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Found 33 results

  1. Hey Sannie I just wanted to ask whether Sugar punch will become a part of the Fem mix again as soon as the seeds hit the shop? Guess me and some other folks would love to have such a nice combination of strains in one mix! Luma
  2. Hello OG! I just finished as recent as this morning trimming up all my SP's. took roughly 12 hours straight of pretty consistent trimming with little to no breaks all i can say is i think i need a new pair of scissors ! 18 total and all tops look like these but two of them were half the size due to being on the outskirts of the light. These are surprisingly dense and covered with trichomes... there was no area that did not have small sticky pieces of trim clinging on. they got two days of darkness before the chop and are currently in 66F and 50% RH. Is that a proper ratio between temp and RH? Now for the veg tent- -Top Left big plant is the new SP mother. -below it filling most of the tent are 16 vegging SP clones getting ready to go into flower within the next week or two - 3 seedlings in the back are Durganchitral (left), KKxKF (middle), Durganchitral (Right) - top right are seedlings being germinated = 1x Northern Lights Blue (Delicious Seeds; fem), 4x Mt. Hood Huckleberry, 3x Critical Neville's Haze (Delicious seeds; fem) ... i don't plan on hanging on to these seeds once they germinate, just trying to help a friend get started. i'll update this with pictures when i can! i have to borrow a camera since i'm to cheap to buy one- can't wait to get the flower room started again, as i will have made a few changes to improve the environment. and as for specs- 4x8 tent 2x600w hps 6"vortex nutrient: CNS-17 grow + ripe + protekt in Coco coir (Last harvest humboldt nutrients natural was used) good luck to everyone on their grows!
  3. Hi everyone, I've been lurking around here for a while,learning from so many people that are kind enough to share pictures, research and time. Enough of just sitting back, time to participate! This is going to be the second run in this setup, I have a little OCD so I can't stop adjusting everything. I'm always trying to improve things, one little thing at a time. I've got a DR120 with a 600W HPS for flowering. We currently have 6 ladies under the light, they got between 2 - 3 weeks of veg and have 2 - 4 weeks left in flower. I just upgraded the fan from a 6 in booster fan to this 420 CFM monster... It's actually dimmed to 40%, and my temps have dropped 2 degrees directly on top of the hood. Not too bad. It's actually 78 degrees and 45 % RH inside the canopy. I've also got a 400W 4ft T5 that I use for seedlings, clones and vegging. Hopefully we'll be able to keep a bonsai mother or 2 as well. The plan is to set up perpetually so I can pull 1 plant out of flowering every 2 weeks. Currently in flowering, we have 2 Killing Fields ( the limited FEM freebee batch ). Both show more color than my lavender plants! I won't start to describe the smell, but if you've seen KF grows, or heard Sannie describes the smell and taste, it's exactly it. Strong, dark, complex smell. I took a sample last week, I couldn't even let it dry for 3 days... This is going to be some TASTY weed for sure if that sample is any indication. KF1 has 4 big tops and looks similar to some phenos I've seen grown here. KF 1 - The sample came from one of her lower branches. She has some of the biggest buds in the tent! KF2 is a bit of a mutant. She started by being twice as stretchy as a seedling and has had smaller, crimped leaves. I think it's a trait from the blueberry side... . Flowering was slow to trigger and then it stretched way too much, so it got it's dose of supercropping. While I'm not expecting much yield from this girl, it could be an 11 week pheno, so she could put putting on a little extra weight next couple weeks. KF1 look very promising, I definitely see a full pack of KF in my future. I also have 2 Sugar Punch that smell like... i don't know. WHAT IS THAT SMELL SANNIE? I think it's naughty candy canes... It actually smells sweet and you just want to stick your nose in again to make sure you just smelled candy. SP1 - Another early sample I took, this got to dry for 3.5 days, when I ground it up, it filled the room with sweet smell. I was surprised him much this smelled for some uncured, early bud. SP1 is falling over herself from the weight of the buds, I supercropped the branches in the wrong direction a few weeks back, so that didn't help. I've got a couple sticks helping her out now. SP2 was made a little too branchy, between topping once too many times and structure, this girl takes 1.5 times more room, the buds are smaller. My fault. I've also got a beautiful Jackberry X NYCD ( regular seeds ) that actually smells like fruit and a little fuel. The JBD is starting to show a little color on the lower buds... The nights can get frisky, so if the genes are there, the color will show. For a freebee that I could find nothing about, it sure looks great... And it's looking like it's going to finish right around 7 - 8 weeks. For the next round, we have to pop some seeds. One of each: Kollosus ( fem ) Mad Shack ( fem ) Sugar Punch ( fem ) I'll also pop 2 KO Kush in hopes of finding / keeping 1 female. That's the veg closet with the T5, it's currently empty, except for some seeds that will go in those sponge pots once the temp drops a few degrees. Next update I'll build the SCROG screens I plan on using for the next round and report back on a larger, riper sample of SP1.
  4. Hey all, I had a buddy of mine write up a smoke report of the Sugar Punch that I grew. Grow details are as follows and the report follows that. Details: Dr. Earth Potting Soil 3-gallon Smart Pot General Organics nutes 400W HPS 4 Week Veg 61 Day Flower Grow Report: Overall Appearance: Nice development but would benefit from another week of growth. Great color and gland production with a clean manicure. Appears full but a little airy, could be denser. Still a little moist,stems still pliable. A few more days drying/curing will help to make terpines more prominent. Aroma is floral with a hint of grape, berry, lemon candy with just a slight bite. Will be much different with a longer dry/cure. Stems still have a watery taste when chewed but will change with a longer dry/cure. Quickly gums up fingers/tools when breaking up. Burned: Initial flavor is spectacular. Sweet tart fruit with a mild floral hint and a thick tasty oily smoke that dances on the palate. Little to no lung expansion. Fruit and floral notes accentuated when exhaled through the nose. Flavor seems to hang around for a few minutes. A mild burn in the back of the throat on the inhale which may be due to moisture level. Flavor does not last all the way through and doesn't burn entirely which could mean a longer flush is necessary. Onset is relatively fast with an initial feeling in the brain stem and the backs of the eyes which travels and settles in to the upper back between the shoulder blades. A mild euphoria takes hold of the brain and creativity seems to be sparked. A great daytime smoke for outdoor activities. Definitely not for the indi lovers. A bit racy and not recommended before bed unless cut with something to slow it down. Duration is on the shorter side but the down is not sleepy or hungry. Unburned: Initial flavor still spectacular with mild disappointment knowing what could be with a drier product. Definitely more of a candied taste than a fruit but still has a light floral note that seems to travel around the back of the tongue. Vapor is thick but on the steamy side which you can feel on the inhale with a slight burn in the lungs. It goes on the attack fast with a cerebral rush that seems to move up and down the spinal cord settling into your core. A little headier than burnt but that is short lived. Longer duration than burned with a cleaner down and no fogginess. Eaten: Onset was about an hour. This definitely slows things down a little. Still very cerebral but heavier. Better for a Frisbee golf outing than a bike ride. Although enjoyable, I don't think I would go this route again. Very short duration maybe an hour and a half. Overall: A beautiful specimen with an incredible flavor and enjoyable feeling that can be easily improved upon. With another week or two to fill out and flush the flavors will increase exponentially. This will also increase the overall intensity and duration of the experience. I would be very interested in the effects of a concentrate of this particular variety which I imagine to be mellow yet productive. Let me know what you think! Thanks, CheebaMeeba
  5. Hi Og'ers, This is my first posted grow. I rollin flood and drain in that great mapito stuff, really does blow everything else away in terms of speed. Gotta thank esko for introducing the method to me, all of og really coz this forum is the shiz nitz.Most my genetics are now from here nowadays. OK..the goodstuff. Im doin 12/12 from seed a method taught to me by speescees, also a good breeder with a lot of know how. will answer any questions about if anyone is curious. running a 600w sunmaster, need a greenpower (can i run that on my digital ballast??) 650 cfm fan spc controls secret jardin tent, the best! Hesi nutes all the way strains: Madshack sugar punch kollosus jackberry x ko kush blue widow purple haze esko's shiva all seeds popped, a total of 24, Yes i know i should have gone with 18 as esko suggests,i had to learn the hard way, i got a jungle in there now! I havent got many pics of the starting, i had no camera then, next time i will show that. ok so here goes, hope i got this pic thing right jb x ko kush, budding already!!! sugar punch (im running outta room these things keep on strecthing!) Just where i drain from, its ok, i will modify it later. a lovely shiva has the nicest leaves ive ever seen mapito with coco inside it, its good, however i have to take 3 days off the watering coz it holds too much. a kollosus, i like it its pretty cool my cool unit. but this shit buzzes too much. will get variac next time THE SETUP I dont know damn i forgot what this one is! Btw these are 3 weeks into actual flowering, i do a 3 week total germination period in another chamber, so about 6 weeks since popping. Hope you all enjoy, next time i will take pics with hps off, they look so much better then. peace!
  6. Long time lurker; First time poster. I wanted to show you my first run with Sannie's gear, Sugar Punch. The details are as follows: Veg: 25 Days Flower: 38 days (going to run to ~65 days) Nutes: General Organics + Super Thrive + Dr. Earth Metabolic Transformer Soil: Dr. Earth POTting soil Container: Smart Pot 3 Gal Lights: T5 (Veg), 400W HPS (Flower) The buds just keep packing on weight every day. I topped her a number of times, so I have a good number of bud sites. She is now starting to smell stronger and stronger every day, as well. I cannot wait to see how dank she gets. I mainly posted this here to show what I am doing and, more importantly, to thank Sannie for all of his hard work in creating these awesome strains.
  7. Hey guys....First post on this forum, hope everyone is doing well. Im new to sannies gear but running it this year and thus far am really excited to try things out and I have a couple questions. First of all, I'm doing an outdoor grow in SE States with a mix of sites. A few will be true guerilla style and the others I will be able to keep a bit closer eye on. I'm trying to figure out my placement of them and I'm most concerned about odor. If you have experience with any of these maybe give me your opinion overall on the smell of the plants outdoors Strains I have going Killing fields 7 X Killing fields 7 Fem Sugar Punch Heribei Kollosus Blueberry Sativa New Blue Diesel Mad Shack Fem I'm sure they all have a pretty good smell to them, but if any really stand out let me know. I"m guessing the diesel for sure. My other question is in regards to a soil mixture. I've got a bunch of sannies stuff on order and I'm curious about the buffertabs. what is a good soil mixture to use with them since its a slow release type of fertilizer??? I would normally run some ProMix BX mixed with worm castings and black kow. Should I stick with this or change it up when using the Bacto, Buffertabs, and Mychorriza. Sannie, I also plan to put your stuff to the test on a few true guerilla style plants. Probably some feminzied Kollosus that I'm gonna dig a small hole for, add the buffer tabs, bacto, and mychorriza and leave them be and see how they hold up with just doing that. If I can, I will water em with the bacto occasionally. Can't wait to report back with some good pictures! CR
  8. Here we go lads, Growreport N°3 As the title says there are 14x reg Anesthesia 14x reg Chocolate Rain (from now on just called "ChocR") 1x fem Sugar Punch 1x fem Heribei The plants have been raised under 2x 150W T5 for some weeks now. Theyve been repotted 2 days ago and are since then under the 600W MH. As Iam using Light Mix I will let the plants settle in for another week in Veg to make some roots and suck the soil empty. They were started in 4L Pots and are now in 9L/10L Pots. ChocR in 9L, the rest in 10L. Iam using a wide range of nutes, mostly snake oil and "for fun". My nutes are: Stims and such: Com Cat, Neudorf Stechmücken-Ex (Bacillus Thurigensis israelis), Hesi SuperVit, Ecolizer: Grow Up, Root Up, Bloom Up, ATA XL, Milford Molasses (organic) NPK: Fishmix, Hesi Phosphor Plus, Canna PK 13/14, Plagron Terra Bloom. Also I have Canna Mono: Trace, Mg, Ca. Also I have (but do not want to use): GHE Ripen and GHE One Part Gro. I have an EC Meter (Adwa and Liters of cal juice) and very good pH "drops" from GHE. Here is a pic the first day after repotting: (40h ago) The plants look a bit "crushed" from the small Veg closet. They will like the big tent ALOT! 40 hours later they have started to spread their wings! To control and tame this Jungle I have two new toys ^^ Yes, it is true. I am in fact so stupid, that it took me 5 Grows to realize how important a web is It costed like 10€ and will help me probably more than anything I bought in the last year So much from me! If there is a nice visible growth spurt than I will so the next update. One question to y´all: I have 1 week (8 days) of veg left. Should I top the ChocR or just go for it and snap the stretchers around the WebIt? Woule really like to see her untopped first... but I hope she is not as "topping needy" as the Jack Berry ^^ Have fun, enjoy your stay! GB
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