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Found 1 result

  1. E Komo Mai = Welcome or enter. Last year I was simply perusing the various threads, gold mining, or information seeking. Nothing in particular as my mind is like a hoarders it's full of bits and pieces of this and that, some of it may be of value, and some it is hopeful value, and none of it is organized properly. One of our (Sannie-ites) MiNdLesS started a thread Hawaiian Weed, in the Genetics Forum. https://www.opengrow.com/topic/51458-hawaian-weed/ I read the thread, and then posted up my long assed diatribe concerning my only ventrue at getting some kine from the island, and the 2 seeds that was ultimately found in the 8 pineapple cans I watched being opened back in 1980 or so. However when I posted it up, I had lost it, and did not feel like retyping again. But something kept gnawing at my wee cluttered mind.....so I went back through it again. One thing I did take notice to in the replies was a member Truchoxki that mention PuaMana Ohana seed bank in Hawaii. Thank You!! Since I was gold mining, and like a million times before hand, I simply highlighted and cut it, pasted in another browser, and whamo I'm on their website. I'm totally enraptured and entranced with the site, Yes they offer genetics, but for me, they offered their history, and their culture, and for me, a common Haole, I had never really given any thought to the islands, I mean it's like 7000+ miles away from me. So I pick an item from their site, Alenuihaha, place my order, and settle in for the long wait. The following day, I get a message from them as my item is on the way!! *Please feel free to call and talk with us, we may have some tips and tricks to help get your souvenirs up and at their best.* Since I am 7000 miles away, I sent a email back to them, thanking them, and kudos on their site. Brudder sent back, photoperiods to consider, PH values to think about, composition of the dirt there, and where to find Bokashi for the real deal islands beneficial organisms. They gave me jewels, for a simple order!! Dang, I'm in love with my long lost Ohana (family), I did not know about!! I then got my package, wrapped up to perfection, so the precious cargo can not be damaged. https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_6168/gallery_340_6168_28391.jpg I have read for years now, the various organic mechanic methods. Some I practice some I do not. However once I decided to purchase some genetics from Puamanaohana I also decided to make the jump and run them as strict organics as I know how to. HOWEVER, I'll jump right back to being a bottle baby if they are not looking correct to me. Crappy attitude, I know, but all my growing up to now, has been (for the most part) PureProBlend or their CNS line. So I found Bokashi from the islands, and bought a bag. I found lava rock, that I have used in the past as medium, but it was the grilling lava rocks that were very large. These are nice and small. 2 big compressed Cococoir husks bags, a bale of coco/peat, and boxes of the various organic dry ferts, Acid Mix, BIOLive, Oyster shell, feather meal, compost for tea making, home made biochar, dinosaur vomit ( simply ground up kitchen scraps for the week), BuffaLoam, I'm sure I'm forgetting something and will add later if I see it. Dino Vomit https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_6168/gallery_340_6168_22157.jpg https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_6168/gallery_340_6168_6333.jpg Well I got to go drill a 4" hole through my brick wall so I got to jet. Sincerely webe
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