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Found 2 results

  1. inspired by this thread: https://www.icmag.co...ad.php?t=309172 after a failed attempt, my first successfull cob enjoy. after 16 weeks of 11/13 some of the semi-dried bud gets cobbed sealed but NO vaccum i left it on my router for a few weeks to sweat in peace after one month the cob looks like this detail of the result now i just let it dry in roomtemps and seal it (this time in vacuum) for another few months as long as i like, really ... it gets only better from here uncobbed bud: dry, woody-spicy, hazey, typical satty bud smell and taste we are used from landrace buds (not very special, imvho) cobbed bud: vanilla, chocolate, smashed rotten fruits and a spicy taste and smell (cobbing is very nice for smoke that tastes bland by itself, makes better smoke) smoked effect is not very different, but i bet it makes a difference form plant to plant. the cobbing process decarbs the bud so it can be eaten as well with very nice effect. some say it is psychedelic, but those have never tripped on real entheogens. it sure makes a warm feeling in my chest and big smile on my face, tho hope you liked this tiny sum-up of my cobbing adventure ... the linked thread provides all the info you need to make it yourself. enjoy your smokes, everybody SAN
  2. Dear OG, It's about time I start my very first report here, so welcome to my greenhouse grow. I've been growing in greenhouses for about 5/6 years I think, I don’t know nor do I care. Started doing it to avoid mould, which evolved into avoiding theft so the greenhouse I’ve build 2 years ago is part greenhouse, part fortress. To bad that won't keep pigs wearing blue hats out... that happened 2 years ago. Keeping that in mind, I would keep things small this year in the GH. Just grow 5 great autos and follow that up by some pre grown photoperiod plants. That plan failed due to some hungry organism eating my seedlings time after time... So the crew: 1 Gambia Ryder by FOTH, because this strain became special to me, I’ll show and tell later. 1 Auto Jack by Paradise Seeds, based on good experiences in the past. 1 Critical 2.0 auto by Dinaferm, because it was what I had after the ate the rest... 2 Big Bud 2 or something like that, from Sweet Seeds, same story as the Crit. Also... 1 Blue Shaze, it's a female and will get forced into flowering. 1 Durganchitral x Headcandy, purple cut. 1 Angola #2. 1 HoD#4. 1 Stawberry Blues#1. 1 Kali Kush, neefus pheno. 2 Kinky Cheese #3, Barrie84 cut. And some yet to make the transit, or which I’ve plainly forgotten haha. Some pictures I’ve take today: Gambia Ryder Auto Jack Critical Blue Shaze female, she was sown early on a whim and the stem is smelling more than some bud does, it's incredible! Recovering from an over enthusiastic bend. Dc x Hc I'm not sure what this is, it came up without being sown there, Tomatoes are doing the same. Random tomato that sprouted without sowing:) Another Strawberry Blues, begint to be comfortable. She had a bit of a rough night, but will be beautiful soon. Transporten yesterday.Angola #2. Hammer of Dawn#4 Stawberries, but these bags effin suck, as did the plants i bought but yeh,,, Overview I like to combine things Kinky Cheese Just here since yesterday, the same rough night as the Angola. And some blue shaze hidden, going to plant them in the forrest today.
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