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Found 3 results

  1. Gambian Autoflowers. How did it happen? In 2008 a friend visited "The Smiling Coast" of Africa, and brought me some seeds as a souvenir. No way i could grow them outdoor in Holland, but a cross was made with a Lowryder#1 and in march 2009 I had these two females out of the f1 seeds, partially pollinated with by an f1 male, grown indoors. So I got the seeds out in time to take the f2 outdoor in may. That became a huge freak show with tall plants, dwarfs and hermies. I was able to select the plants that autoflowered, and had the most "african" appearance to make f3 seeds. In 2010 I searched through the different pheno's, And grew some more outdoors, and had a hard time finding the proper male. You can't keep clones of autoflowering plants, just store pollen for a while. I took a long break from the project, but picked it up last summer, and grew them twice indoors under 250watts HPS. They showed sex after the 4th node, got about 2 feet tall, and the last few f3 plants were these: That's the history of them in a nutshell, I have a detailed topic in Dutch on it, with many pictures, also from their home land. So far I kept back-up seeds of every step in the process. And have about 250 f4 seeds to do the next, bigger selection. I will have room in my cabin in about a month, then I'll do about 20 indoor. the rest goes outdoor, in the garden at the end of may. I recently shared some seeds with a few Opengrowers, and they might show their plants here very soon.
  2. Hey OGrs! Haven't been around for a while but I do still occasionally peek at some bud porn 😍 So I have wanted to try auto-flowers since I discovered what they were. I live in the cold north where 12/12 means it is probably 30° outside, at best. I intended to get some autos going this past spring but...well...I didn't get seeds in time (my fault!). I had things blooming indoors and was happy enough with that and being a good law abiding citizen under my legal limit. So, it's happening. I decided to try only autos and go down to one grow space. My plan is to start 3 every 6 weeks, this should keep me in flower but not exceed the capacity of my space, or capability of my lights. I'm working with a 2x4x5ft tent and two fixtures. A 2ft 4 bulb T5 and a 2ft 8 bulb, side by side. This makes me sad! But my landlord won't ok anything bigger, and you have to have the permission of the property owner 'round here. So I plan to keep the younger plants under the smaller light and the the bigger under the bigger light and probably to move in the spring! I considered keeping two spaces but I figure they can use all of the light that they can get. I have 3 strains going, one of each Blackberry, Monster Mass and Northern Lights x Big Bud. I'm a little nervous about the auto-flower situation as I'm sure I have traumatized every plant I have grown. This is another benefit to keeping everything in one space, minimal movement! They have gone from germ on 11/23 to soil in their blooming pots on 11/26. Three weeks from seed and we have pistils! The N.Lights X is first to show 😍
  3. I've noticed autoflowers aren't that popular around here but there have been some exceptions. Now I agree that the vast majority of autoflowers are not worth our time growing but a select few have been really impressive, even as good as photoperiod strains. For instance NYLD (New York Lemon Diesel from UK Cheesehead) was an asskicker while it was around and significantly better than any Diesel strain I've tried to date. If you know of an autoflower that fits into this category then put it in.
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