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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Everybody! I have a problem with my favorite plant Green Chili. Her growth was crazy stunted (stayed under 8 inches for 3 months of begging, but I was too attached to throw her) and now she is now bigger than our grill, so that's pretty cool! Sadly many of her leaves are turning yellow. They aren't just happening at the bottom of the plant but just randomly throughout her. Her leaves have been turning for a couple weeks now, and she is now into her 3rd week of flowering and we have kept her outside under the real sun. (as opposed to the fake one i guess...?) Some pics: Zoomed in picture of one yellowing leaf Zoomed out on one side ...and the other side. I give her 25% strength of FF nutes on the schedule. Any help would be amazing. I was told not to attack a N deficiency for sure, but that's all I know right now. =/
  2. Hey everybody! This girly is Green Chili! She's the runt of a litter of 20 plants I started for my first grow. When all the other plants were hitting 18in, she was still only 3 inches tall but I didn't have the heart to throw it away. I got way to attached. Now here it is looking better than all the others, but the leaves deeper into it are turning yellow. I'm hoping it's nothing to worry about, but I thought I'd play it safe and ask since I'm still quite new at this. Is there anything I should do about it? I'm not really using any nutes on it. Just soil and water. Also these big bulbs have appeared and I wasn't sure if that's just big preflowers or if it's growing funny on me. I just worry about it because it was always such a slow growing runt. Does anyone know why it would be so slow at growing in the beginning, then just take off like it did? Thanks for any input yall can share!
  3. So this is my first grow, and needless to say I'm screwing it up quite badly, and I waited far too long to post about it because I'm quite embarrassed at how bad they are looking... Luckily they are all unknown strains from random bag seeds since I saw this coming during my first grow. It's gotten to the point where I don't know where to start or even if my plants are salvageable. I have 6 plants (in soil) on their 6th week of flowering under a 600W BlackStar Flowering LED panel by Lighthouse Hydro, and two 90W UFO's by BloomBoss. I use the Fox Farm lineup (all their products except SledgeHammer -> following their soil feeding schedule at half strength), Cal-Mag Plus from Botanicare, and Pro-TeKt by Dyna-Gro. I water them about every 4 days and give them notes every other watering. I also have two oscillating tower fans and a Boost Buddy for extra Co2. The leaves had started curing and dying on the top and middle of the plant, but the bud sites remain unburned so I don't think it's light burn, but someone with experience in using LED's may know otherwise? If ANYONE can give me ANY advice, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER! I have never flushed my plants before, and i have been recently told I should be doing that a few times during it's life, could that be the problem? THE PICTURES ARE NOW UP! I know... they look like starving african children.
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