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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I'm a noob. And I just did what I shouldn't have done. My sannies order came today, couldn't resist.... I was a little surprised to see sugar punch instead of herijuana (since herijuana was on the list not sugar punch when I ordered lmao) and was hoping for the katsu kush x Sannies jack (especially since I havn't seen any grow reports of it yes so wanted to be that bad ass mutha fucka who contributed to Sannies testing (and grabbed some exclusive dank why at it). Although now I think I'm glad I got the sugar punch (since its a strain I've been drooling over for awhile now) and the Chocolate Cheese (now I have it all, a hybrid, an indica in my garden, and a strain from the Mr. Legendary E$kobar I keep hearing so much shit about. Cheeseberry Haze looks more appealing to me (remember I love hazes) but often times in life I find myself loving what I initially thought I wouldn't be into (hi Vladimir!). Anyways time to check this E$ko guy out (well not yet, but soon......). I popped 4 more seeds, 2 Shackzillas, 2 Killing Fields. Okay lets rewind this back a little. But before that I'd like to give a special thanks to Stinkbud, Letdown Shifty, and all the other Stinkbuddies at rollitup who have walked me very patiently and wisely through the steps. Yall made this possible, may the rest of your days be blessed. It all started with some seeds, clones, power outages (one lasted 5 days where I would barely slept spraying my plants every 5-30 min), and a noob. By noob I mean someone who continuously tripped over timer plugs, forgetting to replug timers, ph of 8+, and alot of dead plants (dead plants everywhere, I'm sorry to all you lovely ladies I fucked). A few months here I am, with 2 lone survivors (you bad ass mother fuckers you). One is a freebie I got from attitude, DNA's Andromonia and a green crack I got from my local dispensary (thank you to the cute girl who recommended it to me). Both of which went dormant during flowering cause my room was at about 40-50 degrees (lol......) Finally got that taken care of and now things are almost in full flow, except I'm now in another dilemma brought on by my noobness. Maybe you guys can help me sort through this mess. I have 2 reses in a 5x10x6 grow tent, one for longer sativa flowering strains (hazes are my favorite), one for indicas and hybrids. 1 side has a 1000w HPS, the other a 600w HPS and a 320 Lumigro LED. I put in 4 plants into flower, hoping 4 of the other 5 I was vegging would be ready at the same time. False. 4 grew hella fast, 4 slow (2 weeks into flower of first 4, other 4 still not ready, (which really sucks cause I'm out of my time frame to have them both harvest round same time), and 1 hellllla slow. We use the word hella alot out here in WA..... Andromia looks about halfway done, green crack has barely started flower. This leaves me too long a period to keep veggin these 4, and too short to throw them in the other res with the other 4. Right now I'm planning on moving green crack to other res right before I start flushing, harvest andromia, and use that to flower upcoming plants. Shits a mess though. To make it worse I have to decide what to do with these sativas of sannies I just popped, which brings me to my other problem. Besides my new seeds from sannies, I have no other long flower types, which means it looks like I'll be working with another half rez......(prays to the clone provider gods) Shits gonna be a challenge for sure Anyways lets get on with some pictures and sort this shit out as time goes on. Clones are under 250 CFL Veg unit is 8 fixture T5s (50ish something I think? idk T5 units are weird). I'm using basically advanced botinacare formula. The Andromia Res 2 canopy ~week 2 I'll post more pictures later. Also feel free to comment or w/e.
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