. Somewhere during the cure is a bubblegum flavor. This is just very sweet stuff. If I could grow a Chuck again, that would be a 10, IMO ! Taste: 8/10 - Sweet and a little leathery. I think it was the pheno #4 of Holy P that had that bubblegum aspect in the jar, and tasted like red fruit. High: 8.5/10 - Comes on strong to the head and chest, it's definitely a little heart pumping for the first few minutes. The body high kicks in a few minutes later and I can feel my shoulder and how tense they are. I won't get much relief from this, muscles are not tense, I'm just more aware of everything. Sounds, taste, emotions, it's all a little heightened. This is very mood dependent and how much effort I put in, but if I am in a good mood, I'll have a great time. If i am not patient, I'll be plain mean. So beware CONCLUSION: Overall, I love these cinderella 99 crosses, they are very intense, very tasty and can be great fun to grow if you work at it a little. I think esko has done brilliant work with these and of course the outcome of this project.. I said before that Bubblegum is something that comes to mind with these... turns out that is exactly what Esko's Boudica is all about - "blood orange chewing gum". I have too many projects right now, but my next order will include Boudica! Straight to the fridge as a backup pack for some awesome gear! A winner in my book and we'll see what I get when I pop the last of my Chucky's Bride seeds.
  3. This is Day 1 Of week 10, and everythings coming down . I ran 8 1000 watt lights, two tables of 8 different phenos of chocolate rain, and a table of Herojuana Og and a table of the Platinum cookies. I did everything from seed so I had different phenos of each strain, looking for the keeper pheno of each. Here are some pics of the different pheno's of the chocolate rain. And my favorite pheno was #7, one of the trichiest strain's I have ever grown, which is perfect as a wax/hash making strain imo. Plus smell is incredible, And here are some pics of my fave pheno of the Herojuana Og, the one that leans more toward OG The platinum pheno of the platinum cookies. And my favorite pheno of the platinum cookies, the one that lends itself more to the cookies. It was a pretty good run. Im the manager at a hydroponics shop in California so these plants got the best of the best. Now that I have my keeper pheno's its just dialing them in. I'll have video smoke reports of these strains, check out my youtube channel LAOGROW and it's got smoke and grow reports along with joint rolling tutorials and fat sessions =D.
  4. dear OPGers, happy new year. this is E$kob@r's HOLY PRINCESS (Santa Maria -Planck X C99 -Pineapple) first i would like to start off by sharing this drawing that my wife made. she felt deeply inspired by the eskobar strains that i have been growing. so she drew this a few weeks ago. i hope you guys like it as much as we do ... (i even made a t-shirt of it *LOOOL* ) okay, so let's start the report ... i germed 5/5 holy princess without a problem (only 2 days) in last november. due to unexpected space issues they were kept in only 1l pots (cuxin light mix) for approx 40 days ... poor little raskals this is them on day 19 under 2x 55w PL-L (840) after a way too long time in the little pots they were transplanted to a 45l crate of soil (a little under 12 gallons, i think) with (organically) pre-nuted soil from cuxin. they did not recieve anything but a little grow fert a week before transplant (bio bizz), only a little bacto-tap every other week or so. so as you can see ... they transformed into 3 unhappy, hungry bitches *hahaha* you can see that the five weeks in the little pots hurt them. but now they finally had some room to stretch their feet 40 days of veg under 2x 55w PL-L (250w MH, crate-veg day 1) then i snapped them bitches and put them in the tent ... ... and put the foil between light and plant-tops for higher humidity boost for the next two weeks. ... a week later ... (47 day of veg - crateveg, day 8) ... and after two and a half weeks under the screen they got flipped. (18 days crate-veg, 58 days of veg in total ... that was yesterday and they were quite thirsty.) holy princesseseses (lol) expected flo-time is: 9 weeks (+/- a few days) i hope you have enjoyed the ride so far ... i'll put up the next update with new pics in about a week or so. and no worries, fellas ... i will take pictures after giving water next time *lol* many greetings, SAN
  5. Hi E$ko, I am guessing this strain is from sensi seeds shiva skunk, and not shiva shanti. Is she good for scrog, topping, or FIM?
  6. Hi all I was recently gifted a few cross's. Of the cross's I received 'Kronocaine x Chocolate Rain' a Whazzup & Eskobar combo put a BIG smile on my face the more I thought about it. Suprising as I do have plenty of both both parents beans but haven't sprouted any yet so I'm not that familiar with either, bar what I've read and seen on OG. 5 x 'Kronocaine x Chocolate Rain' beans are currently being soaked (6 Hours). They will be placed in spongepots then transplanted to 15L airpots. Started under T5 - 210W and roughly 7-10 days after sprouting they will then be moved under a 1000DE to flower. All males will be removed and composted. Canna Bio Terra soil plus 5% perlite. Symbio - MycoForce Endo Mycorrhizal Liquid (PDF) (I will be dipping each spongepot in a solution of the Endo liquid and rainwater on transplanting to 15L Airpots.) Symbio - MycoForce Growing Media Activator (PDF) (This will be mixed through the Canna bio Terra and watered prior to transplanting) Sannies Buffer tabs. Canna Bio Bloom. (As required) Canna Bio Boost. (As required) Canna Bio Rhizotonic. (As required) Feed alternated between Nutes and AACT. Hope you all enjoy the ride. I'll post weekly updates with pic's and all questions and comments are welcomed. Grtz HillCrest
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