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Found 7 results

  1. Recently i started doing my own DMT extractions, and for that i got my self some Ether as a solvent to do full spectrum extracts. When i tried infusing some weed with it the lazyway: just putting the solvent on the canna i noticed how it seemed to pull alot of goodies out of the weed.. So my thinker started thinking, and here i went, spraying 25 ml of Ether (liquid form) into my glass Waxy extraction tube and slowly proceeding to spay in some butane gas after having put the Ether in the freezer at -28 (Scary stuff this ether) till some delicous looking golden spay started coming out. Never before have i see it this yellow pre purge. If you have any experience making BHO you will notice how the initial "naturlal" purge is allready almost completed. This is after puting down the tube and walking back and forth to the house for y phone, like 30 seconds max. Not that much later... Alot later cuz i got distracted... but this stuff is like instant shatter... A tiny bit after that..... Owkay... Need some time to procces this but so far so good... Anyway, i'm not a chemist, nor a scientist. I was wondering if there are any people out there with any experience or thaughts concerning Ether as a solvent for Hash Oil extractions?
  2. H folks, So I quit smoking cigs but am using a vap tank. My outdoor grow this year will mainly be turned into shatter as I will buy a vapourizer designed for extracts instead of making e-liquid from the shatter (unless anyone can give me a reason to turn into e-liquid instead of just vaping straight shatter) . Seems extreme due to cost of equipment but this is what I'm considering buying ...or something similar (using closed tubes not open as can winterise easier, NOT CLOSED LOOP) Tubes considering.... 1) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/710Vacs-Pressurised-Closed-Column-Steel-Extractor-Extraction-Blast-Tube-/162134044134 As a 12" tube ...i like this as has valves both end. Or 2) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Essential-Oil-Extractor-Open-Column-Blast-Tube-Kit-includes-Ice-Jacket-/122271721549?var=&hash=item1c77f6684d:i:122271721549 12" again. Top valve looks like the same valve in a refillable lighter... Not so happy about that but it does come in 18" which i may consider as ive heard the stated capacity in grams is extremely exaggerated on many tubes ..... What do users of similar tubes think ? Anyway I'll be freezing dry cured bud and buying dry ice to help with winterizing during the extraction process to help reduce wax extraction. Eg. Freeze bud, packtube with bud, pack tube in dry ice for a time. Extract. I may pack the extracted butane/oil in more dry ice and vacuum filter through lab grade filters to remove more waxes but i dont think this is really required if I prep everything before right. So then after extraction I'll reduce the butane down with heat .... Yeah no flame .....and then transfer to a vacuum chamber for purging whilst applying more heat. I simply want the cleanest product to vape given Ive stopped smoking cigs i dont see the point creating an extract full of shit to fill my lungs. Any input or advice would be appreciated. Im considering these two vape pens.... https://www.namastevaporizers.co.uk/products/puffco-plus-vaporizer Or https://vapefiend.co.uk/dr-dabber-aurora The Dr Dapper seems a winner to me. SO....STABILITY why is shatter considered more stable than just a simple BHO extraction ? Does it keep longer ? What hapoens to say normal BHO EXTRACT over time compared to SHATTER over time ? On a side note.... We make wine... from fruit and other stuff... Like rhubarb and my mrs is sick of using cheese cloth etc to filter so i bought a bubble bag kit. Anyone else make wine and use a bubble bag as a filter as interested to know which micron bag you use for say the first filter out of fruit matter after its been soaked in sugar etc ! Regards Hillcrest.
  3. ....need is say more? <3 /Vito
  4. Okay I am gonna ask if anyone has ever used ice-hash or bubble hash mixed with heavy trichomed mature bud? I plan on grinding up a half oz of ice-hash and mixing it with an oz of mature KF bud. Just need to know if I'm wasting good ice hash by doing this? Any advice is welcome. Thanx BBB
  5. just some pics of today's fun with Durganchitral BHO, only smoked some a few minutes ago and the oil creep is nice... before I started, I had to clean the screen clamp lol old pid of screen clamp soaked and cleaned with alcohol
  6. Great day yesterday. ammelov & zODd did a some funny stuff. The run give us 5% we did want quality and not quantity. We did test allot of style`s to work with ICE. Amnesia Is use. first we need a cake. Warning making BHO is dangers please bare that in mind. BHO in the works. AHO in the make. IcE COLD. Some shots. Some IcE drops. Some BHO. Some Miyagi shots. AHO. /Vito
  7. Some BHO that i make for a friend that is very ill. BIO skunk, Peace Maker and O.G kush is use and i did taste i and pppfffff heavy. Photo are from the BIO skunk run. Here the gas is still removing or how i write it ... . Bread with peanut butter any one? Now i know is very bad to praise you self but hell This is what i call ART!!!!!! If you think that this is not art here a link with really awesome art. /Vito
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