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Found 3 results

  1. Hi growers & blowers I already introduced myself so here i go I grow indoors in a secret jardin dr240w with 2 x led light inventronics, uniteck G-Led Target 650 Actualy a led armature prefixed with 8 led bars 2 x full spectrum 660nm, min printfoot 120-120, max 150-150, max watt 650w. One field off 120-120 or 4x4 I have 5 plants in 19ltr rootpots, a scrog 80- 120, 2 plants gorilla glue, 3 plants northern light, next to them on the space left there are 3 gorilla glue fem. Sannie way with kokos feed only(obrigado kokoswater). 1 power plant, 2 ak47 en 5 gelatos in sannie way. Other field is only gorilla glue fem. In 4ltr rootpot sannie way, tomorrow they go into there 1st day week 4 off bloom. Will post some pictures soon as the lights are out . Cheers and hope you enjoy my report, if i do something wrong or you spot some stuff in setup or plants, feedings and adds, just mention or kritisize....the only way i learn to grow better. Grtz
  2. Hi all, long time no see! After my first grow (Sugar Punch, also Sannie's way and with the COBs, see https://www.opengrow.com/topic/51179-1x-sugar-punch-sannies-way-200-watt-diy-cree-cob-mainlining/ ) I succesfully raised a Shackzilla as well (and boy, that thing got me a lot of bud :D ), then decided to take a little break. However, seeing as I still love Mary Jane and the previous grows were all much better than whatever I can get in the coffeeshops around here I decided to get busy again. Well, that and the fact that I just love to grow dope. Since I burned up all my Sannie seeds (will be reordering some though, I still haven't properly raised a Killing Fields...) I decided to take full advantage of a Black Friday sale at Sensi Seeds (apparently we are doing that shit here in the Nerherlands as well now) and got myself some nice genetics, with the Silver Haze as the star of the show. However, as I am currently all out of bud and want a shorter flowering time I decided to start off with Purple Bud! Hopefully I will finally grow some purple goodness. Not much to see as of yet, but the seed has sprouted and has been planted, I will keep you posted! Not completely sure if I will mainline due to the longer veg time, but it worked great last time around so we'll see. If I do I will let her veg longer than the first time as I had ample of space left for more buds. Setup is the same as before, with some extra added perlite: 1x White Label Purple Bud Feminized 25L of Plagron Light Perlite mix 1x Sannie's bio starter package (tabs, funghi, etc. - see Sannie's site for details) 4x Cree CXB3590 3500K 36V, running at 50 watt per COB, cooled with Arctic Pro 11 CPU coolers and powered by a Meanwell HLG-185H-C1400B driver. Standard fans and filter. This is all crammed into a Secret Jardin DS60. Let's hope we can do even better this time! Thanks for reading and stay tuned...
  3. (Original report: http://www.wietforum.nl/topic/120740-1x-sugar-punch-200w-diy-led-mainlining-bio/page__pid__1426532__st__20#entry1426532) Greetings my fellow growers! With Crimson and others "going international" I decided to put my joint down for a minute and post my Wietforum report here instead of postponing it This is my first grow so any tips, advice and feedback is appreciated! If you have any questions, shoot! So let's start off with the setup: 1x Sannie's Sugar Punch Feminized 25L of Plagron Light Perlite mix 1x Sannie's bio starter package (tabs, funghi, etc. - see Sannie's site for details ) 4x Cree CXB3590 3500K 36V, running at 50 watt per COB, cooled with Arctic Pro 11 CPU coolers and powered by a Meanwell HLG-185H-C1400B driver. All this goodness was put in a Secret Jardin DS60 with a Winflex fan and a Prima Klima filter, with a clipfan on the side. I decided to mainline her because it sounded like a very interesting concept (especially for a stretchy plant) and so far, I have no regrets! The lights (rotate button refused to function)(The wires are less messy now, that was the first trial run) : This is her at day 22, ready for her first haircut: And after: I let her grow out for a bit again, cut her for the second time 4-5 days later, and gave her her third haircut when she was 32 days old: Now we are at day 49, I flipped the switch 9 (actually 10 now ) days ago: You can see the mainlined hub nicely on this picture, she's been hitting the gym It will be interesting to see how much she is going to stretch the coming days, but so far so good. As far as I can tell she looks healthy and strong (some purple on the stems but that comes and goes when I tie her up ) but if anyone disagrees, please let me know! Until the next one, - Henk010 EDIT: I forgot to include a picture of the second pruning, the plant was cut 3 times in total to end up with 8 mains!
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