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Found 3 results

  1. 1400w Bluezilla + Kolossus Grow First things first: (Warning: my updates will likely be only 2 to 3 times per month, and I do tend to write more than I need to) Hardware: 2 x 400w Philips mag HPS ballast 1 x 400w Apollo 400w Bulb 1 x 400w Eye Hortilux HPS 400w Bulb* 2 x reflector 1 x 600w Gavita 600e Digistar 1 x 600w Gavita 600w HPS bulb* A/C 24 hours @ 24°C (outside temperature is around 30-35°C) temperature at plant tops: ~28-31°C Veg: 15/9 Flo: 12/12 DWC with lots of airflow 15L buckets, some 2" net pots, some with 3", some with 6" Nutes: GH-Flora 3 part OR Advanced Nutrients 3 part (the old one) - I have both, together in enough quantities for the duration of this grow. I have found that interchanging them, as long as I am using all 3 of them, has no negative effects. (I am not talking about mixing GH and AN together, but rather one week of topping up with GH and the next week with AN.) Additives: Cannazym/Sensizym - throughout the cycle PK 13/14 - when necessary Superthrive - a couple sprays during the early stages pH - 5.6-6.0 ppm - 400-450 during veg, we will see how she likes it during flowering. she was super content with 500-550 last time around, and that's what I will aim for. *Until November 9th, the 600w bulb being used is a Philips Greenpower 600w, and the 400w Bulb being used is a Philips 400w Son-T bulb. The hortilux and gavita bulb are on the way from 'Murica. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ BZ#1 After finding a keeper of FOTH's BZ (Bluezilla : New Blue Diesel x Shackzilla), shown above, I decided it was time for me to do a bigger grow with a single uniform phenotype. Towards the end of September, I cut 2 plants of BZ#1 up into clones. Extra info: BZ#1 is (I think) a 50/50 pheno with both sat and indica tendencies. The nugs are dense (but not like the rocks of some indica that I picked up in Cali once) and coated. the fan leaves and stems are coated as well. The smell is skunky, cheesy, pungent, and diesel-ish. The smoke tastes like very high quality charas, very hashy taste. The high is a combination of in the head and in the hamstrings - your head will be rolling along but your hamstrings will not feel like going anywhere. It seemed to have blue tendencies in some of the lower nugs, but I don't think that my temperatures will be conducive to colours. It is not like a killing fields which I've heard colours in almost any temperature. within 5 days, the first tangible roots had shown (not just white bumps, but strands), and within 10 days they were dying to be put under a real light instead of a t5. they were granted their wish at the end of the month: here they are, 2 days into their new homes, on the first of october: here, we have 9 clones around a 400w (which will be shortly replaced by a 600w). The one on the right, in line with the bulb and in contact with the screen, is a BZ#0 - a much, much more sativa leaning pheno of the same parents, extremely stretchy and 2 weeks longer flowering. That is why the other buckets have 2 clones per bucket and this has it's own. It is the smallest to start, but will rapidly take up more than it's fair share of space... This screen is 38" wide - 1m - and 40" tall - about 1 m. here, we have a total of 5 clones under a 400w with a standard reflector, nothing fancy. Two in 1 bucket with 2" net pots, and 3 in one bucket in one 6" net pot. The reason the pots are all over the place is because I planned on something different initially and then changed the plan a couple times before settling on this one. I have always been an advocate of vertical bare bulb growing - purely due to the heat in my country. if i lived in finland, perhaps I'd be an advocate of horizontal bulb orientation. But whatever it is, making assumptions with 0 experience and ambiguous evidence is not something I like to do. Hence, I decided to do the following: one vertical grow around a 600w bulb in an area of 1.5 x 1 m, and a horizontal grow right next to it under 2 x 400w with reflectors. It's not a good experiment, as there is no control, and the sample size is limited, and there are many variables that are not controlled, like uneven reflectivity and passive lighting from neighbouring lamps. but it should give me some idea of how these two systems work and how they differ. There is only 1 x 400w in the picture. the second will be placed adjacent to it, with a DIY reflector I made from a sheet of reflective material (possibly the same thing used in reflectors; i found it lying around at a hardware store and took it) that I kind of bent into a reflector shape. I also received this beautiful piece of hardware that i bought from Germany on the 1st; she was set up immediately, but was not used till about a week later; I did not want to burn the young clones. as you can see, the dial is kind of wonky and points in the wrong direction; the pointer is off by about 180°. I didn't even ask Gavita what was wrong, I figured it's some kind of manufacturing defect, could not find any others like it online...it seems to work normal though, it is pulling a hair over 600w/h so I think the functioning is fine. now, less words and more pictures: the 7th of oct, still going 400w on the vertical: starting to see the differences between vert and horizontal and their effects on the plant 10th of october, really starting to grow: (the new plants in the background are also BZ#1; the 2 buckets furthest back were removed later to make room for the Kolossi.) 15th of Oct 20th of Oct The screen has been put in place. Below, we see Kolossi, a week old or so. There were supposed to be 20, but just after sowing them I was forced to do some travel for work and when i came back 4 days later, there were only 15 that had survived. Due to some other unrelated shit, 2 more of them died as well, and I have 13 Kolossi. 25th October: the time to flip will come before November. It will be early for the Kolossi but I'm really only growing them to find a keeper or two, and they do not need to be at full size (I think) to do that. As soon as they're large enough they will be cloned. they are smaller than they should be as they have been a lot farther from the light than they should be. That problem should be solved soon. Basically, we have one scrog under a 400w, one scrog around a 600w, and one kolossal clusterfuck under another 400w. I hope to be cut and cleaned up by the end of January, ready to roll again. Best Vibes to All El Chupa
  2. Greetings from India. I'm at about 18-21 N, 70-73 E It is my first inddor grow ever to be successful (hopefully), as i finally feel I have ironed out all of the problems I was facing earlier. I have grown massive trees of indian landraces and much tinier trees of seeds from mandala, dinafem, mr.nice and nirvana, but once moving to a new city with less outdoor space and a much warmer and significantly more humid climate, things were difficult. I have now managed to sort everything out. So here's the information: Medium : Coco based organic medium, organic additives include the easily available ones, like neem cake, pongamia cake, cottonseed cake, karanja cake, EWC. I also have cow manure to use if necessary, as well as bone meal. Other medium additives: I have ordered my beneficial bacteria and fungi (trichoderma (viride and harzanium), mycorrhizae (Ventricular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae), Pseudomonas Florescens and Beauvaria Bassiana. The first two are well known as being effective in preventing harmful bacterial/fungal growth, everyone knows myco, psuedomonas florescens is another fairly general bio-pesticide and Beauvaria Bassiana is a insecticidal virus (parasitic) that infects nearly any arthropod that comes into contact with it's spores, or any arthropod that comes into contact with an infected arthopod. It is a pretty cool little thing that is vicious against pests (and, unfortunately, probably many beneficial bugs). Growing space: Here's the crazy part - I have about 7.5 sq metre/80 sq feet (9x9) of flowering space and about 1.8 sq metres/ 20 sq feet (10x2) of veg space. they are both separated by a sliding door and are light proof. room walls are flat white - no mylar here as far as i know lighting (veg) - ~90w of T5 tube lights as well as 400w HPS, soon to be more when i choose a mother plant lighting (flowering) - The largest size ballast available in this country are 400w Magnetic Ballasts. So I have a setup whereby I can accommodate upto 6 x 400w HPS bulbs, but as of now, I have only 2 set up. Intake: Passive through a straight, unbending, hard 6" wide plumbing tube that's pulling air from outside Exhuast: Massive exhaust fan that's pushing air outside. I don't remmeber the CFM/CMH of the fan but the air in the room is exchanged every 2-3 min. strains: 5 x 8 miles high (mandala seeds, regular) 5 x thc bomb (bomb seeds, regular) I have 5 more of each left, we'll see how things go (i number the days with roman numerals until the seeds break the soil's surface as it is just how i like to do things) day i: seeds sowed in sannie's spongepots, watered with bacto, waiting to break surface! Pictures soon folks!
  3. Hey folks Just started a new round few days ago and I would like to share this in a new forum 250w GIB Lightning MH 600w Gavita Digistar / Philipps Son T-Pia Plus 60% Bio Bizz Light Mix / 40% Coco bricks in 11 and 9 liters Advanced Hydroponics 3-part Grow,Bloom,Micro Clones cutted 3 weeks ago and repotted in 11 and 9l yesterday. Bonsais; 8 months young My english isn't the best so excuse me for some mistakes
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