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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm a noob. And I just did what I shouldn't have done. My sannies order came today, couldn't resist.... I was a little surprised to see sugar punch instead of herijuana (since herijuana was on the list not sugar punch when I ordered lmao) and was hoping for the katsu kush x Sannies jack (especially since I havn't seen any grow reports of it yes so wanted to be that bad ass mutha fucka who contributed to Sannies testing (and grabbed some exclusive dank why at it). Although now I think I'm glad I got the sugar punch (since its a strain I've been drooling over for awhile now) and the Chocolate Cheese (now I have it all, a hybrid, an indica in my garden, and a strain from the Mr. Legendary E$kobar I keep hearing so much shit about. Cheeseberry Haze looks more appealing to me (remember I love hazes) but often times in life I find myself loving what I initially thought I wouldn't be into (hi Vladimir!). Anyways time to check this E$ko guy out (well not yet, but soon......). I popped 4 more seeds, 2 Shackzillas, 2 Killing Fields. Okay lets rewind this back a little. But before that I'd like to give a special thanks to Stinkbud, Letdown Shifty, and all the other Stinkbuddies at rollitup who have walked me very patiently and wisely through the steps. Yall made this possible, may the rest of your days be blessed. It all started with some seeds, clones, power outages (one lasted 5 days where I would barely slept spraying my plants every 5-30 min), and a noob. By noob I mean someone who continuously tripped over timer plugs, forgetting to replug timers, ph of 8+, and alot of dead plants (dead plants everywhere, I'm sorry to all you lovely ladies I fucked). A few months here I am, with 2 lone survivors (you bad ass mother fuckers you). One is a freebie I got from attitude, DNA's Andromonia and a green crack I got from my local dispensary (thank you to the cute girl who recommended it to me). Both of which went dormant during flowering cause my room was at about 40-50 degrees (lol......) Finally got that taken care of and now things are almost in full flow, except I'm now in another dilemma brought on by my noobness. Maybe you guys can help me sort through this mess. I have 2 reses in a 5x10x6 grow tent, one for longer sativa flowering strains (hazes are my favorite), one for indicas and hybrids. 1 side has a 1000w HPS, the other a 600w HPS and a 320 Lumigro LED. I put in 4 plants into flower, hoping 4 of the other 5 I was vegging would be ready at the same time. False. 4 grew hella fast, 4 slow (2 weeks into flower of first 4, other 4 still not ready, (which really sucks cause I'm out of my time frame to have them both harvest round same time), and 1 hellllla slow. We use the word hella alot out here in WA..... Andromia looks about halfway done, green crack has barely started flower. This leaves me too long a period to keep veggin these 4, and too short to throw them in the other res with the other 4. Right now I'm planning on moving green crack to other res right before I start flushing, harvest andromia, and use that to flower upcoming plants. Shits a mess though. To make it worse I have to decide what to do with these sativas of sannies I just popped, which brings me to my other problem. Besides my new seeds from sannies, I have no other long flower types, which means it looks like I'll be working with another half rez......(prays to the clone provider gods) Shits gonna be a challenge for sure Anyways lets get on with some pictures and sort this shit out as time goes on. Clones are under 250 CFL Veg unit is 8 fixture T5s (50ish something I think? idk T5 units are weird). I'm using basically advanced botinacare formula. The Andromia Res 2 canopy ~week 2 I'll post more pictures later. Also feel free to comment or w/e.
  2. Hello, this will be my first Grow Report with my new System. My Grow Room is 1,55 x 2,20 x 2,45m = 8.400 liter Volume and in the basement. Basement is 8°C constant and around 85% humidity. It worked for 10 Years but this year i did it all new…. Well for me it was important not to invest too much (Work&Money) and get the max yield…. So i didn’t care about humidity and temperature because it never got too hot… I used a magnetic ballst and 600w hps and a timer… thats all cheap and dirty but worked well for 10 Years… Airflow was fine because it was connected to chimney… I had 9 Years luck with my plants but last year i got mold and other pests because of humidity and cold. The temps where around 14°C night and 28°C day…. humidity was around 75% to 80%. So my harvest was the first time not so good last year and i decided to invest money&work for a new Grow Room with new Light and elect. ballast and new elect. control system. Also i got new SmartPots with 5 Gallon volume and new recipe for my Soil… I also isolated my Grow room and made a new Airflow System. My goal was: Get the best out of 500€ inc. Seeds & Soil Because of this situation i would like to share my experience and hope that it can helps others too. So lets start with the Room… My Grow Room is 1,55 x 2,20 x 2,45m = 8.400 liter Volume and in the basement. Basement is 8°C constant and around 85% humidity. So i isolated the Room and the ground with bubble wrap and put a 125mm pipe for exhaust and a other for fresh air. Now i bought a dehumidifier because i need to get rid of the humidity. It is a automatic one that i can set to 60/50/40 % humidity. I also add a heater for the night time when lights are out and it get’s cold… I also set up a new electronic control system for all my needs… It has the following features: 2 x Timer with 58 on/off a day and working with up to 2000 watt/ channel (Theben TR 610 top2) ebah ca. 45€ 2 x Temp Control with cooling/heat and also more the 2000 watt / channel (ESCO DC-20D) ebah ca. 55€ I use one timer for lamp & vents (vent for cooling bulb and for airflow vent in room) The other timer is for my exhaust vent and is set up like this: every half hour for 2 minutes on but only when the lights are on and it is connected to the second temp sensor and that goes on if the temp in the room goes over 27°C. The vent blows around 200 qubic meter / hour (3,3 cubic meter/minute) so lets say it blows every half hour 6 cubic meter used air out… should be enough but i’m not really sure… maybe someone can give advice here how much fresh air plants need when lights are on… thx My other temp sensor is for my 500 watt heater… if temp goes below 17°C it switch the heater on… The Dehumidifier has always power and set to 60%… later at final stage to 50% I have a Netatmo to protocol my Temp, CO^2 and Humidity Until now i have Daytime temp @ 24°C and night @ 17°C +/- 1°C, Humidity around 55-60% and CO^2 between 450 and 500 ppm. Interesting is when i visit the Grow Room.. after five minutes it goes up to 1100 ppm… The great thing about the Netatmo is that you have precise results and that you can store the results and see and compare over time of the grow :-) Soil Mix For me it worked best to use big container around 20 Liter or 5 gallons for 8 to 9 Weeks flowering… In the past i veg. my plants around 60 day’s than plant in final container and start flowering 12/12 in the cold basement… I always use very good Soil from my Gardener and had no issues with nutrients… The Soil cost 7€ for 45 liter… I used the soil also for tomatoes and other vegetables… PH of the Soil is 6.5. So this year i tried something new and we will see the results… I use the same soil but mixed it with worm cast. In addition i use Sannie’s Buffertablets (my tap water has a PH of 7.5), and Sannie’s Symbiosis mycorrhiza fungi & Bacto. As you can see in the pictures it seams to work well. So i have 8 SmatPot’s with 18 Liter / 5 Gallons I mixed two bags = 90 liter Soil with 40 liter worm cast I found living worms and eggs in the worm cast… so it seams very good. Now i filled the SmartPorts and gave some Symbiosis mycorrhiza fungi & 3 Buffertablets for each pot (1 for 5 liter) Finally i mixed tab water with Sannie’s Bacto and gave it to the Soil to spend some life… Now for me i like to wait some days when i set up my Soil because of the fresh reaction with tab water… After 5 day’s i planted my 8 ladies in the SmartPot’s and did some watering with Bacto again… Put them in the Grow Room and did 18/6 hours to get a better start… after 5 day’s i switched to 12/12. Light I had a Spudnik closed reflector with 125mm Air connection… works very well because in the cold basement i use the warm air to heat up the room when lights are on ;-) and you can go closer to the plants = more Light = better yield :-) I used 10 Years the standard magnetic ballst and a 600w hps bulb… This year i decided to invest in a electronic ballst and bought a Lumatec 600SL ballst with 400Volt. I have read a lot about this combination and a friend of mine used it now 2 years… successfully :-) Connected to the Spudnik is a 125mm vent with 2000 liter / hour. I have a regulator and it runs with half power or less. I connected a flexible pipe to the other side of the reflector that goes to the ground so it can heat up the cold air and i got a nice airflow in my room. I use now a Osram Plantastar 600 Watt 400 Volt HPS bulb. My Plants: Well first it was the last years a disaster with germination etc… well we visited every year Amsterdam to get fresh seeds… always nice to be in A’dam… In 2000 we discovered Big Bud for outdoor growing and some other for indoor but Big Bud was the only one i remember because of the big yield here in the north… well since then we bought from Sensi Seeds & Greenhouse… the best Strains i remember are Durban Poison and Super Lemon Haze… Jack Herrer and Jorge Diamond… Super Lemon Haze was my fav.. now in the last years we had big germination issues and we thought it was our fault… Then this year was extreme… Greenhouse germ. rate was 50% and below… other too… So i searched the iNet and found that we are not alone… i discovered ICmag.com and ACE Seed’s also found Sannie’s Shop and opengrow.com… So i did some research and bought Bacto and the other additions from Sannie and Seed’s from ACE because i had a chance to test Malawi… awesome high… never mind that i got so high… killer i love it! Well until now all Seeds from ACE germinated and are fine!!! Used same System than ever… 24h in Tab Water then put in soil for young plants… germination soil was heat up in a oven for 30 min at 80°C to get rid of all bad influence… So i bought: 3 x Malawi fem. 3 x Golden Tiger 1 x ACE Mix fem. 5 x Zamaldelica 5 x Purple Haze x Malawi fem. 5 x Erdpurt for Outdoor 5 x Congo for Outdoor Thx to ACE! You get always extra seed in each pack and a nice gift… :-) 3 Malawi, 3 Golden Tiger & 2 Ace Mix are the first run indoors and the second will be Zamaldelica & Purple Haze x Malawi fem. The germination of the 3 Malawi, 3 Golden Tiger & 2 Ace Mix was @ 1 March. I vegged them until 26 March under fluro. light. then transfer in SmartPot’s and vegged them for 5 day’s under 400w hps 18/6 in my Grow room. At first April i switched to 12/12 and to 400SL on the Lumatec ballast. On first May i will switch to 600 and on 1 June to 600SL until end of grow. here now some pic’s of this grow…
  3. to add to the list GENETICS:Malawi x Meao Thai, F1 hybrid DESCRIPTION:Golden Tiger is one of the most powerful and interesting sativa hybrids we have developed lately. It's an F1 derived from the 'killer' Malawi mother and a selected Meao Thai male. Meao Thai is an exceptional highland Thai selected by Cannabiogen. In this hybrid, we have combined the 2 most potent and resinous landrace sativas we have ever worked with. The result is a plant with a great vegetative vigour, remarkable for its overpowering potency and its exceptional floral traits. The flowers bunches flare over forming dense buds with little leaves. The trichomes are big, plentiful and loaded with powerful cannabinoids. Golden Tiger is an excellent alternative to the haze sativas. It will fascinate the most demanding growers, looking for new sativa experiences of the highest order. STRUCTURE:Elegant, thin leaves and medium knots distance. Indoors needs short vegetative periods, producing medium-tall plants. Easy to grow with SOG style, as they do not tend to branch out. Outdoors and with proper conditions, i BOUQUET:Sweet and citrus, between ripe mandarin and lemon, with notes of wood and spices. Oily background. HIGH:Overpowering psychedelic sativa effect, dense, stimulating and long lasting. It may be devastating for beginners. Recommended only for experienced smokers. GROWING TIPS:Outdoors: Highly recommended for tropical and sub-tropical climates. In other latitudes we recommend coastal climates with warm autumns. Indoors: SOG: Very short vegetative time, without need of topping. SCROG: Longer vegetative time. Prune many times before flowering until the net is filled. Recommended light intensity: 600 w/m2. yummi maybe a good mating to urkese!
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