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Found 3 results

  1. i'll start I have social anxiety,ocd,add...cant focus worth a shit and forget crap all the time,just stupid shit and i've been smoking sannies jack for my anxiety and taking lexapro for OCD but nothing seems to help that,..if anything the jack helps more with my OCD,Indica's dont seem to help,but im willing to try some more.As you can imagine I rarely talk to that many people and have pretty much no friends at the moment which is a little depressing but I deal I guess.And last but not least I looked down constantly when I was younger and now have chronic back pain,Cant afford an MRI,Im pretty sure I have dowager hump.Search it if you want but thats exactly what my neck looks like.ADFHERHHHFF its not fun.I was prescribed lorotab after getting wisdom teeth removed and that helped my back more than actual mouth pain.I can crack my back every hour all my bones in back crack if i press my thumbs behind my back gripping sides and leaning back and pressing with thumbs.Cant really explain exactly what I do but its constantly tense.And can no longer crack my neck as a bone blocks it.One think I obsess most about is my body,eyes mostly,rubbing ,etc... I have a astigmatism and obsess about that rubbing them as if my vision will get better or anything.Im aware the shit I do is absolutely insane OCD sucks but when I took lortab I didn't obsess as much if any.Nor did I realize how much pain I had actually been in.I also have a hard time breathing some times and when I've smoked certain stains its made it worse and had a panic attack because of it.Anyone else have any similar issues,problems,etc... This topics for everyone to discuss their problems or whatever they like and for other members to help them If they can....
  2. I don't have to much experience with many strains?So far though its Sour Diesel/unknown breeder.Strongest shit I ever smoked.I was in my owm world Share your favorite strains and the high it gave you when you first smoked it. If you cant decide just name a few
  3. basically anything you want best strain you've smoked,some stories of basically anything,the high you got,smoked reports,...ect.. PICS BASICALLY ANYTHING LOOKING FOR MUST TRY STRIANS/WHO MAKES BEST VERSION AND WHATEVER ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO POST/ I get bored and been browsing through the site for 2 years maybe more.Seen some amazing work here and some of the best looking weed i've ever seen.Love reading the smoke reports,looking at the pics,and finding new strains that make me happy.
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