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Found 4 results

  1. Growboy


    Hi guy's & girls, I'm back with a new project I call it the "ONE POD". Over the years I've build a few grow rooms/cabinets for myself and others. Mostly converting small spaces like wardrobes and so on, this was always a challenge because of a few critical factors heat, smell and sound. But now with new technology’s there’s more room for innovations. I'm using cob lights and that eliminates one big factors HEAT! Meaning no more big extractors no more noise and low voltage 32V DC. I make these pods out of birch ply that can be decorated on request so fully custom made. You don't hear it (extremely silent) you don't smell it when flowering (custom made charcoal filter) has a display that shows: • Temperature • Humidity • Soil condition • Light On/Off • Date & time Fans are controlled and speed up when needed. Humidity is just info. Soil condition tells you when to add water and how much. Light On/Off indication, light are set for auto flowers (20/4). I'm adding more functionalities over time when I have the ONE POD app ready. My goal is to preload the soil/pot with everything that's needed for one cycle I'm using Sannies products like the tabs and hope this will work out, but time will tell after the first grow. It needs to be dummy proof just plug and grow. (watch the video of my progress and feel free to add comments & tips) That's it for now to be continued. Grtx Growboy AKA Rainman Ps. I made this as it is still illegal in some countries to grow cannabis (stealth) and it needs to look nice (no tents or something like it)
  2. Dear OG, It's about time I start my very first report here, so welcome to my greenhouse grow. I've been growing in greenhouses for about 5/6 years I think, I don’t know nor do I care. Started doing it to avoid mould, which evolved into avoiding theft so the greenhouse I’ve build 2 years ago is part greenhouse, part fortress. To bad that won't keep pigs wearing blue hats out... that happened 2 years ago. Keeping that in mind, I would keep things small this year in the GH. Just grow 5 great autos and follow that up by some pre grown photoperiod plants. That plan failed due to some hungry organism eating my seedlings time after time... So the crew: 1 Gambia Ryder by FOTH, because this strain became special to me, I’ll show and tell later. 1 Auto Jack by Paradise Seeds, based on good experiences in the past. 1 Critical 2.0 auto by Dinaferm, because it was what I had after the ate the rest... 2 Big Bud 2 or something like that, from Sweet Seeds, same story as the Crit. Also... 1 Blue Shaze, it's a female and will get forced into flowering. 1 Durganchitral x Headcandy, purple cut. 1 Angola #2. 1 HoD#4. 1 Stawberry Blues#1. 1 Kali Kush, neefus pheno. 2 Kinky Cheese #3, Barrie84 cut. And some yet to make the transit, or which I’ve plainly forgotten haha. Some pictures I’ve take today: Gambia Ryder Auto Jack Critical Blue Shaze female, she was sown early on a whim and the stem is smelling more than some bud does, it's incredible! Recovering from an over enthusiastic bend. Dc x Hc I'm not sure what this is, it came up without being sown there, Tomatoes are doing the same. Random tomato that sprouted without sowing:) Another Strawberry Blues, begint to be comfortable. She had a bit of a rough night, but will be beautiful soon. Transporten yesterday.Angola #2. Hammer of Dawn#4 Stawberries, but these bags effin suck, as did the plants i bought but yeh,,, Overview I like to combine things Kinky Cheese Just here since yesterday, the same rough night as the Angola. And some blue shaze hidden, going to plant them in the forrest today.
  3. here are two statements that I've heard: 1) you can't clone and auto 2) you can't top an auto 3) you can't clone from a clone what's your thoughts - mine: you can do all of them !
  4. Well I was going to go outside today and start to prep a few area's outside for a summer grow but woke to find 6ft high snowdrifts ...so that isn't happening just yet . Currently I have no indoor grow going on for a number of reasons but thought for pure fun and a little learning curve I would do a few plants outdoors. I have done a few guerilla grows in the past but these will be closer to home and so I will be more able to tend to them. I have already selected a few strains that I know work well in the UK climate, given that it can get seriously wet sometimes. The bonus I have is that being more a local grow if it rains I can get to the plants easily to give them a bit of a shake to get rid of at least some of the water sat on the plants and hopefully try to limit the impact of mold. Im interested in hearing from others either in the UK or living in areas of a similar climate which strains they have grown with a good mold resistance and that don't grow above about 50 cm. For a change I'm happy to consider low ryders ( even given their low yeild ) auto's Definately and nothing that grows much past 50 cm in hieght. Mold resistant is a must. Thanks for any input Grtz HC
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