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Found 7 results

  1. I want to show you my Diesel Autoflower. That was my first automatik which i grew indoor and was pleasantly surprised. good yield. strong Weed. Yery resinous. Aroma were sweet.. with little Diesel Notes.. Nice Strain! Dryed Buds
  2. My next Grow starts. The "Gypsy Widow" was the only variety I've ever had from Exotic Seeds, she was great. EQ: 80×80×180 Box 220-400 LTI 11l pots BioBizz Light/Allmix Strains: https://www.exoticseed.eu/products/malasana-cookies https://www.exoticseed.eu/products/jelly-bananen
  3. Hello Guys, I started my Sweet Seeds grow 3 weeks ago. First i want tell something about my Eq: 80×80×180 Homelab 250w MH/NDL 220/400 lti + 400er akf 3× venti Soil: BioBizz Light/Allmix + BioBizz Grow, Bloom, Algamix, Topmax I have 3× Crystal Candy and 2× Sweet Cheese, 1× Sweet Cheese died. The little Plants first came in 0.6 liter Pots for 2 weeks then in 3.5l. I have no experience with this both Strains and the Seedbank Sweet seeds. I just had the Strain Ice Cool one time before. Is someone here he can tell something about this Strains? Week 1 Week 2 Day 18
  4. I start my Report with 5× White Berry and 1× Dela Haze (Bonus) from Paradies. My equitment is with 250w ndl. Homebox 80×80×160 i use BioBizz Allmix/Lightmix + Bloom,Grow,Topmsx,Rootjuice, Activera I cant uploud Pictures?
  5. Seeds in the dirt, nothing happened yet. Soaked them in a glass of water overnight. They are now in the propagator, temps are 26C/78F. Hopefully I get at least 1 female. Wish me luck! 2 x Kolossus reg 1 x Jackberry F4 reg 1 x Chucky's Bride reg 60 x 60 x 160 tent 250 W MH + 250 HPS for bloom time. I might add a bit more wattage later on in the bloom. Seedlings go under 85 W CFL as soon as they show themselves. Then into tent under MH. Plangro Roal Mix, coco coir, worm castings, biotabs kit, bio molasses, 7gal / 26 ltr container, small air-pots. Next time I'll get some other soil, but this was gifted to me...
  6. Hey folks Just started a new round few days ago and I would like to share this in a new forum 250w GIB Lightning MH 600w Gavita Digistar / Philipps Son T-Pia Plus 60% Bio Bizz Light Mix / 40% Coco bricks in 11 and 9 liters Advanced Hydroponics 3-part Grow,Bloom,Micro Clones cutted 3 weeks ago and repotted in 11 and 9l yesterday. Bonsais; 8 months young My english isn't the best so excuse me for some mistakes
  7. Hi all I'm looking to purchase another light for a small 60x60x160 tent for Quarantine purposes. Really I'm mainly going to use the light on a 250W setting. I know cost wise it's more effective to purchase say the Gavita digistar 400W dimmable or the lumatek dimmable and run at the 250W setting as this would give me further capabilities if needed in the future. What I would like to know is........... Is a 250W lamp going to run more efficiently light wise in a straight 250W ballast or at the 250W setting on a 400W dimmable ballast ? Grtz HillCrest
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