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Found 2 results

  1. Hey gang. Updating you on my endeavours. Got some Boudicca and I love her. Love the British cheese and this is similar but better. Less musky and earthy than the cheese but still has that character with added succulent tropical and citrus notes and grows like a skunk. Have a UK blues that I'm going to pollinate with the best boudicca male (strongest tropical and cheese smelling and skunk shape). I want to see the results of two skunky British lineages combining. Might hand out a few seeds for free if they turn out good and if anyone would be interested. Though l am a novice really. Hope you like the pics, muckers. Other pics in the gallery. These are the bouddicas Blues female.
  2. Hello ! Strain : Skunk #1 Breeder : Sensi Seeds Regular / Fem : Regulars IN/OUT : in AND out Finished : 62 Days Inside (around 30% amber) 2nd to 3rd week of October (around 30% amber too) Visual : Buds are green to pale green, with yellow to orange hairs (light colors). Only differences between in and out buds are : - Size (Outdoor buds are way biggers, but so were the pots, veg time and plants ..) - Trichs (indoor buds are covered by a thicker layer of trichs, looking beter) Taste : I was quite pleased to find back the taste of some of the first weed i ever smoked. As at first, i thought it would be very different from what it was like 20 years ago, it was not. How to describe Skunk, as i very often relay on "Skunk" to describe other strains ! It smells just like my grandpa garage smelled back in the happy young days, some special mix of pine and oak (he was carpenter), with a clear scent of both human and cat piss backed up by something in between oil and gas ! (or a mix of both .. !) It was some slight variation in taste, some added some vvvv soft citrus aromas, some leaned more to some "earthy" aroma, still not earthy like Afghans, or some diluted afghan, and ONE amazed me ! All plants got first put out, then took clones, and a friend run them in. So we basically had EXACTLY the same plants, grown in/out. We both ended with a pheno (didn't took clone .. would have been fun lol) that smelled of Skunk, and tasted just like MOLD ! Yeah, i know, me neither never eat something rotten (beside roquefort ..), but it taste just like rotten vegetables smells ! That humid and "hot" smell of something that's dying but that's not fully dead already ! I was the first that smoked this one. At first, i didn't really realize, something was bad in that blunt, took another toke, then it poped to me "ROT !". Handed the joint to a friend, took one stroke, puffed it back like someone that drink vodka thinking it's water with that horrible face "Mate what's that ? it taste like rotten molded shit !" lol ! I checked the tray this pheno is stored in, it was sterile as others, the buds does smell a bit of mold, but yet there are no mold in the buds, we opened wide some of the biggers i had, no mold. Don't know if someone already came by this kind of taste, surprising to say the least ! (Make someone that never had weed smoke that, and be sure he never go for weed again .. lol .. and i already found her a name "Vomitor Kush" LOL) Effect : All phenos had almost the same kind of high (this variety seem to be pretty stable, very uniform growing), some maybe a slightly little slight more on the head, but nothing really important. Smoked it as usual, 1g big blunt, pure weed. First stroke, smoke is sweet on the tongue, some sugar or sugarcane aromas at the end of my tongue, that vanish as you get smoke in. Easy on the lungs, smokes expands a bit, doesn't burn at all beside it's my first smoke of the day. As i smoke, i instantly feels the heat, it's spreading slow around the chest. Second, deep stroke, smokes flows well, no burn, expands pleasantly, the heater is on "Thermostat 2", it's starting to get more hot, and i start to feel the high building from down side of my back. Third/Fourth, still deep stroke, the high is making his way to the head, as it climbs up my back, i can feel some muscles releasing, very pleasant, relaxing after a day digging in the ground to prepare next year out Fifth, Sixth, and following, after a few minutes building, the high tends to vanish slowly, at the same time the body rises, it's some kind of "vases communicants". Very pleasant anyway. It's some good after work weed, get back home, grab a beer/coke/glass-of-water, a nice nug, get on the sofa, roll and enjoy ! You shall not be too high wasted or mind fucked, neither you should end laid on the sofa unable to make a move or to say a word, find this strain to be quite well balanced, a little social, packed with some relaxing joy, you can smoke some, and still want to go out and meet other humans, looking for some "Indican's CB" (CB stands for Cute blonde .. lol) out in the streets This be said, bear in mind, if you smoke too much, you may end asleep. It rarely happens to me, i usually feel i'm falling asleep , and either go to bed, or make some coffee, with this one, happened me twice, smoke like 4 to 5 joints in an afternoon, yet to be found asleep by my new room mate as she came back from job ! Smoke some, then .. Enjoy (he's an old well known french humorist ...) Jim
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